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Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 Episode 40 End Recap

Because Meng Yan refused to cooperate, Li Tianzhen took the initiative to ask him why, after all, under his own leadership, Kuandi has become different from before. However, Meng Yan changed the subject and reminded Li Tianzhen whether she remembered her dream, and claimed that she had never left Maijing Studio. Li Tianzhen did not respond positively. He just smiled and thanked Meng Yan for reminding him that the dream that was almost vague at the beginning is now clear.

Qiao Ke hesitated at the door for a long time, but finally summoned the courage to press the doorbell and actively invited Cao Yu to eat hot pot at home. Cao Yu was very surprised by this. When she reacted, she was immediately overjoyed, and then refused to contact Li Tianzhen for her. Originally, Qiao wanted Lu Yiming to help, but he did not expect that Lu Yiming and Cao Yu had the same caliber, and seemed to be careful, so she could only dial Li Tianzhen in person.

Just as Qiao Ke dialed the phone and immediately hung up, he didn’t know that Li Tianzhen had been there to witness the whole journey. Facing the sudden appearance of Li Tianzhen, Qiao was a little flustered. She never thought that the two would reconcile one day, so the two of them smiled and grinned, and they were still close and good sisters.

Li Tianzhen came to Kuandi, and sincerely hoped that Wen Li would manage the company as a professional manager, so that he would take over Kuandi as a matter of fact. At the same time, Qiao Ke was alone at home preparing the hot pot ingredients for the evening. After all the preparations were completed, she handed over the keys to Cao Yu so that she could come over at any time.

Before taking a seat and eating hot pot, Li Tianzheng announced her thoughts to everyone. She has decided to leave Kuandi and return to work in the studio. Everyone didn’t seem surprised by the news. At the same time, they understood that Li Tianzhen had never let go of her dreams, and only when she talked to Meng Yan about her dreams would she really let go of her knots.

After getting everyone’s consent, Li Tianzhen took the initiative to find Meng Yan, and the remaining three people smiled at each other at the table and happily ate the hot pot. Meng Yan waited for her downstairs in the community because Li Tianzhen hadn’t arrived late. As a result, as soon as Li Tianzhen entered the house, he saw the two rings on the table by Meng Yan. The ring is a sample.

Li Tianzhen is not willing to be wronged by Meng Yan, so he will cherish him even more for his parents, but he can’t think of how to weaken the grievances about Li Jun. However, Meng Yan believes that even if he has no way to face Li Jun directly, he believes that the relationship will be gradually improved through later getting along. In particular, Li Jun has already been punished, so naturally there will be no sorrow. Li Tianzhen was very excited about the answers and promises given by Meng Yan. While he was wiping away tears with a tissue, he secretly put on the ring and made it clear that the relationship between the two people was restored to the past, and perhaps he knew how to cherish more than before.

That night, Qiao Ke wrote the secret in the memo and gave it to Lu Yiming to read it all, taking this opportunity to let him understand his heart. When Lu Yiming saw Qiao Ke’s true thoughts, he couldn’t help but feel a little sad, so after reading it, he personally noted what he wanted to say on the memo so that Qiao Ke knew that he really loved her.

In the following days, Wen Li managed the company and sat in the chair where Li Jun and Li Tianzhen once sat. Li Tianzhen worked in the studio as usual, and Meng Yan handed over a document, claiming that Li Tianzhen would become a partner of the studio, as well as a house certificate and marriage certificate. The two are going to the village to investigate the project next week. Li Tianzhen thinks it can be a honeymoon trip, so he hurry up to work overtime with him on the project. Until the next day, Li Tianzhen secretly kissed Meng Yan and was discovered, and simply sat in his arms. At this beautiful moment, he couldn’t help but kiss him sweetly.

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