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Storm Eye 暴风眼 Episode 39 Recap

The bat spoke and admitted that this organization existed, but like Qiao Xichuan, he didn’t know anything about it behind the scenes. Cheng Lei may not be able to bring Jeffrey to China, but Quiet has an idea to try. Jing Jing and Ma Shang interrogated Qiao Xichuan again and talked about the incident ten years ago. Ten years ago, Qiao Xichuan’s partner was targeted by Guoan.

In order to cover him, Qiao Xichuan hired Fan Dewei to crash and stop the Guoan, which eventually led to the death of Che Zhongan. Qiao Xichuan said that he did not want him to die, and that he could only apologize to the family of the deceased if such a thing happened.

Cheng Lei called Geoffrey, and Geoffrey warned him not to lie to himself. He could save Cheng Lei and ruin him. Cheng Lei asked Jeffrey to come and get the data in person, but Jeffrey refused to agree. After hearing the call, Bureau Song asked Jing Jing and Ma Shang to persuade Qiao Xichuan to cooperate, otherwise the situation would be very unfavorable.

Qiao Xichuan said that he only wanted money and didn’t kill him, but Jing said that those who are not knives are the murderers. Fan Dewei died because of Qiao Xichuan’s family, and his daughter was tortured by Hermes’ methods before his death. Qiao Xichuan couldn’t believe it, and then quietly spoke. Qiao Xichuan’s partner who had tried so hard to cover was pushed off the ship by the smuggling boss because of a smuggling case.

This was also because of Qiao Xichuan. The two immediately talked about Zhou Lian. Zhou Lian ran away in a panic because of the fear when he saw the bat, and was finally hit and killed by a car. A spy who worked for money, why did he desperately warn Qiao Xichuan at the last minute? Qiao Xichuan said that Zhou Lian is not a professional spy, but that he loves money so much that he knows him. Zhou Lian said early on that he would withdraw, but he lied to her.

Quiet said that she is the daughter of Guoan who died ten years ago. Qiao Xichuan and Bats are no different. His hands are covered with blood. Ma Shang continued to stimulate Qiao Xichuan. Qiao Xichuan was emotional and finally agreed to help. Song Ju frankly told him that he would not get any benefit by doing this, the only benefit was that he would get a chance to save his soul.

Quiet hasn’t been in any mood lately. I remembered that Qiao Xichuan was in the hospital. Quiet wanted to rush to strangle him to death, but now he can’t feel the anger. Ma Shang comforted Quiet. She just reconciled with herself, the person who tortured her most in the past ten years. Maybe it’s herself. Ma Shang saw through quietness, and quietness couldn’t refute it. What he said was right.

Miao Lu couldn’t calm down, her mind was full of Cheng Lei, and she even left a shadow in her heart. Thinking of Du Meng who was killed by Cheng Lei, Miao Lu blamed herself even more. It is normal for Miao Fei to comfort Miao Lu to have a psychological shadow, but it is nothing compared to death. Miao Lu burst into tears. Everyone around her was concealed. Why some people can trample on their lives for profit, and why some people can dedicate their lives for others, but all they can do is not bow their heads to anyone.

The Song Bureau decided to let Qiao Xichuan pretend to be the head of the Hermes Group to persecute Jeffrey. In order to ensure that nothing went wrong, they could only monitor closely. Soon Jeffrey received a call from Qiao Xichuan in disguise, and Jeffrey reacted in a panic. Qiao Xichuan asked Jeffrey to get the data back within a week, and Jeffrey could only agree.

Qiao Xichuan cooperated very well, there is no reason not to believe it. Cheng Lei received an email from Jeffrey, but it was a password. The code deciphering is very complicated. Song Ju asked Ma Shang and others to go to sleep first, and Ma Shanghe quietly told him that Qiao Xichuan should know how to decode it.

Recently, Cheng Lei was nothing unusual. Qiao Xichuan refused to tell them how to decrypt it, so Ma Shang had to come in person. Jeffrey’s meaning is very clear, he is about to arrive in China, but Cheng Lei’s reply is a string of numbers, Qiao Xichuan said it is the date. Ma Shang believes that something must have happened that day. Cheng Lei was asking Jeffrey to cover him to escape in the same way at the time.

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