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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 19 Recap

The rectification of the doubles match rules requires singles players to take care of both, and during training, both must be taken care of. Fu Jingchun is also on the list of doubles candidates. Fu Jingchun’s foot injuries recurred frequently, and the return of the national team Xia Ke was also the biggest threat to him. Zheng Hao completely ignored Fu Jingchun’s injury and arranged more intense training for him, only to win the doubles spot.

Xu Tan is still doing some miscellaneous work in the boxing gym, practicing his physical stamina when he has nothing to do, but this day he is called to boxing again, and this time he is not allowed to wear protective gear. After these days of practice, Xu Tan has made great progress in walking position, but in the face of a muscular boxer, he has no ability to fight back, and he was quickly beaten to the ground.

Xu Tan begged for mercy and forbearance again and again to make boxers like to bully him more. Besides doing some chores every day, he also threw his sweaty clothes and towels to Xu Tan for cleaning. Although Xu Tan already had the idea of ​​counterattack in his heart, he still did not rise up when facing these people.

During the period, Lei Lei also visited Xu Tan once and left him a CD to listen to songs. That night, after Xu Tan fell asleep listening to the CD, he suddenly heard the sound of boxing. He got up and went out to check, only to realize that it was the boxing team from the next country who came here to practice. Xu Tan looked at each other’s punches, and suddenly wanted to follow along. The two of them got acquainted with each other and talked about their thoughts.

After Yu Kenan took over from Xia Ke, Xia Ke returned to the first day of the national team. During the duel practice with Fu Jingchun, he was temporarily unable to underestimate his strength. Ma Chuan and Liu Shi are all under the guidance of Qin Zhen. He replaces these two opponents with different opponents every day, so that they have been abused.

After Liu Shi and Ma Chuan experienced a long period of pain, they realized that they were still far away from the true strength of the first team. It is rare for Qin Zhen to come once, Liu Shi and Ma Chuan can finally get rid of the shadow of sparring for a while and let them play against each other. In the duel training, they suddenly realized that during this period of time, they had made a lot of progress, especially Liu Shi had mastered a new style of play invisibly.

Yu Kenan is still going to the countryside to raise pigs. After these days, he has gradually become accustomed to country life. Only the day before, because Yu Kenan didn’t know what the demolition powder was, all the pigs got sick. This is everything the aunt and granddaughter depend on. Yu Kenan hurried to the veterinarian for help during the night, and even fell and was injured. Don’t care.

Early the next morning, the sow and baby pigs recovered to health, and the aunt and granddaughter also recovered their smiling faces. The little girl watched Yu Kenan hard all night, was sleeping, and put her little red flower on his clothes. This was the only thing she could express her acceptance and gratitude. Yu Kenan lives here more and more freely. He also built a simple ping pong table out of stone platforms and bricks to accompany the children to play games and have fun.

Lei Lei is facing the college entrance examination, her math scores have not been able to get up has made her annoyed, who knows that the mother who once abandoned her and Lei Cheng suddenly appeared. After Lei Lei’s mother showed her guilt for her daughter, it turned out that she had something to visit her daughter.

Lei Lei did not give her mother the opportunity she asked for. Since the day her mother abandoned them, no matter how much she missed in her heart, she could no longer face such a mother. Lei Lei left her mother and ran away, walking on the lonely street. The only person she could think of was Xu Tan. Lei Lei didn’t tell Xu Tan that she was always accustomed to digesting the grievances of the real suffering in her heart.

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