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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 36 Recap

Eleven and Wu Niang left the palace. Wu Niang was afraid that Er Niang would have an accident, but Eleven Niang told Wu Niang that she needed a strong medicine when she was dying, and Wu Niang knew what Eleven Niang wanted. On the way back to the mansion, the eleven mother met Lin Shixian, she had a few words with Lin Shixian, and Lin Shixian learned that the eleven mother was worrying about Erniang’s condition, and he also gave the eleven mother an idea. The law was very good, she went back to the mansion to discuss with Xu Lingyi, Xu Lingyi also thought that the law was good, and let the eleven mother try it.

Eleven mother called Jin Lian, she gave the medicine to Jin Lian, and asked Jin Lian to feed her Er Niang to take the medicine with agitation. Erniang didn’t want to take medicine, but the method of 11niang finally worked. Erniang sighed and decided to take good care of herself. The consequences of taking the medicine given by Xiniang really improved, but I was afraid of Wang Liu’s. Misfortune reappeared, and Erniang was still pretending to be sick in front of Wang Liu’s. It was not a few days since Wang Liu saw Erniang, so people were watching Erniang closely.

Brother Jian was playful and kept evading his homework. After Eleven Niang and Xu Lingyi found out, Eleven Niang made an idea to let the two brothers go to the private school together, so that there was a care for the two of them. Xu Lingyi responded to the idea of ​​the eleven mother, but Mrs. Xu did not agree with the move. Since ancient times, her concubines have been different and should be raised separately. Eleven mothers mentioned Cao Zhi and Cao Pi. The two brothers should have blood thicker than water in order to be harmonious. Harmony. Mrs. Xu differed from the eleven mothers. Xu Lingyi spoke for the eleven mothers and took the matter to herself. Seeing that the two had already united the front, Mrs. Xu couldn’t continue to obstruct her.

Brother Chen and Brother Yu are of different ages. It is always not a long-term way to go to school together. Xu Lingyi knows about the business dealings between the Wen family and the district family. First, he is good for Brother Yu, and the other is that he is afraid that Brother Yu will be used by someone who wants to use it, so he decided to send it.

Brother Yu went to study at Jinxi College in Sichuan. Brother Yu has always loved to study. He also knew the reputation of the teacher of the college, so he agreed with Xu Lingyi. Aunt Wen originally wanted to negotiate for Xu Lingyi while he was paying attention to Brother Yu, but when she learned that Xu Lingyi was going to send Brother Yu to Jinxi Academy, she hurriedly came to ask Eleven Mother not to send Brother Yu away.

Eleven Niang mentioned that a good man is in all directions. Aunt Wen should ask Brother Yu first. Xu Lingyi also came to Xikuayuan at this time. He only said that it was his intention to send Brother Yu to study. Aunt Wen did not dare to refute. Xu Lingyi, but couldn’t swallow this breath. From the bottom of my heart, he thought that Eleven Niang could not tolerate Brother Yu, and only then sent Brother Yu to leave.

Dongqing and Linbo met in the yard, and the two had an episode, but unknowingly, they both had each other in their hearts. In the palace, Erniang’s condition has improved. She calmly replaced Wang Liu’s confidant, and took Wang Liu’s confidant in one fell swoop. She is the mistress of Maoguo’s palace. Wang Liu did not expect that Erniang had already made a perfect plan.

She was sure that Erniang did not dare to touch her because of her fame, but Erniang asked her stepson to order Wang Liu and his confidant to be driven out of the house. The mansion had problems, otherwise the Wang Liu clan would be sent to Shuntian Mansion. Wang Liu was a bully and afraid of hardship. Seeing that Erniang was so cruel, she only knelt and cried and begged Erniang Mo to send her to Shuntian Mansion, and she was willing to leave Maoguo Mansion.

Erniang resolved Wang Liu’s family and regained control. Eleventh mother was also relieved when she learned of the incident, but she was afraid that Erniang’s orphan and widow would be bullied by the young man. Xu Lingyi also used her favor. Let Shuntian Mansion pay more attention to Maoguo Mansion, because Erniang is the sister of Xiniang.

The palace is preparing to hold a birthday banquet, the palace embroidery masters are not enough, and they are preparing to collect embroidery from the folks. After learning the news, Xianling Pavilion is ready to show its skills in the competition and enlarge the signboard of Xianling Pavilion. Eleven Niang is smart, and she prepared to embroider a picture of Baishou ingenuity. Each word of the longevity in this picture is written in a different font and technique.

It requires a person with deep calligraphy skills to copy the manuscript. It happened that Lin Shixian came. When he arrived at Xianling Pavilion, he told Eleven Niang that the organizer of the competition was the district family, and reminded Eleven Niang to be more careful. When he learned that Xian Ling Pavilion needed a draft of a longevity drawing, Lin Shixian was even more indifferent. Hesitate to help.

The eleven mother brought Lin Shixian’s Wanshou picture back to the mansion. Xu Lingyi thought it was the work of the eleven mother at first, and he praised it greatly. When he learned that the character came from Lin Shixian, Xu Lingyi only vetoed Lin Shixian’s words jealously. . Xu Lingyi arrogantly practiced handwriting secretly, and his secret rivalry fell into the eyes of the eleven mother, who only felt helpless and funny. In order to coax Xu Lingyi, Eleven Niang asked Xu Lingyi to teach herself archery, and the two learned to archery in the courtyard.

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