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The Sword and The Brocade 锦心似玉 Episode 33 Recap

Aunt Yang secretly sent the silver she had saved for many years to Erniang, but before she left the gate of Luofu, she was caught by Mrs. Luo. Dr. Luo claimed that Yang’s mother’s money was stolen. She asked Yang’s aunt to lock her in the firewood room to teach Yang Auntie a lesson.

After that, Mrs. Luo sent someone to the Wang family to send money to Erniang, but the money did not fall into Erniang’s hands, and Yang Auntie Yang was also ill. Mrs. Luo came to visit Yang’s auntie. She knew that Yang’s aunt had been revealing information to her before to stimulate her and make her condition worse step by step.

Today, she also wanted Yang Auntie to taste her pain. . The two fought all their lives. Aunt Yang thought that Mrs. Luo won after all, but Mrs. Luo smiled bitterly. She fought all her life, but she didn’t know what she had won.

Xu Lingyi secretly investigated the death of Wang Yi. A dozen men went to the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office to ask for a reward, saying that he had seen the man’s appearance with his own eyes. This was heard by Zhou Xian in the dark. Zhou Xian was guilty and prepared to kill the man, and admitted that Wang Yi was killed by him. At this time, Xu Lingyi rushed with the people of the Metropolitan Prosecutor’s Office.

It turned out that everything was in Xu Lingyi’s plan. The updater did not see anything at all. It was Xu Lingyi who came to attract snakes out of the hole. Zhou Xian was caught and spread to Au Lixing and Mrs. Au. They did not expect that this would fail, but Zhou Xian was very loyal, and the two were not worried that Zhou Xian would betray them.

Eleven Niang took Er Niang to the prison. She made it clear that Zhou Xian was from the district family. Everything was planned by Au Shaoniang. Even the stepson’s succession was promoted by Au Shaoniang. Erniang didn’t want to believe that Au Shaoniang was such a person, but her maid Jinlian once saw Zhou Xian coming and leaving at the gate of the district government.

Only then did she know that she had mistakenly believed Au Shaoniang. She wanted to argue with Au Shaoniang. Eleven Niang stopped Erniang. Zhou Xian had admitted that she had sought revenge on Wang Yi because of personal resentment. They could not help but without evidence.

Home, and the real murderer has been detected, and the Duke of Maoguo must also be good at Erniang. Although Eleven Niang was wholeheartedly thinking of Erniang, Erniang was still unwilling to accept Eleven Niang’s affection.

Er Niang couldn’t swallow this breath. She planned to get justice from her heart. First, let Jinlian send Luo Zhenxing a letter, and then he came to the gate of the district government in hemp clothes to make trouble. He caught the young lady of the district and said that she had killed her husband. The young lady of the district slapped Erniang.

This scene happened to be met by Luo Zhenxing’s classmates. The two came forward to hold the injustice for Erniang and publicly condemned the young lady. After leaving the district government, Luo Zhenxing was concerned about Erniang’s life in the royal family. Erniang did not understand Luo Zhenxing’s feelings.

She only thought that Luo Zhenxing was to help the Xu family suppress the district family’s breath, which made Luo Zhenxing very angry. Luo Zhenxing came to Xufu and told Xu Lingyi and Eleven Niang about his anger for Erniang. Both of them thought that Luo Zhenxing’s method was good.

Although it could not determine the guilt of the district family, it could also slightly damage the reputation of the district family. At night, Eleven Niang prepared Xu Lingyi’s favorite meals to entertain Xu Lingyi. Xu Lingyi was very happy, but when she heard that Eleven Niang had prepared everything because she thanked him for all she had done, she couldn’t help but feel happy and found an excuse to return to half a month.

After all kinds of things happened to the Duke of Wei, he also knew that the district insisted on the sea ban for his own self-interest. Now the sea ban is the aspiration of the people, and he no longer maintains a neutral attitude. Although Duke Wei is willing to advocate the sea ban, the success or failure of this matter depends on the meaning of the emperor.

They can borrow the east wind from the lack of the treasury. . On the other hand, Lin Shixian also believes that the opening of the sea ban is beneficial and unfavorable. Now the district family has lost the help of the Zhou family, and there is no need to insist on the sea ban. Jingyuan Marquis did not tell Lin Shixian about the deeds of the district family, but only let Lin Shixian go ahead.

Mr. Mu around him shook his head, saying that if Jingyuan Hou had the intention of promoting Lin Shixian, he must tell Lin Shixian something.

Eleven Niang was going to the Fairy Pavilion. Mrs. Xu put pressure on Eleven Niang, believing that Eleven Niang could not always show up, and Eleven Niang said lightly. Subsequently, Eleven Niang sent a Guanyin picture to Master Jian He Sheng. She also mentioned that she was going to withdraw from the Xianyu Pavilion.

Master Jian did not respond to Eleven Niang. Lin Shixian sent Thrushes at this time. He learned that Eleven Niang was going to withdraw from the Xianyu Pavilion, and also talked about his plans. He also intended to withdraw from the Xianyu Pavilion, hoping that Eleven Niang would persist and live up to the embroidery art.

Eleven Niang knew that Lin Shixian was ready to withdraw from the Fairy Pavilion for her sake, and only declined Lin Shixian.

At night, everyone gathered in Xianyu Pavilion for Master Jian He Sheng. Xu Lingyi, who passed by, saw the carriage of Eleven Niang. He stepped into Xianyu Pavilion and prepared to take Eleven Niang home with him.

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