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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 33 Recap

Xing Yaoping woke up from a coma, but his reaction was unexpected. Instead of feeling disappointed by the amputation, he was determined to comfort the people around him not to be too sad, and hosted a family meeting for the first time. The Zeng family gathered in the ward. Xing Yaoping entrusted Xing Haiyang to Zeng Zhixiang’s care. He instructed Zeng Jianguo to meet Zhang Luo and Wangyi as soon as possible, and even encouraged every family member to continue their efforts and not be distracted by their own affairs.

In order to avoid becoming a burden to everyone, Xing Yaoping discussed with Zeng Zhiting about rehabilitation training, and even wanted to start exercise in advance, so Zeng Jianguo was asked to bring dumbbells from home. Zeng Zhiting took Xing Yaoping’s hand and promised to stay with her forever. At this time, Wang Yi and Zeng Jianguo came in from the door and privately reminded Zeng Zhiting not to be sad in front of Xing Yaoping and should help him put on a prosthesis as soon as possible.

At the training center, Lao Ni heard that Xing Yaoping was in an accident, so he went to the hospital to visit. Even though Zeng Jianguo was carrying a stool and sending water, Lao Ni still turned a blind eye. Wang Yi worried that his friendship with Zeng Jianguo for more than ten years would be ruined, so she simply accompanied Zeng Jianguo to Lao Ni’s house to apologize. Looking at Wang Yi’s face, Lao Ni finally agreed to reconcile with Zeng Jianguo.

After three drinks, the old brothers were drunk and unconscious at the wine table. Old Ni confessed that Zeng Jianguo was born in a blessing and knows no blessings. There are children under his knees, and now he has a wife. He is the only one in the family. It seems to gather in the old ladies every day, just to make a fun. Zeng Jianguo and Wang Yi knew the bitterness of Lao Ni’s heart, so they accompany him to drink and chat.

Wang Yi told her children about herself and Zeng Jianguo, and asked them to help them find various treatments and prosthetic repairs. The son is very supportive of Wang Yi’s emotional life, and the daughter hopes to meet the mother’s heart earlier.

Li Qiwei took the initiative to invite Zeng Jianguo to dinner, and at the same time formally introduced himself to him, admitting that he liked Zeng Zhiling from beginning to end. However, before Zeng Jianguo expressed his position, he saw Li Weiqi succumbed to a glass of wine and fainted on the table. The drinking volume was so bad that even Zeng Jianguo could not stand it.

Since the end of the team building activity, Pang Wenjing still cannot face Zeng Zhidong. At least he could suppress his inner feelings before, but now it is hard to escape. After listening to Pang Wenjing’s statement, Teacher Zheng couldn’t help but remember Zeng Zhidong’s words, so she asked her to stay calm first. At the same time, the three brothers and sisters of the Zeng family were all moved by Xing Yaoping’s strength, and Zeng Zhiling also believed that the eldest sister wanted to remarry Xing Yaoping.

Afterwards, Zeng Zhidong was unable to contact Pang Wenjing for a long time, so he had to come to the door in person. Unexpectedly, Pang Wenjing went downstairs to meet him, but directly refused to reconcile and reminded him to give up. Because of the pain Pang Wenjing suffered, Zeng Zhidong intends to give up treatment and continue pursuing, because he feels that as long as he wants to be close to the other party, the other party will always resist and fall into fear.

Because Teacher Zheng is very clear about what happened between Zeng Zhidong and Pang Wenjing, she does not recommend Zeng Zhidong to give up easily, otherwise it will be the same as the essence of escaping from reality in the past. Even if Pang Wenjing’s pain can be relieved, the problem cannot be solved fundamentally. In the end, Teacher Zheng decided to let Zeng Zhidong go back and think about it, and give himself and the other party one last chance, even if the relationship still cannot be restored, at least there will be no regrets.

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