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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 26 Recap

Liu Ke sent Dai Xixi home and casually talked about the fact that he still owed her 50,000 yuan, and also wrote an IOU for Duan Xu to pass it on. Dai Xixi immediately understood everything, and once again believed that Duan Xu liked her, he sent a message greeting Duan. sequence. Dai Xixi couldn’t wait to see Duan Xu and asked Liu Ke to park in front of the supermarket near his home. Before leaving, Dai Xixi reminded Liu Ke to tear off the car rental sign to avoid being discovered by customers.

Dai Xixi bought a few dishes to come to Duan Xu’s family. Duan Xu was cooking noodles. Dai Xixi liked her when she exposed Duan Xu to her face, so she helped Liu Ke make up the 50,000 yuan. She didn’t believe how Duan Xu explained it. It was very late for Wen Ruxue to finish recording the show with Lily. Shen Kuo offered to send her home.

He spoke sweetly to her along the way. Wen Ruxue felt very harsh and wanted to get off the car in front. Shen Kuo had to admit that she was the loyalty of her public account. Fans also persuaded her not to catch up with her for nothing.

Bai Xiangwen stood in front of the window and saw that Shen Kuo sent Wen Ruxue back. As soon as Wen Ruxue got home, she took out the medicine box to help Bai Xiangwen treat her wounds. Bai Xiangwen grinned in pain, and Wen Ruxue pissed him off to find rice. Ya. At the company’s regular meeting, Terry brought Li Wensen to the conference room and announced the company’s appointment to him.

Ding Huiqiao was shocked. Li Wensen and Terry went through the handover procedures and officially took office. In fact, this is Li Wensen and Li Wensen. Zhan Ruiwen jointly planned and used bitter tricks on Ding Huiqiao and successfully kicked her out.

Ding Huiqiao came directly to Li Wensen to inquire about the crime. He exposed Li Wensen instructing Sasha to steal the U disk, and deliberately transferred her to Chengdu, and then messed up the cool press conference.

Li Wensen took the advantage of this. He confessed to this. Ding Huiqiao I vowed to find a chance to bring him down sooner or later. Today is New Year’s Eve. Ding Huiqiao is sitting in the office alone, watching the feasting and busy traffic outside. She feels very disappointed. Julie gave her a New Year gift and got off work.

Ding Huiqiao suddenly received a call from Luo Shang. Luo Shang was waiting for her in the underground garage on a motorcycle. Ding Huiqiao confided his grievances to him. Luo Shang made an idea to retaliate against Li Wensen. Suddenly, Ding Huiqiao thought of Wen Ruxue. , She sent a message to inform Wen Ruxue, Dai Xixi and Wen Xiaoyang, and the three of them rushed over to reunite without saying anything.

Luo Shang came forward to haunt the female attendant. Wen Ruxue, Dai Xixi, Wen Xiaoyang and Ding Huiqiao all put on blindfolds and sneaked into the garage, spraying Li Wensen’s car with colorful paint. After the task was completed, Luo Shang covered their gods. Unconsciously quitting, the five people celebrated New Year’s Eve in this way.

Then they came to Bai Xiangwen’s western restaurant. Ding Huiqiao used Jiujin to apologize to Wen Ruxue. She shouldn’t have misunderstood Wen Ruxue for Li Wensen, a scumbag, and Wen Ruxue bitterly pressed Ding Huiqiao and Luo. Dai Xixi also booed about the relationship between Shang and Shang. Ding Huiqiao minded that she and Luo Shang were eight years apart, and Luo Shang did not care about age.

Wen Ruxue put on the style of an emotional expert and talked about the benefits of sister and brother love, and encouraged Ding Huiqiao to live beautifully and show Li Wensen, Wen Ruxue drank a lot of wine in one breath, Ding Huiqiao would take Wen Ruxue home To live, Bai Xiangwen insisted on letting Wen Ruxue go back to his house, and Dai Xixi urged them to leave as soon as possible. Wen Xiaoyang decided to move back to Ding Huiqiao’s house tomorrow. Dai Xixi took the opportunity to let Luo Shang take Ding Huiqiao away. Luo Shang wanted to spend the night with Ding Huiqiao home.

Li Wensen found that the car was sprayed early in the morning. He called out the garage to monitor and found four women with blindfolds, and then called up the video of the duty room. Li Wensen and Luo Shang passed by, recognizing that he was the person who struck up a conversation with the female on-duty officer and the person who was dating Ding Huiqiao.

Qi Yue took the initiative to seek Wen Xiaoyang to reconcile. Wen Xiaoyang forgave her on the spot. Qi Yue confided to her the reasons for stealing things to relieve stress, and also revealed the pain of her love for Du Jiamu, who had a family. Wen Xiaoyang sighed and Qi Yue saw it. Wen Xiaoyang also likes Du Jiamu. Wen Xiaoyang thinks that the two of them are different. She just wants to make Du Jiamu happy. She has never thought about the feelings of dominating Du Jiamu. Qi Yue asks Wen Xiaoyang to cede Du Jiamu to her.

Li Wensen invited Bo Jiang to dinner, and took the opportunity to ask him about Luo Shang, a part-time worker in the hotel. Bo Jiang admired Luo Shang very much, and Li Wensen asked him to recommend Luo Shang to the personnel department to become a regular employee. Dai Xixi was in a meeting, and her mother’s phone kept calling, but she couldn’t answer. Her mother had to call President Hu, and President Hu took the phone to the meeting room and handed it to Dai Xixi. Dai Xixi was shocked to learn that her father had a heart attack in the hospital and was rescued.

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