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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 17 Recap

The loss of the first game will not affect Kernan too much, and his mood is relatively relaxed. During the break, Yu Kenan read the wrong love letter in front of Xu Tan, and Xu Tan knew that he had been sending the wrong thing. The mood had passed that impulse, and Xu Tan couldn’t speak anymore if he wanted to confess. It just so happened that Lei Lei was also in a bad mood because of the college entrance examination, so this matter was gone.

The chocolate oolong incident, plus one less chocolate, Xu Tan knew for a moment that Ma Chuan did a good job. When things happened like this, Xu Tan sprinkled all his anger on Ma Chuan and drove him out of the dormitory directly. This was the first time that Xu Tan was so angry since joining the team.

The promotion and relegation competition is still going on in full swing. Knowing that Zhang Caiwei will be watching the game the next day, Yu Kenan’s anxiety is finally let go. Because of the loss in the first game, Zhang Caiwei has ignored him for a long time. Now that he promised to watch the game, Yu Kenan rarely showed satisfaction and hid in the quilt with a shy smile.

Since learning that the chocolate was sent by mistake, Xu Tan and Lei Lei have not had much opportunity to communicate. This matter has been pressed in their hearts, and it has also caused him to lose the standard in the game. Yu Kenan was kind enough to return things to Xu Tan, but he disturbed his state of mind by mistake. Yu Kenan was also very guilty in his heart, not to mention Xu Tan was still implicated in Lei Cheng’s future.

In the last game, Yu Kenan entered the national first team with a second place result, but Xu Tan stopped in fourth place, and his opponent in the last game was Yu Kenan. Xu Tan knows very well that it is even more difficult for him to win against Kenan. When facing the game, he tried his best to fight back and forth, and the coaches onlookers were very optimistic about the two.

But as the game gradually came to an end, Yu Kenan suddenly remembered the guilt in his heart, and began to think of making up for Xu Tan with the ball. Seeing that the game is about to end, Yu Kenan will not prevent him from entering the first team even if he loses. His heart moves at will. His ball is obvious. Not only can the coach see it, even Xu Tan can see through it at a glance.

Xu Tan wants to win the game, but it is by no means relying on others to pass the ball. He cannot accept this disrespect. This result led to Yu Kenan giving a goal, Xu Tan also giving a goal, letting go, letting go unconcealed. Fu Chuanzhi had already seen that the two were in a wrong state, so he immediately stopped the game and began to consider how to punish the two.

The promotion and promotion competition was serious and serious. In addition to Fu Jingchun officially entered the first team in the first place, Yu Kenan and Xu Tan were delisted for desecration of the game, and the places for the first team were also given to Ma Chuan and Liu Shi. Delisting is a certainty, and there will be real punishments waiting for them. Because of this, Liu Shi and Ma Chuan were hit by a pie falling from the sky, and they joined the team by luck.

After this promotion, Zheng Hao and Qin Zhen also became the coaches of the first team. After simple congratulations, everyone began to discuss things about Yu Kenan and Xu Tan. Teng Biao deliberately wanted to intercede, but Lei Cheng insisted on severe punishment, and the meeting ended in depression.

After entering the first team, instead of getting a rest, Fu Jingchun entered into more intense training. It is indeed rare that Fu Jingchun can catch up with the World Table Tennis Championships through train through this upgrade. He himself does not care about the frequent foot injuries and keeps practicing. Zheng Hao still has not confessed the truth about Fu Jingchun’s injury. He should not want Fu Jingchun to miss this. In the next World Table Tennis Championships, Fu Jingchun is unwilling to give up the World Table Tennis Championships for a one-in-thousand chance of getting sick.

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