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Rattan 司藤 Episode 17 Recap

Zhou Wandong was moved away by Jia Guizhi’s messenger. Yan Furui couldn’t help but sit at the door, waiting for Si Teng to talk with Qin Fang. Qin Fang didn’t believe that Bai Ying in the painting was Si Teng himself. Only then did Si Teng smile indifferently and admit that he was only half. A Niao ethnic group. It turns out that she and Baiying are only half of Si Teng. At the beginning, she and Bai Ying had a great conflict of thoughts. Because of Teng’s special physique, they simply divided into two and lived their own lives.

Siteng and the others didn’t know, but Shan Zhigang, who was hiding in the dark, heard what she said. Yan Furui was a little lonely waiting outside and came to the house. Sito continued her story. She and Bai Ying are divided into two bodies, just like human beings are terminally ill, with only a few decades left in life, and their ability will gradually weaken. She tried to reconcile with Bai Ying, but was rejected. She found Shao Yankuan who cheated. Evidence, who knows that Bai Ying still decided to believe in Shao Yankuan, and even killed Si Teng for Shao Yankuan.

Through the recent events and Jia Guizhi’s mouth, Sito guessed what happened after her death. Jia’s family was threatened by Baiying and brought Sto’s body to Dana. Bai Ying asked the descendants of the Jia family to do things for her, and gave them a vine killer for generations, and asked them to find a descendant surnamed Qin before the end of the eighty-first year. The Jia family was afraid that they would die and search for the descendants of the Qin family. It fell on Jia Guizhi’s body, so the vine killer appeared on her body.

Since Jia Guizhi knew this limit, she began to ask her husband Zhao Jianglong to search for the Nine-Eyed Dzi Bead. At this time, Jia Guizhi told Zhou Wandong all this. The reason she asked him to help herself find the Nine-Eyed Dzi was to give birth to Zhao Jianglong. , Who knows that if the things were not obtained, Zhao Jianglong was killed by Zhou Wandong. Zhou Wandong felt scared at this time. He watched Jia Guizhi take out a rattan killer. The strange things made him panic, but lying on the bed, he was helpless and ate the rattan killer. Jia Guizhi buried the nine-eyed dzi and Zhao Jianglong long ago, and then sent Zhou Wandong, who had been killed by the rattan, to prison.

The Jia family and Qin family mentioned by Siteng were all prepared by Bai Ying. Even if the descendants of the Qin family refuse to follow her instructions, the descendants of the Jia family will complete the task under the threat of her vine kill. Qin Fang is very I was curious why that person must be a descendant of the Qin family, but Si Teng did not want to go on. Yan Furui took Qin Fang away with very foresight. After the two left, Shan Zhi just walked out of the corner. He cast a spell on the wooden house to attract Siteng out, and the two faced each other head-on for the first time.

Shan Zhigang’s abilities are very strong. At this time Si Teng was evenly matched with him. Although he repelled Shan Zhigang, Si Teng fainted in the wheat field because of the backlash of the red umbrella. The next day Qin Fang found out that Si Teng was missing. Immediately looked for Yan Furui. The two looked around Jia’s house and finally found Siteng who was in a coma. Qin Fang was anxious. He moved away from Yan Furui, recalling what she had said that her own blood can save people, and immediately bit her mouth. Stabilized Sato.

Si Teng woke up briefly, pushed Qin Fang away, and Qin Fang stayed by her side earnestly. The seriously injured Shan Zhigang bumped into a tomb, digging frantically. Qiu Shan, who was already old in those years, took a pill and turned back into his young self. Therefore, Shan Zhigang is now Qiu Shan, and Qiu Shan dug up the body of Zhao Jianglong in order to obtain The nine-eyed dzi he buried together used to recover his injuries. Who knew this time the nine-eyed dzi turned directly into powder, and Qiu Shan vomited blood and lay weakly on the ground.

Qin Fang was still guarding Si Teng’s side, but Si Teng’s hands gradually became cold, and Qin Fang became more worried. After waiting for a whole day, Si Teng gradually regained consciousness.

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