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You Are My Hero 你是我的城池营垒 Episode 15 Recap

Thoracic surgery doctor Lin Zhifeng, nurse Yang Yuan, Liu Yu, and Mi Jia have all signed up for Shao Yuhan’s medical team. Shao Yuhan reminded everyone that this time they are going to Xinguan Village, Linan County, the car can only travel a short distance, and the rest You have to walk, this time to Xinguancun, Xing Kelei is among them. Halfway through the car, everyone got out of the car and started walking to Xinguancun. When they arrived at Xinguancun, they evacuated the evacuated people in an orderly manner and treated the injured villagers.

On the second day, when the people continued to search and rescue the wounded, they found a patient with gas gangrene. Shao Yuhan simply checked the patient and asked everyone to prepare for the operation immediately. Because gas gangrene is contagious, everyone was very cautious. Good measures to prevent infection.

At the base camp, Shu Wenbo learned that Linjia Village had suffered an aftershock through the walkie-talkie, and quickly led a small group of people to support. Ruan Qingxia heard from the side and followed Shu Wenbo and the others to help. While in Linjia Village, rescuers found a little girl buried under the rubble. Ruan Qingxia and the rescuers helped rescue, and there were other reporters nearby who tried to interview despite the rescue. Ruan Qingxia was a little angry and scolded the people away.

Everyone successfully rescued the little girl. With the consent of Shu Wenbo, Ruan Qingxia decided to shoot a promotional video to appeal to the public to be careful of aftershocks and not to stay in the room.

Here, Shu Wenbo is persuading the villager Grandma Zhang to go to the temporary rescue point first, but Grandma Zhang insists on waiting for her husband to return and refuses to leave. Ruan Qingxia stepped forward to persuade and said that she could take a video to the rescue team so that the rescue team could be together Looking, after persuading Grandma Zhang, the aftershocks came.

Shu Wenbo hurriedly took Grandma Zhang away from the house and returned to pull Ruan Qingxia out. Fortunately, no one was injured. Ruan Qingxia kept her promise and filmed a video for Grandma Zhang and helped her find her wife Liu Aiguo. Grandma Zhang described Liu Aiguo’s clothes and said that Liu Aiguo had dementia. I hope everyone can help find her wife.

At night, Ruan Qingxia wore headphones and watched the video given to Grandma Zhang during the day. He did not hear Shu Wenbo coming. Shu Wenbo yelled a few times. Seeing Ruan Qingxia ignored him, he thought Ruan Qingxia was still angry, so he quickly apologized to Ruan Qingxia. , Said that I did something wrong last time and misunderstood Ruan Qingxia too arbitrarily.

Now I realized that I not only misunderstood Ruan Qingxia, but also underestimated Ruan Qingxia and said that she was an excellent reporter, but Ruan Qingxia didn’t hear these words. The next day Ruan Qingxia wanted to explain to Shu Wenbo what happened last night, but when Shu Wenbo received the news, he learned that someone had found Grandma Zhang’s wife, so the two of them couldn’t bother to speak, and hurriedly took Grandma Zhang to Mingyue Village to pick them up.

When he went, Ruan Qingxia was also very emotional when he saw Grandma Zhang and his wife meet again. Ruan Qingxia settled down with his grandparents, and went to find Shu Wenbo again, and asked him what he said that night, and Shu Wenbo repeated it, and Ruan Qingxia also forgave Shu Wenbo.

Sudden rainstorms in the disaster area have formed a high-level dammed lake. The water level of the dammed lake will continue to rise. Once the dyke breaks, more than a dozen villages and towns will be flooded, including a newly repaired road leading to the epicenter. Water conservancy experts recommend it.

Blasting and releasing floods, bringing floodwater from Niutoushan to Qipan River, this is currently the least loss flood release plan. Xinguan Village is in the flood release area, so the rescue team needs to withdraw to Nanyang Town where the altitude is more than 2,500 meters. . After Xing Kelei learned the news, he hurriedly informed Shao Yuhan that they were evacuating, but Shao Yuhan and the others were still operating on a patient.

If they were evacuated now, the patient would definitely die. Shao Yuhan asked him to perform the operation for one and a half hours. Xing Kelei contacted the command center and hoped to postpone it. The flood was discharged, but the water level rose faster than expected, and even had to discharge the flood ahead of schedule. Fortunately, Shao Yuhan and the others successfully completed the operation and evacuated to Nanyang County in time.

The miners of the Pingxiang Mine have been trapped in the mine for several days. Xing Kelei planned to visit, and Mi Ha applied to go with him. Shao Yuhan agreed and told Xing Kelei to take good care of Mi Ha. Mi Yan and Xing Kelei went to the mine, while Shao Yuhan returned to the base camp. Xing Keyao found him and wanted to talk to him, but Shao Yuhan still had a patient to be operated on, so he hurriedly left.

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