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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 34 Recap

In Xian Ling Pavilion, Master Jian gave space to Lin Shixian and Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang frankly told Lin Shixian that she was from the Xu family, and she must be concerned about the feelings of Xu Lingyi and the Xu family. Lin Shixian brought Eleven Niang to a piece of embroidery she embroidered. Eleven Niang has superb embroidery skills.

She shouldn’t trap her embroidery in her boudoir, and she should pass it on to the world. At this moment, Xu Lingyi appeared in front of the two of them, and the conversation between the two of them just fell into his ears. When the eleven mother saw Xu Lingyi, she was full of joy and was ready to go home with Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi let the eleven mother wait in the carriage first.

He, he had a few words with Lin Shixian alone. Eleven Niang believes in Lin Shixian, and Xu Lingyi no longer doubts him. Lin Shixian expresses his former love for Eleven Niang, but now that he knows the identity of Eleven Niang, he will not entangle the Eleven Niang, he has decided to quit. Xian Ling Pavilion will no longer have entanglements with Xian Ling Pavilion in the future. Xu Lingyi nodded in response, hoping that Gentleman Lin Shixian would make a promise with one word.

Holly drank a lot, Linbo sent the drunk Holly back to the house, and the two had a rare and gentle time to get along with each other. In Xu Mansion, the eleven mothers went back to the room with Xu Lingyi slightly. Xu Lingyi believed that the eleven mothers should not drink outside. The eleven mothers casually mentioned that she wanted Xu Lingyi to drink with her. Xu Lingyi accompanied her as the eleven mothers wished. Drinking in the room. The eleven mother drank a lot. She told Xu Lingyi about her childhood. She knew her current identity.

She was willing to take the Xu family as the mainstay. Xu Lingyi comforted the eleven mother. He knew that the eleven mother loved embroidery. Niang promised that with him in one day, Eleven Niang could continue to do what she wanted to do. After hearing this, the eleven mother cried and threw herself into Xu Lingyi’s arms. Xu Lingyi hugged the eleven mother tightly, and only sighed in her heart. I don’t know whether everything that the eleven mother did for him was because of love or heart. Guilty.

The next day, the two woke up and received the news that Mrs. Luo was seriously ill. Elevenniang rushed back to Luo Mansion, and happened to meet Erniang and a group of people returning home. Mrs. Luo Shao believed that Erniang should be grateful to Elevenniang, but Erniang refused to accept Elevenniang’s affection. Wuniang couldn’t talk about it.

After a few words, a few people wanted to quarrel, but Master Luo reprimanded him, and Mrs. Luo Shao only asked Erniang to visit Aunt Yang first. Aunt Yang is very ill. Mrs. Luo has not hired a doctor for her since she fell ill, and she is not allowed to visit her. Now she is very ill and only gave the silver shepherd she had accumulated many years ago to Erniang.

He swallowed. On the other side, Mrs. Luo instructed Eleven Niang to take care of her brother. Er Niang came to Mrs. Luo’s room. She told Mrs. Luo that Aunt Yang had passed away. Mrs. Luo did not expect Aunt Lu. She still left before she, but she couldn’t hold it anymore, she only breathed out while thinking about Yuanniang, and Master Luo also realized that he was indifferent to Aunt Yang and blamed himself in his heart.

Two consecutive wives of the Luo family lost their lives. Master Luo had no intention of operating the funeral. Luo Zhenxing had a headache for this. Master Luo had no rights for many years. There were few colleagues in the DPRK and China. The funeral would inevitably be deserted. Master’s face. Xu Lingyi listened to this, and he was ready for the funeral to be organized by the Xu Mansion. Luo Zhenxing thanked Xu Lingyi deeply. He mentioned the tablet of Aunt Lu and intended to put the tablet of Aunt Lu into the ancestral hall. This was treated as a formal treatment. Before the eleven mothers could respond, the second mother came to ask Aunt Yang to receive this treatment too.

Luo Zhenxing knew that Master Luo would definitely refuse, so Erniang simply told Xu Lingyi about the fact that Eleven Niang had escaped from marriage and killed Aunt Lu. She wanted to provoke the relationship between the two, but Xu Lingyi has been maintaining Eleven Niang. Eleven Niang also directly told Luo Zhenxing that she would worship Aunt Lu’s tablet by herself, and she did not want Aunt Lu to stay in Luo’s house as a concubine.

In Xu Mansion, the eleven mother wanted to explain to Xu Lingyi about her escape from marriage. At first she did not want to marry Xu Lingyi, but Xu Lingyi was disappointed when she heard the words of the eleven mother, thinking that the eleven mother had only thanked and guilt for him for a long time, and had no love. . It’s not what Xu Lingyi said. Eleven Niang chased Xu Lingyi out of the Xikuayuan. She wanted to express her love to Xu Lingyi, but Xu Lingyi met Brother Yu. Today is Aunt Wen’s birthday, and he followed Brother Yu to visit Wen. Auntie.

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