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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 40 End Recap

Jeffrey talked with Cheng Lei, but He Zixuan still couldn’t locate Jeffrey’s location. Quietly applied to add two more groups to control the situation. Ma Shang said that two sets of backup plans would be added to avoid uncontrollable situations. Cheng Lei was about to start his action. After he left the hotel, he quietly and quickly entered the inventory room.

The mirror in the room was smashed, the light bulb was taken off, and all the trash cans were filled with soap wrappers. Quietly reminded everyone that Cheng Lei might carry explosives with him. When Song Ju and Qin Ting learned of this, they decided to arrest Cheng Lei immediately and could kill him. Even if Jeffrey cannot be drawn, protecting the safety of the people is their primary mission. Cheng Lei has entered a densely populated area, and Ma Shang started a backup plan.

Ma Shang asked Qiao Xichuan to cooperate. Qiao Xichuan could only call Cheng Lei under the guise of Jeffrey, saying that he had arrived, and let Cheng Lei do it more thoroughly. Qiao Xichuan asked Cheng Lei to do what he said, and he directed Cheng Lei into the underground parking lot. But soon the real Jeffrey called, and Jeffrey realized that something was wrong and hurried back.

Cheng Lei was surrounded by quiet and waiting in the underground parking lot before realizing that it was not Jeffrey who was talking to him just now. At this distance, the explosion could not cause any harm. Cheng Lei lay on the ground according to what Jing said, but he deliberately raised Du Meng to stimulate quiet.

Cheng Lei was subdued, and Ma Shang tried to find clues based on the recording of the conversation. This was the only chance to capture Jeffrey. Ma Shang found that Jeffrey was at the subway station. He called up all the monitoring screens of the subway station according to the call time, but he couldn’t see clearly. Ma Shang went to meet with Qiao Xichuan, asked him to find out Jeffrey based on surveillance video, and finally found Jeffrey.

Ma Shang’s calmness made Song Bureau and Qin Ting praise him a lot, and He Zixuan asked Ma Shang what happened. How did he make a judgment in such a short period of time? Ma Shang said that he was looking for factors that undermine harmony.

Although Jeffrey was not caught, he had already set foot on this land and could not escape easily. Ma Shang and Jing Jing interrogate Cheng Lei together. He is not Cheng Lei, but pretending to be Cheng Lei for the mission a few years ago. Cheng Lei has been pretending to be all kinds of people. His parents died in an air crash, so he doesn’t know who he is or his true age. Jia Changan was killed by Cheng Lei, but Cheng Lei disagreed, and asked for information in exchange for an amnesty. Ma Shang didn’t understand why Cheng Lei had to mention his own life experience.

What they knew was just the tip of the iceberg. Ma Shang thinks it is impossible for Cheng Lei to say anything for no reason. Qin Ting reminds him not to fall into inertial thinking. When you stare into the abyss, the abyss is also staring at you. The headquarters will take everyone involved in the case away, quietly looking at the arrogant face of Miles Lei in the interrogation room, with anger.

Du Meng was buried in the Martyrs Cemetery under the bright red five-star red flag. Du Ling was holding the urn, and Ma Shang, Jing Jing and others wore police uniforms to bid farewell to their comrades-in-arms. Defending national security is a war without an end. Only when you are ready to fight and sever the evil, can you comfort the sacrificed heroes. Jing Jing and Ma Shang once again accepted the next task, rushed to the next journey, guarding national security in a silent place, never resisting wind and rain, no regrets!

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