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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 24 Recap

Due to the joining of Wen Ruxue, the ratings of Lily’s show have soared. Lily handed over the topic selection of the new issue to Wen Ruxue. Wen Ruxue asked Lily to go back and move early. Before she went out, Mia came to persuade her. Wen Ruxue left Lily to cooperate with her, and the two of them joined hands to drive Lily away.

Lily came in and heard Mia’s words and forced Mia out. Lily mistakenly thought that Wen Ruxue wanted to cooperate with Mia, so she gave her a severe lesson, and threatened to intimidate Wen Ruxue and Bai Xiangwen to do the show. See you in this scene. Wen Ruxue was angry and wanted to leave, Lily hurriedly caught up to apologize, and persuaded Wen Ruxue to cooperate with her to stabilize the show, Wen Ruxue had to swallow and stay.

Bai Xiangwen gave Wen Ruxue the dim sum and soup he made by himself. People who didn’t understand that she was so arrogant could bow to Lily. Wen Ruxue wanted to earn money to rent a house for Wen Xiaoyang, and Bai Xiangwen promised to lower the price of his house. Rented to her, and then moved to Nannan’s house. Wen Ruxue was puzzled. Bai Xiangwen made it clear that he wanted to pursue her. Wen Ruxue decided to move in tonight.

Duan Xu wanted to take Dai Xixi home, and wanted to discourage her. Dai Xixi mistook her for seeing her parents, so she dressed up and bought a lot of gifts. Duan Xu took Dai Xixi to her home in the suburbs. There were a lot of health care products in the yard, and salesmen kept sending them. Dai Xixi didn’t know the truth. She liked the lively atmosphere. The saleswoman who sold health products pulled Duan’s mother and kept calling her mother. Duan’s mother greeted Dai Xixi warmly and prepared a hearty meal.

The saleswoman asked Duan’s mother to drink two nutrient solutions before meals. Duan Xu was even more out of breath and warned his parents not to buy health care products. He had no money to pay off his debts. His father was furious. He felt that he was promoting health care. It’s not easy for the people of Pinpin, so she wanted to help them. Dai Xixi understood the whole story. He even explained Duan Xu that he was very hard and couldn’t make much money. Before leaving, Duan Mu gave Dai Xixi an amulet. Dai Xixi promised to visit him often. they.

On the way home, Duan Xu persuaded Dai Xixi to give up as soon as possible. Dai Xixi instead felt that his parents were very caring and kind. Duan Xu explained that his parents had already owed hundreds of thousands of foreign debts, and he worked hard to pay back the money. Now he is exhausted and Dai Xixi agreed. Duan Xu politely declined to help him pay off his debts, and even come up with ideas to help his parents distract, and his heart is miserable.

Wen Ruxue packed her luggage and prepared to move. Wen Xiaoyang persuaded her to reconcile with Ding Huiqiao. Wen Ruxue did not want to send someone under the fence anymore. She found a mover on the Internet. She resolutely left the house and put the key on the table before leaving. The property staff stopped Wen Ruxue and asked her to call and ask for the owner’s permission to let her go. Wen Ruxue wanted to call Ding Huiqiao. Dai Xixi went home from get off work and persuaded Wen Ruxue to stay. Wen Ruxue asked her to inform Ding Hui. Qiao called the property.

Dai Xixi called and told Ding Huiqiao about Wen Ruxue’s move. Ding Huiqiao called the property and let Wen Ruxue’s car go. Wen Xiaoyang wanted to live in the dormitory. Wen Ruxue worried that she would go back to Du Jiamu again. Wen Xiaoyang had no choice but to do so. Speaking of Qi Yue’s return, she now lives with Du Jiamu.

Bai Xiangwen didn’t want to let people from the moving company come into his home, so he had to go downstairs to help move the luggage and prepare food for Wen Ruxue. That night, Ding Huiqiao tossed and turned and couldn’t fall asleep. He flipped through Cairo’s circle of friends and saw that he was partying with his friends in the nightclub.

Lily talked to Wen Ruxue about the manuscript early in the morning, but the director was late. Lily was very angry. Cheng Tianye suddenly brought in a new director, Shen Kuo. Lily was so angry that she wanted to go out to talk with Cheng Tianye alone, but Shen Kuo didn’t buy it. Urged her to start shooting immediately, not allowing anyone to come in or out. Lily and Shen Kuo argued hard, but Shen Kuo refused to give in. Lily spread all her anger on Cheng Tianye. Shen Kuo couldn’t bear it, so she turned Wen Ruxue. Call away the revised manuscript.

Shen Kuo made major changes to Wen Ruxue’s manuscript. Wen Ruxue wanted to discuss it with Lily. Shen Kuo decided not to do it. Wen Ruxue was angry that he ignored him and left. Wen Ruxue went home and saw Bai Xiangwen admiring the food show she made, and complained that he shouldn’t come here without telling him. Bai Xiangwen would live here tonight, and made dinner for Wen Ruxue himself. Wen Ruxue took photos of it.

During the whole process of his cooking, he repeatedly emphasized that she treats Bai Xiangwen as a friend of the same sex and has no selfish thoughts. Bai Xiangwen wants to persuade her to reconcile with Ding Huiqiao. Wen Ruxue hurriedly interrupted him and forbade him to mention this matter again.

Ding Huiqiao was drunk at the bar and drank a lot of alcohol in one breath. The waiter persuaded her to drink less and asked Didi to send her home. Ding Huiqiao was not convinced, so he called Dai Xixi, but the phone could not be connected. , Ding Huiqiao had to call Luo Shang.

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