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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 27 Recap

President Hu sent a car to take Dai Xixi to the hospital. Duan Xu learned that Dai Xixi’s father had a myocardial infarction and was rescued in the hospital, and rushed over afterwards. Father Dai has been in the operating room for more than five hours, and has not come out yet. Mother Dai cried out of sorrow. Dai Xixi could only stand by her mother in silence, and Duan Xu rushed over afterwards.

After the show was over, the colleagues waited for Lily to go out to dinner. Wen Ruxue excused that she did not want to attend. She also reminded them not to isolate Lily and Shen Kuo did not go to dinner. He followed Wen Ruxue’s show to observe the show. After the medical staff tried their best to rescue, Father Dai finally regained consciousness, but she was still very weak. Mother Dai breathed a sigh of relief. She asked Duan Xu casually.

Dai Xixi had to admit that they had a good relationship, but the relationship had not been established yet, Father Dai thought. Calling to ask Duan Xu, Duan Xu just finished the formalities and returned to the ward. Father Dai and Duan Xu talked about work. Mother Dai was very impatient and asked them about their marriage straight away. Duan Xu was very embarrassed. Dai Xixi hurriedly got out of it. Duan Xu promised to take good care of Dai Xixi.

Duan Xu was about to rush back to the company for a meeting. He hurriedly left the hospital. Dai’s mother learned that Duan Xu had accompanied Dai Xixi through the painful phase of a broken relationship, but he and Liu Ke were good friends. Dai’s mother appreciated Duan Xu more and persuaded Dai Xixi. Don’t have a psychological burden. Liu Ke heard that Dai Xixi’s father was ill, so he called Duan Xu to find out about the situation.

He was not convenient to visit him. Duan Xu asked Duan Xu to help Dai Xixi. He also asked if the two of them were in love. Duan Xu excused that the signal was not good. After disconnecting the phone, Chen Jiaqian came into the room and heard their conversation, knowing that Liu Ke still cared about Dai Xixi, feeling very uncomfortable.

Qi Yue took good care of Du Jiamu’s diet and daily life, and deliberately called Wen Xiaoyang to watch and declared her sovereignty to Wen Xiaoyang. Wen Xiaoyang was unwilling to admit defeat. She expressed her heart to Du Jiamu and said she would never give in. Qi Yue could see clearly outside the door. She has a grudge against Wen Xiaoyang.

After the show ended, Mia warmly invited Bai Xiangwen to have a meal, and Wen Ruxue rushed to relieve Bai Xiangwen in time. Shen Kuo took the initiative to bring Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen into the city, and deliberately did not open the door to Bai Xiangwen. Bai Xiangwen had to get in the car from the window. Wen Ruxue sat with him in the back row, Shen Kuo was curious, Bai Xiangwen and Wen Ru With regard to Xue’s relationship, Bai Xiangwen admitted that he and Wen Ruxue lived together, and Shen Kuo ridiculed him a bit, Bai Xiangwen did not show weakness, and sneered at Shen Kuo.

Bai Xiangwen and Wen Ruxue went home together. She did not expect that Bai Xiangwen was at home. Wen Ruxue was very surprised. Bai Xiangwen wanted to eat steak and bought Bai Xiangwen. Wen Ruxue wanted to go with him. Bai Xiangwen let her Stay at home and wait. The white mother asked about the relationship between Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen.

Wen Ruxue made it clear that she was only a tenant, and the white mother was not forgiving. She also asked about Wen Ruxue’s job, real estate, income, and how many ex-boyfriends she had. She answered truthfully, and Bai Mu felt that they were very complementary and tried to bring her and Bai Xiangwen together.

Wen Ruxue and Bai Mu see it right away, and the more they talk, the more speculative. Bai Mu is a single mother. She deliberately spends Bai Xiangwen, just want to have a good chat with Wen Ruxue. She is very satisfied with Wen Ruxue, and Wen Ruxue is also Unexpectedly, she was so avant-garde and free and easy, Bai Mu did not wait for Bai Xiangwen to come back and packed up and wanted to leave. Bai Xiangwen hurried back, he sent his mother away, and her mother urged him to establish a relationship with Wen Ruxue as soon as possible.

Bai Xiangwen rushed home happily and admitted that he had lied before. He bought the house in full, and there is no need to repay the mortgage. Wen Ruxue can live here steadily without paying rent anymore. Wen Ruxue will give it. Mother and Wen Xiaoyang each transferred a sum of money.

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