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Don’t Think of Interrupting My Studies 別想打擾我學習 Episode 11 Recap

Since the MP3 was confiscated, everyone has worked hard for it. For example, Liu Yubai thought about an excuse all night, but he didn’t know how to talk to Director Zhang. Jiang Darling also wanted to get back his MP3, but he sought Nan Xiangwan’s help but was refused. But Wang Qibei was also racking his brains, carrying a small cake to go to Director Zhang to say something nice, and even promised to make Class 7 ranked among the best in the monthly test next month.

Although Director Zhang didn’t give the answer on the spot, his heart was already shaken, so Wang Qibei immediately returned to the class to announce the good news to everyone. However, Lin Xiaoran bought the same style in order to get back the MP3 from the southward night, intending to exchange it for the old one. As a result, Lin Xiaoran sneaked into the office on the same day but was caught by Director Zhang and cancelled his basketball team quota on the basis of theft. Wang Qibei took the lead to teach Lin Xiaoran a lesson, and wanted to cover up his mistakes and reduce punishment. However, Director Zhang was a staid person and didn’t buy it.

In the end, Lin Xiaoran not only did not get the MP3 back, and even lost the qualification for the competition. Wang Qibei couldn’t accept Director Zhang’s punishment. He knew that it was Lin Xiaoran’s dream to join the basketball team. However, Director Zhang made up his mind and still refused to make half-point accommodation.

When class was about to end, Lin Xiaoran apologized to Nan Xiangwan. As a result, Nan Xiangwan did not accept Lin Xiaoran’s apology. She believed that Lin Xiaoran had simple thinking and naive behavior, and had no basic judgments. Faced with Nan Xiangwan’s accusation, Lin Xiaoran was a little aggrieved and did not understand the other party’s true thoughts at all.

In the physics class, Lin Xiaoran was distracted throughout the whole process. Even if Teacher Li scolded him after finding out, he still did not make any defense, which surprised everyone. Zhang Chao was busy comforting Lin Xiaoran, but it was a pity that Lin Xiaoran couldn’t hear a word, and ran angrily to accuse Nan Xiangwan as nothing happened.

Lin Xiaoran was in a daze on the basketball court, watching the atmosphere of other people playing basketball, and then a little nostalgic for the past. Although Nan Xiangwan went to Lin Xiaoran personally, Lin Xiaoran had already recovered her calm now, only wondering why the other party was so nervous about the MP3 content. It was not until Nan Xiangwan explained that it was only related to learning, and he was completely relaxed.

Nan Xiangwan knew the importance of basketball in Lin Xiaoran’s mind, so he took him to the school’s announcement. Since the school advocates participating in the sports meeting in the third year of high school, this is the bargaining chip they can negotiate with the school. Afterwards, the two rushed to find Wang Qibei to explain their intention to participate in the sports meeting, and promised to help the school encourage two-thirds of the students to participate in the sports meeting, as long as they could get back the MP3 and let Lin Xiaoran return to the basketball team.

Considering that Nan Xiangwan never speaks the vernacular, Wang Qibei promised to help everyone intercede with Director Zhang. After his hard work, Director Zhang finally let go, saying that as long as the enthusiasm for participating in the sports meeting in senior high school is driven, she Just return the MP3, and if the seventh class gets the first place, let Lin Xiaoran return to the basketball team.

Despite Lin Xiaoran’s efforts, the students in the class did not buy it, and no one responded. Nan Xiangwan took this opportunity to make an appointment with Lin Xiaoran, and actually found Chen Shiyun and Lin’s mother, and clarified the misunderstanding in front of everyone, claiming that he had a clean relationship with Lin Xiaoran.

Even so, Lin Xiaoran was still unhappy because Nan Xiangwan said, and after returning home, he could not sleep. It happened that Nan Xiangwan sent an apology message to let Lin Xiaoran understand his approach, and at the same time, he thought of a way for him to call on his classmates to participate in the sports meeting. It is to use the radical method.

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