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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 30 Recap

Luo Shang opened the door of the homestay. The room was small, but warm and tidy. Ding Huiqiao was very satisfied. The only downside was that there was only a large bed. Luo Shang voluntarily asked to sleep on the floor.

After dinner, Dai Xixi and Duan Xu were walking on the street. Duan Xu lit fireworks in hand to express his gratitude to her. Dai Xixi was happily like a child, and Duan Xu couldn’t help kissing her. Knowing that the moisture on the floor was too heavy, Ding Huiqiao let Luo Shang go to bed. Luo Shang naturally couldn’t ask for it. He put on headphones for Ding Huiqiao, put a melodious song to hypnotize her, and then went to sleep with her head covered.

That night, Wen Ruxue and Wen Xiaoyang lived together. The two sisters talked about each other. Wen Xiaoyang didn’t want to go to Japan to find Du Jiamu. Since Qi Yue came, she increasingly felt that Qi Yue and Du Jiamu are the same people in the world, Wen Ru Xue comforted her not to take this matter to heart. There are more people around her who love her. On the contrary, Wen Xiaoyang persuaded Wen Ruxue to be selfish in the future. Don’t always think about family and friends. Wen Ruxue was moved with tears in her eyes. Turning off the topic to coax her, the sisters talked, laughed, and unhappy.

Wen Ruxue woke up early in the morning and saw Wen Xiaoyang posted a cartoon on the bedside. She vowed to fight like Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue was amused by her cartoon. In the morning, Luo Shang took Dinghuiqiao on a boat and wandered among the small bridges and streams in Zhouzhuang, and told Dinghuiqiao his ideals. He wanted to open a five-star homestay, and working part-time in the hotel was just to accumulate experience.

At this moment, the headhunter called Ding Huiqiao and recommended her to work at the Gary Hotel, which was about to open in Shanghai. Ding Huiqiao was confused. Wen Ruxue saw Lily apologize to Bai Xiangwen and Mia on the show. She lied that the previous manuscript was written by Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue gritted her teeth with anger and went directly to Master Lilixing to question her. Bai Xiangwen waited for her at the door. , Accompany her to go.

The guard stopped Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen, and Mia took them in. Wen Ruxue exposed Lily to her face and framed her. Lily didn’t care and threatened Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue announced her resignation on the spot, Mia. Record the whole process. Before Wen Ruxue had time to be happy, she received a call from her mother and learned that Wang Qingyuan would take her parents to find Wen Ruxue to get married.

Wen Xiaoyang told Bai Xiangwen, Nan Nan, Dai Xixi and Ding Huiqiao what happened. In those days, Wen Ruxue’s grandfather was seriously ill and needed a large amount of treatment fees. Wang Qingyuan’s family paid for the help and asked Wang Qingyuan and Wen Ruxue to help. For the engagement, Wen Ruxue has paid off the money one after another, and also broke the marriage contract with the Wang family, but Wang Qingyuan refused to forgive him, and Bai Xiangwen decided to marry Wen Ruxue fake.

Early in the morning, Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen came to the Civil Affairs Bureau to obtain a marriage certificate. Bai Xiangwen also prepared a couple ring and asked Wen Ruxue to wear it on him. This pair of rings was sent by the white mother early in the morning, Wen Ruxue Seeing that the ring is a big brand, I realized that Bai Xiangwen is a rich second generation.

Wen Ruxue brought Bai Xiangwen to the airport to pick up Wang Qingyuan. Wang Qingyuan brought his parents and Wen Ruxue’s mother. Bai Xiangwen took out the marriage certificate and showed the wedding ring in their hands, clearly stating him He and Wen Ruxue have been married with a certificate. The queen mother can see that the marriage certificate has just been obtained today.

She keeps saying that Wen Ruxue has committed the crime of intermarriage. His father condemned Wen Ruxue for crossing the river to demolish the bridge, causing Wang Qingyuan to wait so many years. Bai Xiang Wen invited a team of lawyers in advance to go through the legal process with the Wang family, and then left with Wen Mu and Wen Ruxue.

Ding Huiqiao came to see the manager of the Gary Hotel as scheduled and made it clear that she had no plans to quit. The manager promised to let her be the manager of the public relations department. Ding Huiqiao politely declined. Liu Ke went around making investments and bumped into walls everywhere. He smiled and returned to the rental house.

He saw Chen Jiaqian repairing the plumbing and hurried over to help. Chen Jiaqian learned that he had failed again and asked him to go to the studio for wedding planning. At this point, he gave up and didn’t want to make money with Chen Jiaqian. Chen Jiaqian was very angry and advised him not to continue to burn money on this software, otherwise he would not be able to eat. Liu Ke’s self-esteem was hurt, and he slammed away in anger.

Wen Ruxue took her mother to Bai Xiangwen’s home. Her mother had known that she was having a hard time. Wen Ruxue wanted her mother to stay in Shanghai and worried that the Wang family would make trouble. Wen’s mother didn’t care about this, as long as Wen Ruxue and Wen Xiaoyang were involved. Just leave his hometown. Bai Xiangwen casually said that he invited Wen Xiaoyang to eat together. Wen Ruxue hurriedly interrupted him and lied that Wen Xiaoyang was in Australia and asked his mother to meet Wen Xiaoyang on video.

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