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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 23 Recap

Qi Yue saw that Du Jiamu published the comics they had created together, and insisted on signing his own name. Du Jiamu, for the benefit of the whole team, promised to compensate Qi Yue accordingly. Qi Yue learned that Du Jiamu and Haruko had divorced. Offer to be with him.

Ding Huiqiao woke up early in the morning and found out that he was living in Luoshang after being drunk last night. Before she could respond, Luo Shang’s grandma came to see his grandson and daughter-in-law happily. Ding Huiqiao was embarrassed, thanks to Luo Shang’s timely arrival. After the siege, Grandma Luo couldn’t wait to call Luo Shang’s parents.

Ding Huiqiao regretted staying at his home with a drunken condition last night. After Luo Shang was rejected by her, he was ready to let go. Unexpectedly, Ding Huiqiao took the initiative to look for him. Luo Shang clearly stated that there was nothing between them last night. When it happened, Ding Huiqiao was advised not to have a psychological burden. When Ding Huiqiao learned that the day of the movie was Luo Shang’s birthday, he felt guilty and regretted not having watched a movie with him. Luo Shang had already let go.

Ding Huiqiao did not return overnight, Dai Xixi and Wen Xiaoyang both persuaded Wen Ruxue and Ding Huiqiao to reconcile, Wen Ruxue believed that he was right, and Dai Xixi was helpless. As soon as Wen Ruxue went to work, she heard Mia and Lily arguing in the office. She was so disturbed that she had to wear headphones to continue writing. Cheng Tianye came to Wen Ruxue and persuaded her to leave Lily and cooperate with Mia, but Wen Ruxue politely declined.

Duan Xu and Dai Xixi discussed software promotion activities. Dai Xixi raised objections face-to-face and compared Duan Xu with President Teng. Duan Xu suddenly became furious. Dai Xixi repeatedly emphasized that she would be fully responsible for President Teng’s case, and she boasted that she knew best. The person Teng always needed, then slammed the door and left, Duan Xu was speechless with anger.

Li Wensen waited downstairs at Ding Huiqiao’s house all night, and did not see her. Li Wensen came to the company to find Ding Huiqiao early in the morning and repeatedly explained to her that in Sanya, he was just chatting with Wen Ruxue all night, Ding Hui Qiao didn’t buy it at all. Li Wensen didn’t want to lose the opportunity to reconnect with her. Ding Huiqiao advised him to give up as soon as possible. They weren’t the same.

Du Jiamu was going to class, Qi Yue struggled with him hard, and had to accompany him as an assistant. Du Jiamu couldn’t be entangled, so she had to take her to the training class. Qi Yue appeared in the classroom, she was dumbfounded when she saw Wen Xiaoyang, Wen Xiaoyang walked away in anger, Qi Yue chased after him, Wen Xiaoyang exposed her fake Belikov face to face, Qi Yue had to tell the truth.

At that time, Qi Yue had just been released from the prison. She couldn’t find Du Jiamu everywhere, so she had to fake his pen name. As a result, she met Wen Xiaoyang and Qi Yue repeatedly claimed that she lived with Du Jiamu. Wen Xiaoyang came directly to Du Jiamu for the theory and told him all Qi Yue had done. Du Jiamu explained that Qi Yue was his assistant before he was imprisoned and owed Qi Yue a favor during the hardest time of his career. Wen Xiaoyang worried that Qi Yue would be entangled. Du Jiamu did not let go, Du Jiamu vowed not to have feelings with her.

In order to help Liu Ke collect 1 million to repay Dai Xixi, Duan Xu borrowed a loan of 50,000 yuan. It was the day of repayment. Duan Xu had no money and was blocked by the creditor in the underground garage. Dai Xixi secretly recorded this video. , Threatened to call the police, Duan Xu was worried that his colleagues would see it, so he hurriedly stopped Dai Xixi and sent the creditor away. Dai Xixi encourages Duan Xu to work hard to pay off her debts as soon as possible. She also takes the form of a loving princess to guard Duan Xu. Duan Xu promises to take her home and she will understand why she can’t be with Dai Xixi.

Li Wensen took the initiative to meet with Wen Ruxue and repeatedly explained the relationship between him and Ding Huiqiao. Wen Ruxue didn’t care at all, but persuaded Li Wensen to apologize to Ding Huiqiao. Ding Huiqiao didn’t want to go home to face Wen Ruxue. She lied that she was working overtime in a hotel. Dai Xixi discussed with Wen Ruxue and wanted Ding Huiqiao and Wen Ruxue to reconcile as soon as possible. Dai Xixi asked Ding Huiqiao to drink in a bar, and Wen Xiaoyang gave a fake. In the name of Ding Huiqiao, Wen Ruxue went to the bar to meet.

Wen Ruxue came to the bar to meet on time and saw that Ding Huiqiao was drinking boring wine. Wen Ruxue realized that Wen Xiaoyang had cheated her. She and Ding Huiqiao made a quarrel with each other, and Wen Ruxue was angry about moving out of her house. .

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