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Rattan 司藤 Episode 18 Recap

When Siteng woke up, he saw Qin Fang holding his hand and looking at her affectionately and worriedly. Qin Fang had reached the hot water and had to personally help Siteng soak his feet in hot water. Sitou was very surprised. Unaccustomed, he drove Qin Fang out, and Si Teng was surprised to see that his fingers were blooming. When he woke up in the morning, Si Teng asked Yan Furui to prepare a car to Changming’s study. During this time, Jia Guizhi came and asked Si Teng to unlock her vine killer. She planned to stay in Dana in the future and accompany the dead Zhao Jianglong and Si Teng. He directly agreed to her request. Jia Guizhi returned to her old house and lived a life with cattle and sheep there.

Si Teng was about to fit with Bai Ying, Qin Fang was a little worried. Bai Ying was cruel and tortured the Jia family for eighty years. She was worried that the combination of Bai Ying and Si Teng would have a bad effect on Si Teng, and Si Teng was silent and did not speak. The three of them came to Changming Study. Wang Qiankun welcomed them warmly. The question that Si Teng had asked him to ask Canghong had already been answered. Seeing Si Teng coming in person, Wang Qiankun asked Si Teng to himself and his master. communicate with.

Siteng was obsessed with Yu Qiushan, Huang Yu, and where the bones of Li Zhengyuan and Baiying were buried, Cang Hong slowly said that after the three people killed Baiying, they were going to take her corpse back and burn it. Who knew they encountered it on the road. After the attack, the bones were missing, and they only left the foundation of Bai Ying. After Siteng learned the facts, she solved Canghong’s vine killing as promised. She wanted to ask herself about the flowers and why Qin Fang’s blood could save her. Canghong did not know the reason, but asked Wang Qiankun to cooperate with her in the investigation. .

Qiu Shan changed from Shan Zhigang to the appearance of an old man. He walked into a tomb and slowly closed his eyes. In order to investigate the connection between Qin Fang’s blood and the resurrection of Si Teng, Wang Qiankun was looking for an opportunity to draw his blood. Yan Furui followed him, and he saw Wang Qiankun inserting a needle into his body. Wang Qiankun hurriedly looked for it. Reason to leave. As soon as Qin Fang turned his head, he saw Si Teng standing on the side. Si Teng took him outside and released a school of fish.

Si Teng sighed that she was envious of those of the same kind who could live together. Qin Fang enlightened her that the so-called kind is not a race, but a similar person with the same will and goal. In order to complete what Sato explained, they organized a bureau to take the two to watch a movie. Watching the movie, Wang Qiankun felt that aliens and people on earth could not be together at all. In the dark, Wang Qiankun wanted to do it. Seeing that Qin Fang pulled Siteng abruptly and left the cinema.

Qin Fang dragged Sto out, ignoring Sto’s reprimand, confessing to Sto, what he had experienced along the way also allowed him to see his feelings for Sto clearly. What he likes is the Sto, Si in front of him. Teng was stunned, and a flower appeared in his hair. Siteng calmly said that Qin Fang might be after Bai Ying, otherwise how could his blood wake Siteng, Qin Fang was instantly stunned.

Si Teng once said that he had come to the old house of the Qin family, and Shao Yankuan had brought her here. Back then, the Huamei textile factory of the Qin family had a problem. He said that it closed and owed a lot of money. The Qin family paid off the debt, and it immediately made people want to go. Qin Fang was originally angry that Sto was investigating his family, but he did not discuss it with him. This made him feel very hurt, but after hearing what Sto said, he couldn’t help but hesitate. Is it true that he is really a secretary? Is it a descendant of Fuji?

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