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Mouse 마우스 Episode 1 Recap

The story started from the scene in the Jiuling Zoo in 2000. The children visited the zoo under the guidance of the teacher. Everyone gathered around the glass cabinet to watch the black snake. The five-year-old Han Zhuo heard the commentator say that the black snake can eat. Mouse, he took out a small mouse from his schoolbag and threw it into the snake’s nest. The Black Flower Snake saw the prey and rushed to kill the small mouse. The children ran away in fright. Only Han Zhun was standing there watching this scene.

In a blink of an eye, five years later, Han Zhuan has become a little devil who must be retributed. He came to church for the first time, begging Jesus not to let Cheng Wei kill a maniac. He has discovered that he is different from others since he was born. The story goes back ten years ago, in 1995, when Song Xiujing had just entered the job, and her colleagues held a welcome banquet for her. After the banquet, Song Xiujing took a taxi home. She sent to the entrance of the village.

Song Xiujing used the public phone booth on the roadside to call home. Sister Xiuya answered the phone. Song Xiujing learned that her parents were not at home and didn’t want Xiuya to take her time to pick her up. She had to walk back. Suddenly, she heard a girl calling for help. Song Xiujing hurried over. Inquired and learned that the girl Cui Hongzhu’s father had a car accident.

Song Xiujing hurried over to see what was going on. He didn’t expect Cui Hongzhu’s father to suddenly become beastly, punch and kick her, and beat her to death on the spot. Cui Hongzhu witnessed the whole process and was shocked. A few days later, divers were training and found a headless female corpse on the bottom of the sea. The police immediately came to the scene to investigate and found out that the deceased was Song Xiujing who went missing on the way home. Such headless homicides occurred in a year. There have been 18 cases and no clues have been found so far. This has caused a lot of panic in the society. The president cancelled all the trips and personally came to the police station to understand the progress of the case.

After analysis by the police and experts, it was determined that the murderer of the serial homicide was a psychopath. The president sent someone to bring back Daniel, a psychiatrist who taught in the UK, and he went into intense work as soon as he got off the plane. Daniel analyzed that the murderer’s gene was born at birth. Yes, some congressmen proposed to screen the fetus. Once this gene is found, the parents will be ordered to terminate the pregnancy.

The opposition MPs led by Senator Shin strongly objected and voted for a four-to-four tie. Speaker Shin originally wanted to vote for it. Suddenly received a call from his wife and learned that his wife who had not had children for many years was pregnant. The Speaker of the Speaker cherished the hard-won child and voted decisively against it.

Daniel came to see his good friend Han Xujun. The two of them had not seen each other for seven years. Han Xujun’s wife Cheng Zhien was pregnant. Daniel brought small clothes made by his mother to the unborn child. Cheng Zhien loved her and Han Xujun worried that she was too much. Tired, let her go back to the room to rest first, Daniel and Han Xujun recounted the past and casually talked about the tragic death of Jennifer.

Lao Gao borrowed an RV and took his wife and two sons out to hunt in the mountains. Due to the wind and snow, Lao Gao asked Han Xujun, who was passing by, for directions. When they came to the five-star campground, they learned that the innkeeper was resting and asked The family of four went in, and the youngest son Gao Wuzhi insisted on staying in the bus for one night.

Gao’s wife went to fetch spring water nearby, but was held hostage by a masked man in black. Thanks to Lao Gao, he came to relieve the siege in time. Gao’s wife stumbled back into the car and saw the masked man in black coming out from a distance. She let the Gao Wuzhi brothers hide in the box under the bed and went down to look for her husband tremblingly.

The masked man in black approached the RV and wanted to open the door to get in. Gao’s wife stopped him desperately and was beaten to death. The Gao Wuzhi brothers saw this scene, crying with sorrow, and his brother put Gao Wuzhi in his suitcase. He hid in the closet, and the masked man in black rummaged in the RV. He was about to find Gao Wuzhi, and his brother hurried out to attract his attention. When Police Officer Song came with the police, the old Gao and his wife were all killed. His brother was seriously injured. Gao Wuzhi was so scared that he was so scared that he identified Han Xujun in the big photo in the corridor of the hospital as the murderer. Police Officer Park’s daughter Park Hyunsu was just killed. The murderer hated him.

Han Xujun and his wife Cheng Zhien were listening to prenatal music at home. Cheng Zhien found that there were three more snowmen in the yard and didn’t think too much. The police suddenly came to Han Xujun’s house with Gao Wuzhi and arrested Han Xujun without saying anything. The police rummaged around the house and found nothing. Zhien called Lawyer Huang for help. Gao Wuzhi took the scalpel when he was not prepared. He hid in the car and stabbed Han Xujun severely. The police rushed over to stop him. Unexpectedly, he knocked down the snowman in the yard. The heads of the old couple fell out of it. They were all stolen. Han Xujun was arrested on suspicion of murder, and Officer Song was arrested. Hardly taught Han Xujun.

Cheng Zhien witnessed Han Xujun’s snowman, and took a photo to keep it as a souvenir. Cheng Zhien made the photo public and identified Han Xujun as the murderer. Han Xujun confessed to this, and Daniel was immediately dumbfounded. He came to Han Xujun to settle accounts, and Han Xujun admitted that he was killed. With Jennifer, Daniel is heartbroken. Cheng Zhien underwent a fetal genetic test, and her child was found to have abnormal genes. Daniel persuaded Cheng Zhien to have the child knocked out.

Cheng Zhien was heartbroken and desperate to have a baby. A pregnant woman came to Cheng Zhien. She had just checked out that the fetus in her belly had abnormal genes. Her husband died to save the victim. The pregnant woman persuaded her to keep the child. Cheng Zhien soon gave birth to her son, Han Blessing.

In 2000, Han Xujun saw the news that Daniel had returned to Korea in the newspaper. He caught a mouse in the prison and asked him to express it to Daniel. At the same time, Han Zhun caught a little mouse to feed the black snake. In 2005, Han Blessing became a scared little demon. He broke the little rabbit and drew very violent pictures. The teacher called his stepfather, and the stepfather gave him a severe lesson. Angrily poisoned his stepfather’s beloved fish and drowned the puppy. Later, he suspected that his younger brother was sued by the people and wanted to bury him. Thanks to Cheng Zhien, he came to rescue him in time. Han Blessing brutally killed his stepfather and him.

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