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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 25 Recap

Luo Shang received a call from Ding Huiqiao and quickly came to the bar. Ding Huiqiao was so drunk that he insisted on drinking the wine in the glass. Luo Shang forcibly picked her up and left. Ding Huiqiao invited Luo Shang By moving over to live with her, Luo Shang will be able to follow along, and he will not go to nightclubs with other girls. Luo Shang persuaded her not to drink too much. Ding Huiqiao took the opportunity to spit out bitterness at him, Wen Ruxue and Li Wensen After spending a good night in Sanya, she could endure it. Now that everyone has left her relatives, she can’t do anything but drink.

Luo Shang took a taxi to take Ding Huiqiao downstairs. Ding Huiqiao didn’t want to go home. He wanted to be with Luo Shang. Luo Shang couldn’t bear it. He didn’t want to be the tree cave where Ding Huiqiao talked about. Today is also the last time to send her home. Luo Shang sent Ding Huiqiao home and left straight away. Dai Xixi saw that Ding Huiqiao started drinking again, and was furious. The last time she was drinking too much because of Li Wensen’s departure, she finally gave up drinking, but now she is doing the same again. Dai Xixi is disappointed and stewed Wen Ruxue’s white fungus. Give her the soup and go back to the house angrily.

Early the next morning, Ding Huiqiao made breakfast. Dai Xixi was anxious to go to work and did not eat. Ding Huiqiao wanted to spend the New Year with Dai Xixi, but their department had a dinner together. Ding Huiqiao had to give up. She rushed to the unprecedented loneliness. help. Ding Huiqiao brought coffee and breakfast to Luo Shang and his colleagues. The colleagues couldn’t help but teased Luo Shang and Ding Huiqiao. Thanks to Master Jiang Bo for getting out of the siege.

As soon as Ding Huiqiao went to work, he saw the video evidence collected by Julie and Ye Zi, and found that Auntie Cleaning had stayed in Julie’s office for a long time. After the press conference, Auntie Cleaning resigned and left. Julie had a hard time with Auntie Cleaning. Pao, she had to admit that Sasha instructed her to steal the U disk, suffering from no conclusive evidence. Ding Huiqiao came directly to Master Sha Shaxing to inquire about the crime. Sha Sha confessed to this, and Ding Huiqiao recorded their conversation as evidence.

Ding Huiqiao gave the recording to Terry. Terry refused to accept it under the pretext that the evidence was insufficient, and the new general manager was about to take office. He didn’t want to care about it anymore. Ding Huiqiao was very upset. Julie and Ye Ziba were not happy about Ding Huiqiao. , I want to invite her to have butter hot pot, Ding Huiqiao still has things to do, and promised to recommend a butter hot pot restaurant to them next time.

Wen Ruxue came to Lily, and she accidentally saw Bai Xiangwen being surrounded by Mia and the makeup artist. Bai Xiangwen saw Wen Ruxue. She overturned the pot in a panic and burned her hand. Mia hurriedly helped him bandage. Wen Xiaoyang wanted to invite Du Jiamu to the New Year’s Eve together. Du Jiamu insisted on taking her to the hospital for review. But Wen Xiaoyang was entangled and had to agree. They went out and met Qi Yue, and Qi Yue silently followed them to the hospital.

Wen Xiaoyang went in for an inspection. Qi Yue saw that Du Jiamu liked Wen Xiaoyang and she was very jealous. Du Jiamu repeatedly explained that Qi Yue pointed out that Wen Xiaoyang liked Belikov’s comics that she painted. She admitted that she also liked Wen Xiaoyang and promised not to destroy Wen Xiaoyang. The image of an idol in your heart.

Dai Xixi prepared a gift for Duan Xu’s mother and wanted to follow Duan Xu to go home for dinner. Duan Xu resolutely refused to agree. Dai Xixi went alone. Duan Xu chased him out. The colleagues believed that they were in love and took this bet. Duan Xu had a gloomy face along the way, repeatedly stressing that he would not marry Dai Xixi. Dai Xixi wanted to see him with a psychiatrist. The two refused to give each other and quarreled so hard that Dai Xixi crashed into the car in front of him when he was distracted. At the same time, Duan Xu yelled in fright. The driver who was hit called Dai Xixi down to discuss the claim, but she closed her mouth happily, believing that Duan Xu was nervous because she liked her.

Liu Ke was going to see the investor and borrowed a good car to install the facade. Liu Ke swears to Chen Jiaqian that he will buy a car that belongs to both of them soon. Liu Ke also renamed the studio “One Thousand Miles”, Chen Jiaqian Very happy. Dai Xixi got in touch with the insurance company. The staff found that the car was handled by Liu Ke, and he needed his signature to settle the claim. Dai Xixi called Liu Ke, and Liu Ke quickly completed the formalities because the customer specialist was away. , The two of them can only go through the change procedures next time.

Liu Ke mistakenly thought that Dai Xixi and Duan Xu were going to the suburbs to meet customers. Dai Xixi confessed that they were going to Duan Xu’s house for dinner. Liu Ke wanted to take them home. Duan Xu suddenly received a call from the company. He asked Liu Ke to send Dai Xixi home.

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