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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 16 Recap

In the evening, Xing Kelei and Mi Ha were sitting by the fire and chatting. Mi Ha was a little depressed, saying that he thought that he had been used to life and death in the hospital, but only after arriving here did he find that he had overestimated himself. Xing Kele comforted that habit does not mean numbness. This can’t be blamed on Mi Ha.

Mi Ha asked if Xing Kelei would blame them for not evacuating in Xinguancun in time. Xing Kelei said no. They were all trying to save more people, so they could understand their approach. The two took advantage of them. This rare time alone, sitting with each other for a long time.

The landslide in Linjia Village, in order to avoid the second disaster caused by aftershocks, Shu Wenbo hurriedly informed everyone to evacuate and arrived at the evacuation point. Because there were not enough tents, Shu Wenbo and the others could only rest in the open space. Ruan Qingxia did not live in a tent, but Sitting with Shu Wenbo in the open space, Ruan Qingxia took out the computer to check the photos taken these days, and chose the photos for reporting. Instead of using the photos that took Shu Wenbo beautifully, she chose to show the rescuers.

Listening to Ruan Qingxia’s words, Shu Wenbo felt that his previous impression of Ruan Qingxia was too one-sided, and now I know Ruan Qingxia is a real professional reporter. The two chatted, and Ruan Qingxia was leaning on Shu Wenbo. When he fell asleep, Shu Wenbo was so nervous that he didn’t dare to move, leaving Ruan Qingxia to linger all night.

In the morning, Lufeng also drove a lot of supplies. It happened that the victims of Fu’an Village were in desperate need of water and food. Shu Wenbo requisitioned Lufeng’s car. Ruan Qingxia just wanted to take pictures of other villages, so he proposed to join Lufeng. Go to Fu’an Village. On the way to Fu’an Village, the two met a pregnant woman. The pregnant woman’s amniotic fluid had broken and she was about to give birth. The two were very panicked and didn’t know what to do. They had to set up a tent in the wild and bite the bullet.

Give birth to pregnant women. Fortunately, the childbirth went smoothly and the mother and daughter were safe. The two sent the people to the base camp. Shu Wenbo heard about the incident and saw that Lu Feng was still talking about acknowledging the newborn. He and Ruan Qingxia were godfathers and godmothers. Shu Wenbo was jealous on the sidelines.

Xing Kelei and Mi Jia rushed to the mine. Eight miners were buried in the mine. Liang Dong, the production team leader, was very happy to see Xing Kelei bringing people there and quickly talked about the current situation in the mine. Xing Kelei made a decisive decision and took the team members down to help dig through the collapsed area.

After seven or eight hours of digging, they finally saw the miners trapped in the mine. Xing Kelei had been working underground and finally rescued the miners. Knowing that there was another Team Leader Han trapped in the mine, Xing Kelei quickly led people to search and found Team Leader Han in the depths of the mine.

However, Team Leader Han’s situation is very dangerous and a doctor must go down. Mi Ha hurriedly He took his medical equipment and went down the well. After the wound was treated for Team Leader Han, Mi Jia found that he had not taken the first aid kit, so he returned to get the first aid kit. Xing Kelei asked everyone to go up first and accompany Mi Yan to get the first aid kit, but who knows Team Leader Han had an aftershock as soon as they went up.

The mine collapsed again, and the original road was blocked. Fortunately, Xing Kelei had seen the plan and knew another exit, but on the way forward, Xing Kelei suddenly became physically weak. Mi Yan checked it and found that Xing Kelei had a fever. Here Li Nian led the team members down from the vent of the main shaft, ready to rescue Xing Kelei and Mi Ha. Xing Kelei took Mijia to another exit, only to find that the exit was also blocked. Xing Kelei was looking for the walkie-talkie, but the mine above his head became loose again.

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