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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 20 Recap

After losing contact for a long time, Zhang Caiwei finally couldn’t help but come to Teng Biao to ask about the situation. She didn’t know that Yu Kenan had no signal in the countryside and it was difficult to contact the outside world. Zhang Caiwei seems to be worried that Yu Kenan will break up with herself, and wants a definite answer.

At this stage, their careers have not yet started, and Teng Biao obviously does not want them to delay training for the sake of feelings. In his words, Teng Biao was also persuading Zhang Caiwei to take the initiative to let go, and then consider personal emotional issues after striving for results.

In the boxing gym, Xu Tan watched Lei Lei’s CD being taken away and fell to the ground casually. He couldn’t bear it at the moment, and finally learned to take the initiative to challenge others. Xu Tan thought about the essentials of the previous national boxer training. Although he has the power to resist, he is not a professional player after all. It is just that he will not beg for mercy even if he is beaten to blood this time.

It turned out that all of this was what Fu Chuanzhi meant. He deliberately let the boxer in the boxing gym provoke Xu Tan and arouse his blood. The person who has always bullied Xu Tan is actually the assistant coach of the boxing gym. The task has been completed and the CD has been repaired. Xu Tan really understands Fu Chuanzhi’s painstaking efforts and should not hesitate when he knows how to punch.

Yu Kenan’s “special training” has also ended, and Teng Biao personally came to the countryside to pick him up and return to the team. On the way, Yu Kenan was so reluctant to eat the wild fruits that the girl gave him, tears down his face and wanted to be responsible for the girl’s tuition. Yu Kenan wants to win the world championship, but now this idea is no longer fighting bravely, but an extra responsibility.

Fu Chuanzhi found Ye Zhenxin doubles players through pair training. Zheng Hao really wanted Fu Jingchun to seize this opportunity, but it was a pity that Fu Jingchun was accustomed to singles, and Ye Zhenxin was always interfering with each other. In the end, through comparison, Fu Chuanzhi chose Xia Ke to become Ye Zhenxin’s doubles. Zheng Hao was obviously disappointed with this outcome.

Both Yu Kenan and Xu Tan have returned to the national team and learned that Fu Chuanzhi intends to select two more people from the second team to become the key training targets for doubles. If Yu Kenan and Xu Tan are willing to accept it, it will mean that they can enter the first team one day earlier. Even if they are reluctant, they have to compromise.

Neither Yu Kenan nor Xu Tan thought that when they shook hands and made peace, they were handcuffed together by Fu Chuanzhi. Although they were toy handcuffs, they could not be opened without a key. This caused Yu Kenan and Xu Tan to be very inconvenient in their lives. Even bathing became a problem. Fu Chuanzhi ordered that they must be tied together at all times except for training.

On the first day, Yu Kenan and Xu Tan pulled each other at the moment they woke up, causing them to be punished for being late for training. In the first doubles practice, Yu Kenan and Xu Tan interfered with each other even more. They couldn’t even touch the ball, and their level was not as good as a beginner.

Ye Zhenxin and Xia Ke worked seamlessly together technically, but Ye Zhenxin had a whim. The doubles team members would use gestures to remind each other to use tactics. Ye Zhenxin wondered if it was possible to communicate with teammates with his eyes.

Liu Shi has also entered a bottleneck in training. He hopes to use doubles to hone himself. Unfortunately, as a chipper, it is impossible for him to doubles with others. After seeing some problems, Qin Zhen chose to make Ma Chuan and Leng Yi form a pair, and promote each other in the doubles sparring between He Xia Ke and Ye Zhenxin.

That night, Qin Zhen was drunk again, and he didn’t know what was on his mind. Drinking until the shop closed, Qin Zhencai came forward and knocked on Liu Shi’s door.

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