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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 8 Recap

Zhou Xiaoxiao stole the banned book from the library, originally intending to return it to Jiang Lingdie, and the two cleared away. However, Jiang Lingdie turned back and forced him to stay and read with him. At the same time, Shizhu was going to Xingkai Lake to visit Zhou Qing and his son, so he asked Zhou Xiaoliu to explain the family affairs, but when she saw the scene of her playing with Jiang He, she was not happy in her heart.

Kong Linggao personally came to the Heshan station and promised to help her take care of family affairs and take care of several children. Dianthus thanked Kong Linggao from the bottom of his heart, so he recognized him as the eldest brother before leaving.

However, not long after Dianthus got on the train, he saw Zhou Xiaoxiao already lying in the upper berth and insisted on going to Heilongjiang with her, claiming that he had notified Zhou Xiaofeng and was not afraid of Uncle Kong’s worry. Seeing that the train was slowly moving, it was too late to regret, so Dianthus could only agree to let his son go with him.

Since Dianthus left, the Zhou family has been taken care of by Kong Linggao. He specially bought bones for the children to stew soup noodles, but Zhou Xiaoliu didn’t appreciate it at all and even warned him not to be a stepdad. Although Zhou Xiaoliu’s hostility was heavy, Kong Linggao didn’t care about it. On the contrary, he was a little happy, thinking that the child knew that his father who was far away was distressed.

Just as Kong Linggao explained the misunderstanding with Zhou Xiaoliu, Jiang Zhenhai suddenly came to the door. Except for Zhou Xiaoliu, who likes Jianghe, who was busy to please him, everyone else rejected it. Zhou Xiaofeng was displeased with Jiang Zhenhai, especially when he heard that the other party asked about the whereabouts of his mother, he was even more unconcerned. On the contrary, Kong Linggao explained the situation truthfully, but Jiang Zhenhai was even more upset when he heard it. limit.

Kong Linggao didn’t agree with Jiang Zhenhai’s complaint, and couldn’t help but speak to Dianthus, saying that she and Zhou Qing were originally married, even if they were divorced. Jiang Zhenhai was a little uncomfortable, but on the contrary, he dropped Kong Linggao, and then felt that he should go to Dianthus and do her ideological work in person. As soon as Zhou Xiaoliu brought the tea, Jiang Zhenhai angrily left, mistakenly thinking that Kong Linggao had driven him away.

After all the hardships, Dianthus and Zhou Xiaoxiao finally arrived at Xingkai Lake Farm in Heilongjiang and found the local person in charge. They saw Zhou Qing and Zhou Xiaoan smoothly. As Zhou Qing was a revolutionary hero and there were no serious problems, the person in charge was very accommodating and let him go directly.

At this time, Zhou Qing had already changed, and he was no different from an ordinary farmer. Dianthus was distressed, and the family of three cried and cried with each other. Helping Zhou Qing clean up, and at the same time aware of something wrong with his condition, he found in the room a suicide note that Zhou Qing had written to himself but had not been sent.

That night, Zhou Qing took the initiative to talk to Shizhu, mentioning his true thoughts about himself, even though he is a revolutionary hero, he is not afraid of life and death, and put his head in his trousers against the enemy. But in this place, Zhou Qing would often receive Sima Jun’s next documents, which were all insults to him.

Dianthus understands the pain of her husband, and in order to encourage Zhou Qing to cheer up, he does not hesitate to tell her past experience. At the beginning, the carnation was sold into the bandit’s den by the cruel uncle. Although there was the help of Mrs. Yazhai, life was still difficult and there was no hope.

Even so, Dianthus did not choose to retreat, but insisted on living. It was not until they met Zhou Qing that their days finally got through. Shizhu wants Zhou Qing to know that no matter now or in the future, he and his children will always be waiting for him at home. As long as he passes this hurdle, one day the whole family will be reunited.

Zhou Xiaofeng went to Zhao Yingtong and learned that she was going back to her hometown with relatives, so he followed Lin Yueru secretly, and finally discovered a secret that had been hidden for a long time. Knowing that Zhao Yingtong is pregnant with his elder brother’s child, Zhou Xiaofeng actively asked to stay and take care of Zhao Yingtong. Lin Yueru could not persuade him to move, so he had to let him.

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