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Rattan 司藤 Episode 19 Recap

Si Teng told Qin Fang that Shao Yankuan alone cleared the debts of the Qin family back then. Qin Fang could easily think of the trickyness. This was probably the first step in the relationship between Bai Ying and Qin Laifu. What she cared about was whether the foster son was worth it trust. Coupled with the description they heard from Shao Yankuan’s great-grandson Shao Qing, Bai Ying has always been in contact with the Qin family, so he was always out of sight at the time. Si Teng suspected that Bai Ying had planned for Qiu Shan’s arrival and prepared for himself early. Later, she gave birth to a child early and gave it to the Qin family to raise him.

In Qin Laifu’s diary, it was written that Baiying delivered medicine and soon healed his wife’s body, but Baiying did not know how to heal. She must have used the method of the Xian clan to make Qin Fang’s grandmother infertile, so as to make them infertile. Take good care of the child born by Baiying. Si Teng guessed that Bai Ying asked Qin Laifu to regain her bones, and according to the hint of the four poems, bury her bones in order to let Si Teng find her bones.

Si Teng deliberately told Qin Fang these rules and wanted him to retreat. Qin Fang was very broken. He could accept that Si Teng was not a human, but he could not accept that he was a descendant of Bai Ying. In this case, he and Sato is related by blood. Qin Fang had no sleep all night, and the next day he directly found Wang Qiankun and asked him to help him test whether he was related to Si Teng’s blood. Wang Qiankun Zhengchou didn’t know how to get the blood, and Qin Fang sent it to the door by himself. He immediately agreed with excitement. Up.

Before the blood relationship was investigated, Siteng and Qin Fang began a cold war. Yan Furui became a tool for spreading words between them. On the plane of Yuhang, Qin Fang also changed positions with Yan Furui. Change the position back. Qin Fang had no choice but to exchange it back with him. He argued with Si Teng. He thought that Bai Ying’s behavior was very immoral, and he did not want Si Teng to merge with Bai Ying, but Si Teng was determined to find Bai Ying, otherwise she would sooner or later. Will be tossed to death by the power of Chi Umbrella.

Sato asked Qin Fang to treat her as before, without worrying about the relationship with her, but Qin Fang was not considering the issue of seniority. Hearing this, he reluctantly closed his mouth. When he got off the plane, Si Teng said that he did not want to live in Qin Fang’s home, so Qin Fang angrily came to the company and gave the house to Si Teng. Qin Fang came to the company, but the things he explained before, because Shan Zhigang did not show up. Qin Fang could only give up if it could not be completed.

Qin Fang came to the company with a pot of green plants, and silently missed Siteng, and Siteng at home also missed Qin Fang. She told Yan Furui who was singing in the garden to shut up. Turning her head, she seemed to see Qin. Sit on the recliner and watch him. Yan Furui called Qin Fang for help, but Qin Fang still refused to go home, and Si Teng proudly refused to communicate with Qin Fang. The two of them had a hard-working mouth, and Yan Furui was caught in the middle and embarrassed on both sides.

After nightfall, Si Teng walked out of the villa. The weather became warmer, but it was tightly wrapped, which was very strange. Yan Furui noticed that he wanted to inform Qin Fang, and was reprimanded by Si Teng. The most important thing for Siteng now is to find Baiying’s bones. Yan Furui had no choice but to return to the house. The next day Yan Furui did not set out to find Baiying’s bones, but was in a video with Wafang. Siteng was rarely interested, and Yan Furui After chatting a few more about the current situation of Wafang, Sito couldn’t help but lament the superior living conditions of the children now.

Yan Furui wanted to take the opportunity to enlighten Siteng and make her reconcile with Qin Fang. When Siteng heard Qin Fang, he was so angry that he left. He also took away Yan Furui’s mobile phone by the way. Siteng wanted to call Qin Fang, but she didn’t. Knowing how to operate, I was so angry that I threw the phone away, but accidentally opened the video call.

Qin Fang was worried that something might happen, so he connected. He happened to see that the mobile phone camera was pointed at Siteng. Siteng was sleeping in his position. Qin Fang also took this opportunity to quietly watch Siteng miss his thoughts. After sitting for a while, Sato suddenly thought of asking for pen, ink, paper and inkstone, so he asked Yan Furui to prepare, and then returned the phone to Yan Furui.

Yan Furui was a silly talker, and Si Teng was so angry that he drove him out. Then she began to silently write the four lines of Baiying’s poems. She silently read these four lines of poems, trying to find clues. After a long time, Yan Furui had a barbecue outside, and the smoke was in the house. Si Teng hurried out to stop him, but Yan Furui still did not repent. She wanted to strangle Yan Furui, but finally let him go and returned to the house by herself.

Yan Furui walked into the house after eating the barbecue and saw the four poems written by Si Teng. He couldn’t help but sit down and think about the meaning. He thought about it all night and finally figured it out, and guessed the place where Bai Ying’s bones are hidden. Si Teng sat down and listened to his explanation dubiously. Yan Furui said that Baiying’s bones were buried on the Huafeng Pagoda of Xizhao Mountain. He looked decent analytically, but Si Teng had no reaction at all. At this time, Qin Fang called, he brought things, but he didn’t want to walk in himself. Sato asked Yan Furui to pick up the things, and also told Yan Furui not to miss the Huafeng Pagoda at night.

Yan Furui went outside to see that Qin Fang bought a bunch of things for Siteng, but didn’t buy it for Yan Furui. Yan Furui felt very uncomfortable as a tool man, and Qin Fang had to promise to buy it for him next time.

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