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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 12 Recap

Since the last quarrel was over, Nan Xiangwan has also been reflecting on her attitude. After all, Lin Xiaoran is just an ordinary high school senior, and she shouldn’t treat her with the attitude of criticizing her subordinates anymore. Under her suggestion, Lin Xiaoran deliberately rushed to the school sports meeting to send a provocative war letter to the seventh class in the name of the second class.

All the members of the seventh class were motivated by the battle book. Except for Yu Meili, who was extremely poor in sports, everyone was called by Lin Xiaoran and decided to make a shame in the school sports meeting. Because of the angry voices of the seventh class, the slogans could be heard throughout the third year of senior high school, and they were also affected by their emotions. The second class leader taught everyone to know who arbitrarily advocated giving the seventh class a letter. Which caused this trouble.

Despite the loud slogan, the only person who participated in the registration was Jiang Darling, and the other students had found good reasons to decline. Lin Xiaoran approached Jiang Daring and others to discuss ways, and decided to break everyone’s psychological defenses one by one. First of all, he set his goal on beauty. That night, Nan Xiangwan and Yu Meili went home together, and Lin Xiaoran followed all the way until they were near the door of the house, jumping out to scare them.

Yu Meili was so frightened that she ran all the way, unexpectedly Zhang Chao would stand not far away and test her speed, taking this opportunity to invite her to the sports meeting. Knowing that he had caught Lin Xiaoran and Zhang Chao’s trap, Yu Meili had nowhere to vent his anger, so Zhang Chao asked Zhang Chao to treat him to two bowls of beef noodles.

Jiang Darling knew that the girls were interested in beauty and plastic, so he dressed up and appeared in the class and showed off to everyone that this was the result of participating in the sports meeting. The girls were envious and all actively signed up. Not long after, Lin Xiaoran took the enrollment form for the whole class to communicate with Wang Qibei. According to the agreement, Wang Qibei immediately got everyone’s MP3 back.

Nan Xiang came home late to hear Liu Yubai’s recording, and promised to be admitted to Guanhua University together, and thanked her for her encouragement. Liu Yubai continued to give Nan Xiangwan the handouts, but he did not expect that Nan Xiangwan would remind him not to let Liu’s father and Bluebird Investment have any economic relations. Lin Xiaoran was jealous and wanted to take Nan Xiangwan away, but Liu Yubai did not hesitate to fight back, even accepting Lin Xiaoran’s challenge.

Seeing that all the members of the second class only study and do not want to participate in the sports meeting, Liu Yubai offered to share his notes, especially Zhu Cong found that Liu Yubai was interested in the sports meeting, and he unconditionally fully supported him. The temptation to add another note attracted everyone to register .

Jiang Darling found that the relay race and the band competition had a time limit, and because there was no way to take care of both, he wanted to give up. Nan Xiangwan thought that Jiang Darling would become the lead singer of the band in a few years, so she encouraged Jiang Darling not to miss the race, and promised to help her finish the relay race.

Just as everyone was working hard for the Games, it was unexpected that Wang Qibei angrily announced that Class Seven was disqualified from the competition because they did not know how to adjust training time and even delayed their studies. Nan Xiangwan agreed with Wang Qibei that both Class 7 would get the first place in the sports meeting and the fifth place in the mock examination meeting. If he fails to do so, he is willing to accept punishment. Lin Xiaoran heard the conversation between Nan Xiangwan and Wang Qibei and immediately ordered everyone in the class to study hard.

Liu Yubai truthfully conveyed Nan Xiangwan’s words to Dad Liu, but Dad Liu didn’t want to believe what the high school students said at all. He didn’t listen to advice at all. He just told him to study hard and be admitted to the Guanhua Department of Finance, and prepare to take over the company in the future. Early the next morning, Nan Ma saw her daughter holding spikes with joy on her face, so she was angry to prevent her from participating in the sports meeting. However, Nan Xiangwan felt pressure and did not want to devote all her energy to study, so she insisted on completing the sports meeting.

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