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Mom’s Waiting For You 妈妈在等你 Episode 7 Recap

After this series of changes, the Zhou family had already lost their father’s life. Fortunately, Kong Linggao was able to help him out, so that his life would not be too poor. Especially when Kong Linggao went out and met Zhou Xiaoxiao buying steamed buns, he learned that their family hadn’t eaten yet, so he handed them over to make dumplings at home. Dianthus felt a little embarrassed about this. Zhou Xiaoliu smelled the dumplings, and immediately ran back to the rice, all the bad temper was wiped out.

Knowing that Zhou Xiaofeng was seriously injured, Jiang He felt guilty, so he carried his things to find Zhou Xiaoliu, and by the way, Zhao Yingtong returned to his hometown. It happened that Dianthus was ill in the carton factory and was sent to the infirmary for an injection. When they heard the conversation between the two, they felt uneasy and went to visit Lin’s house immediately, but unexpectedly saw Lin Yueru making clothes for her unborn grandson.

It was because Dianthus found that there was no strict baby clothes hidden, he instantly understood that Zhao Yingtong was not returning to his hometown because of illness, but because he was pregnant with Zhou Xiaoyang’s child. As a grandmother, she should naturally know the existence of her grandson, so she inquired about Zhao Yingtong’s specific location from Lin Yueru, packed her things and drove away overnight.

After Zhou Xiaoyang arrived in the army, he wrote to Zhao Yingtong alone to report on the current situation. Dianthus found Zhao Yingtong according to the address and persuaded her to kill the child. However, Zhao Yingtong insisted on leaving the child, even to dispel Dianthus’s worries, claiming that the child will always be named Zhao and has nothing to do with the Zhou family.

Seeing Zhao Yingtong’s stubborn refusal to listen to persuasion, and if Dianthus is not good enough, he insisted, so he said that wherever he could help in the future, he would inevitably be a leader, but he would never admit Zhao Yingtong’s daughter-in-law or the child. Because of Dianthus’s words, Zhao Yingtong believed that she was drawing a clear line with herself, so she was completely discouraged.

In order to avenge his younger brother, Zhou Xiaoxiao specified a plan to deal with Jiang He, and went to the mechanic repair shop alone to destroy it. However, sister Jiang He saw her. Jiang Lingdie scolded Zhou Xiaoxiao and even threatened him with a slingshot to force him to proactively admit his mistakes.

Although Zhou Xiaoxiao compromised for the time being, he did not completely stop, instead, he slipped into Jiang’s house and deliberately messed up Jiang Lingdie’s bedroom. Just as Zhou Xiaoxiao was about to leave, he accidentally ran into a scene of Jiang Lingdie dancing in the living room.

Suddenly, Zhou Xiaoxiao was attracted by the other’s graceful dance, and she was fascinated by the other party’s dance. After she finished the dance, she applauded and applauded. Jiang Lingdie discovered that Zhou Xiaoxiao was peeping, so he deliberately tricked him into stealing two banned books from the library. Zhou Xiaoxiao had no choice but to agree.

Although Dianthus no longer serves as the director of the carton factory, she has a wider range of affections than anyone else, so she can easily get the raw materials. Out of goodwill, Zhang Lanfen reminded that Dianthus had been spotted by Jiang Zhenhai, and even wanted to make a fool of himself.

Originally, Zhou’s family had no good impression of Jiang Zhenhai, but now Shizhu heard the news as disgusting as if she had eaten a fly. Moreover, the reason for her divorce with Zhou Qing was not a relationship breakdown, and sooner or later she would remarry. It didn’t take long for Jiang Zhenhai to come home suddenly. Due to Zhang Lanfen’s previous reminder, Dianthus had a guard against Jiang Zhenhai.

Just when Jiang Zhenhai wanted to do ideological work with Dianthus, fortunately Kong Linggao showed up in time and came back from outside with Zhou Xiaofeng on his back. Shizhu took this opportunity to drive Jiang Zhenhai away. At the same time, he was afraid that Kong Linggao had thoughts about him, so he explained his thoughts euphemistically. Unexpectedly, Kong Linggao could not laugh or cry about it. He admitted that he had no children, so he envied the lively atmosphere of Zhou’s family. Kindly help.

After explaining the misunderstanding clearly, Dianthus was finally relieved. She learned from Zhang Finnish that infectious diseases were prevalent in Heilongjiang, so she planned to apply to visit relatives in Heilongjiang. Zhang Lanfen couldn’t bear the look of Dianthus being stretched out, so he simply gave her a portion of the money, which was regarded as a loan for travel expenses.

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