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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 28 Recap

Du Jiamu provided Wen Xiaoyang with some comic materials. Wen Xiaoyang’s work is still struggling. It is only now one-third of the completion. Du Jiamu asked Wen Xiaoyang to write the outline of the story to him. Du Jiamu suddenly received a call from his father. His father asked him about Qi Yue’s situation and advised him to stay away from Qi Yue, so as not to cause unnecessary trouble.

Duan Xu came to the hospital to visit Father Dai whenever he had time. He also cared for Dai Xixi. Dai Xixi was happy. Duan Xu lied that President Hu had let him come. Dai Xixi exposed that he was lying and forced Duan Xu to admit that he liked it. She, Duan Xu talked about him. Duan Xu’s parents came to the hospital to visit Father Dai and brought a lot of supplements. They tried their best to praise Duan Xu in front of the Dai couple. Father Dai was also very satisfied with Duan Xu. When Duan Xu entered the door and saw his parents, his expression changed drastically. He hurriedly called his parents away, and his parents encouraged him to get along with Dai Xixi. Duan Xu was speechless with anger.

Shen Kuo tried his best to please Wen Ruxue and strongly recommended her as an assistant host. Wen Ruxue did not want to provoke Lily. Shen Kuo had already applied to the company. Wen Ruxue reluctantly agreed. Shen Kuo persuaded Wen Ruxue not to fall in love with Bai Xiangwen. Having said a lot of bad things about Bai Xiangwen, Wen Ruxue didn’t want to hear him continue to talk, so she had to leave.

Li Wensen changed a new car, Luo Shang ridiculed him a bit, Li Wensen threatened him, Luo Shang was not afraid, and he fought hard with reason, Ding Huiqiao then came to Li Wensen to criticize Li Wensen, and he sat on Luo Shang’s. The motorcycle galloped away, Ding Huiqiao laughed happily, she felt more enjoyable than ever.

Bai Xiangwen concentrated on cooking. Mia and the female guest commented on the side. The female guest tried to get close to Bai Xiangwen. Bai Xiangwen was cold to her. Mia and the female guest talked about women’s rights in a word and despised men in all fields. Bai Xiangwen couldn’t bear his achievements, and he refuted them in public, repeatedly stating that the best in many fields are still men.

At dinner, Wen Ruxue learned that Bai Xiangwen was confronting the female guest in public, and couldn’t help but complain about him. She couldn’t help but squeeze a sweat for him, but Bai Xiangwen didn’t care. On the contrary, they felt that they are now in a state like a young couple quarreling. Bai Xiangwen enjoys such a day.

Qi Yue accidentally saw Du Jiamu send an email to his father in Japan. He strongly recommended Wen Xiaoyang to his father. He also sent Wen Xiaoyang’s manuscript and summary of the story. If his father was satisfied, Du Jiamu would take Wen Xiaoyang to Japan to have an interview with him. Qi Yue gritted her teeth with anger, she yelled at Du Jiamu and threatened to tell Wen Xiaoyang that Du Jiamu had plagiarized her work.

Father Dai’s body recovered as before, and he took his wife to visit Duan Xu’s parents in person. They warmly welcomed the Dai family and his wife. Today is Wen Ruxue’s first video recording. She was very nervous, but she found her feelings as soon as she took the stage. Wen Ruxue was methodical and talkative. Cheng Tianye and Shen Kuo were very satisfied.

Bai Xiangwen’s speech on the program angered many female audiences. Female netizens asked to replace Bai Xiangwen. Ding Huiqiao watched Bai Xiangwen’s speech from beginning to end, worrying that he would hurt the hotel. Sasha and Sammy pushed all the blame. On Ding Huiqiao, he strongly demanded that Bai Xiangwen be dismissed and the relationship between him and the hotel should be cleared away. Li Wensen stood up to protect Bai Xiangwen and was willing to take all the responsibilities and let Ding Huiqiao handle the matter at its sole discretion. Sasha and the others dared not say anything. .

When Dai Xixi learned that her parents had gone to Duan’s house today, she discussed with Duan Xu to set a date for her marriage as soon as possible. Dai’s mother suddenly called Dai Xixi and persuaded her to think twice. Both of them felt that Duan’s parents did something outrageous and didn’t want to To let Dai Xixi marry to such a family, Dai Xixi persuaded her parents not to mind, and promised to find a way to persuade Duan Xu’s parents.

Duan Xu called his mother and learned that her mother had promoted the oral liquid to Dai Xixi’s parents. He was completely discouraged. He asked Dai Xixi to have a meal after get off work and made it clear that Dai Xixi was going to have dinner with his girlfriends, and promised to find time to ask him again. Duan Xu I can’t wait to know what Dai Xixi’s parents think. Dai Xixi answered truthfully. Duan Xu felt that it was not suitable for marriage and wanted to fall in love first. Dai Xixi couldn’t help but kiss him.

Qi Yue came to Wen Xiaoyang to negotiate. She was going to Japan to start a family with Du Jiamu. Wen Xiaoyang didn’t believe it, but Qi Yue made a certain statement. She also repeatedly claimed that Wen Xiaoyang is a little girl and she is the most suitable person for Du Jiamu.

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