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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 18 Recap

Lovers who have just fallen in love always like to stick together all the time. Coupled with the heart that is not deliberately concealed, they will soon be discovered. Ma Chuan and Liu Shi happened to encounter the scene where Yu Kenan and Zhang Caiwei were snuggling together, and they were gossiping all the way, but Teng Biao heard clues.

Teng Biao only needs to know a little bit about the situation of Yu Kenan and Zhang Caiwei. Both of them are facing the most important step in their careers. Yu Kenan has already missed it, but Zhang Caiwei has room. This year is Zhang Caiwei’s last chance to hit the championship. Love is bound to distract her, but it is not so easy for her to give up this relationship.

Because of the game handicap, Yu Kenan was dissatisfied with the team’s attitude. He was late for training and finally stopped training, which was enough to cause him to be returned to the provincial team. Under Teng Biao’s maintenance, Yu Kenan was not willing to give up, but also understood Teng Biao’s painstaking efforts, which made him willing to accept punishment.

The promotion and relegation competition also made Xu Tan feel uncomfortable. Lei Cheng deliberately drank with Xu Tan and accompanied him to look back on the past. Lei Cheng clearly remembered the first time he saw Xu Tan. It was also Xu Tan who followed his butt persistently and begged Lei Cheng to help persuade his parents.

Xu Tan was so drunk and unconscious for the first time, Lei Cheng secretly said goodbye to him in his heart, and did not confess that he had been withdrawn from the national team. It was not until the next day that Xu Tan woke up from a hangover and learned from others the fact that Lei Cheng had already left.

Xu Tan chased all the way to the door, which was regarded as a farewell to Lei Cheng. Xu Tan was guilty in his heart, but Lei Cheng was very calm to accept this result. Lei Cheng admitted that there was no way for Xu Tan to grow up, and the military order did not contain any anger. It happened that Lei Lei had reached the critical moment of the college entrance examination, and he was also very happy to have time to accompany his daughter.

Xu Tan took the initiative to come to Fu Chuanzhi’s office to be punished. He and Yu Kenan were sent to two extreme places. Yu Kenan rode an electric tricycle all the way to a village where birds do not shit, and lived in a farmer who was responsible for feeding pigs. Xu Tan was assigned to the taekwondo room and was knocked out on the first day.

Xu Tan repeats the same thing every day, doing miscellaneous tasks in the taekwondo room, but he does not give up training and uses taekwondo to train his physical fitness every day. After a period of time, Xu Tan’s physical fitness and balance have improved significantly.

In the countryside, Yu Kenan looked at the plain house and the smelly pig cage. He couldn’t imagine how he would live here in the future. On the first day of feeding the pigs, Yu Kenan accidentally fell down and got his hands on pig dung. As a result, the water was cut off, and all the bad things made him unbearable.

The owner of the house, only an aunt and a little girl, used the only remaining water to wash Yu Kenan’s hands, and reluctantly bought him meat on credit. Yu Kenan didn’t know that what he disliked casually was everything that others cherished extremely.

Yu Kenan woke up from his sleep and accidentally slammed into the low door frame. There was no water for him to wash his clothes. He didn’t want to stay for a day, but there was no signal that he could not leave here at all. Yu Kenan bought mineral water to wash his clothes in a small shop. From the mouth of the small shop owner, he knew that the wife was kind to him.

When the little girl came back from the mountains, she remembered to bring wild fruit to Yu Kenan, and even cut her arm accidentally. Yu Kenan’s original negative emotions became gentle in such care, and he gave the little girl the biscuits he bought to satisfy his hunger. Yu Kenan and the little girl found a sense of happiness in each other’s smiles.

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