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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 29 Recap

Wen Xiaoyang didn’t believe Qi Yue’s side words, and wanted Du Jiamu to tell her about it. Producer Huang invited Lily to be a guest on his show. Lily fully agreed. She wanted to discuss the draft with Wen Ruxue, but she didn’t expect that Wen Ruxue was already off work, so Lily was so angry.

Zhan Ruiwen disclosed a top-secret message to Li Wensen that the group will merge the marketing department and sales department into the public relations department. Zhan Ruiwen reminded him to choose a reliable person to take full responsibility and be prepared for a decisive battle with Sammy at any time. When Bai Xiangwen had a dinner at a western restaurant, Luo Shang sent Ding Huiqiao to participate. He met Wen Ruxue at the door. Luo Shang hugged Ding Huiqiao tightly and showed off that Ding Huiqiao had confessed to him. Wen Ruxue told them congratulate.

Dai Xixi rushed to the dinner party and publicly announced her relationship with Duan Xu. Wen Ruxue suddenly received a call from Lily. Lily asked her to work overtime overnight to write a manuscript aimed at Bai Xiangwen’s improper words and deeds. Wen Ruxue made an excuse not to oppose Mia, but she couldn’t stand Lily’s intimidation. Wen Xiaoyang hid and called Du Jiamu. Du Jiamu was having dinner with Qi Yue. Qi Yue hung up the phone in person and turned off Du Jiamu’s cell phone. Wen Xiaoyang was unwilling to give up, she wanted to go to Japan to find Du Jiamu, Wen Ruxue fully supported her.

Wen Ruxue wrote a manuscript overnight, and objectively analyzed Bai Xiangwen’s remarks on the show. Lily was very dissatisfied and suspected that she wanted to defend Mia. Wen Ruxue made it clear that they were hers, Lily and Wen Ru. Xue did not agree with each other and broke up. Dai Xixi prepared a loving breakfast for Duan Xu, left a sweet card, and put a photo of them on Duan Xu’s desk, and Duan Xu was very happy.

When Sa Sa heard about the group’s decision, she came directly to Li Wensen for a showdown. She was determined to win the public relations manager. Li Wensen wanted to leave this position to Ding Huiqiao. Sasha had already guessed this, and she threatened not to let Ding once get in the position. Huiqiao was better off, Li Wensen was speechless, he called the customer for help the first time.

Lily participated in the yellow production program on time and slandered Bai Xiangwen in the show. Cheng Tianye learned of this and came directly to Lily to reason. She assumed an indifferent attitude. Cheng Tianye was angry that she wanted to stop her program. Lily realized the seriousness of the problem, and worried that Wen Ruxue would replace it, and promised to handle the matter properly.

Dai Xixi and Duan Xu showed their affection publicly. Colleagues couldn’t help but tease them and force them to explain the love process. Dai Xixi had long known about their betting in the group and admitted that she took the initiative to pursue Duan Xu and asked the losers to prepare money. Wen Xiaoyang came to Du Jiamu to revise the manuscript, but Du Jiamu ignored her, and Wen Xiaoyang was instantly discouraged.

Luo Shang made a trip to Zhouzhuang on Dinghui Bridge. He rode a motorcycle to the hotel to pick up Dinghui Bridge. He also graciously took Dinghuiqiao’s hand and left. Dinghuiqiao was worried that his office romance would be expelled from the company. Luo Shang didn’t care at all. He is not a formal employee of the hotel, and the two left hand in hand in full view of the colleagues.

Dai Xixi followed Duan Xu home for dinner. Duan’s mother made a big table of dishes to welcome them, and promised to help them with their children after marriage. Dai Xixi blushed with shame. She listened to Duan Xu everything. Duan Xu heard her mother and Dai Xixi. I feel very pleased with the conversation. Wen Xiaoyang came to Du Jiamu’s rental house and found no one at home, so she sent a message to Du Jiamu.

Wen Xiaoyang came to Wen Ruxue. He heard Lily teaching Wen Ruxue outside the dressing room. She had to avoid it first and ran into Shen Kuo. Shen Kuo recognized Wen Xiaoyang and greeted her actively. Lily and Wen Ruxue said hello. Coming out one after the other, Wen Xiaoyang hurriedly went over to ask Wen Ruxue his warmth. Wen Ruxue has something to do. Please ask Shen Kuo to take Wen Xiaoyang to the lounge and wait for a while. Luo Shang brought Ding Huiqiao to Zhouzhuang, he chose a homestay instead of a hotel, and deliberately booked a room.

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