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Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 Episode 39 Recap

Meng Yan took Li Tianzhen to a remote old village, no matter the local customs or folk culture, it is no different from Yunxia Village, so that it evokes the memories of Li Tianzhen, as if being in his homeland. However, for Meng Yan, he not only likes the local environment, but also the local people, because these people are simple and pure, not like the intrigue he often deals with.

Li Tianzhen loves architectural design because he wants the building to have its original meaning. Meng Yan believes that only by preserving the purity of this whole piece can it not be completely assimilated, at least in the prosperous eyes, you can look back and find a place to rest your soul. The Futian Caverns. Meng Yan introduced the characteristics of rural reconstruction to Li Tianzhen and described all her dreams again. She wanted to let her know that she had let go of her hatred of Li Jun, and hoped that she could let go of her tolerance and return to her job, so that her dream could pass through design. achieve.

Leaving Meng Yan’s house, Lu Yiming dragged his luggage to find Cao Yu crying, and by the way accused Meng Yan of inhumanity. At first Cao Yu was quite worried, but after hearing Lu Yiming’s words, he drove him away again, claiming that he would not be taken in at home. Lu Yiming had nowhere to go, but could only come to the rental house. Just as he was wandering at the door, he happened to run into Qiao Ke who was out to take out the garbage.

Regarding Lu Yiming’s return, Qiao could hold back his joyful heart and take the initiative to give him the wreath he just made. Taking advantage of the cooking time, Lu Yiming took photos with him wearing a stinky wreath in the living room and sent the photos to Meng Yan, but he was hit back by Meng Yan.

Qiao Ke took the initiative to help Lu Yiming serve food, and proposed to allocate housework at the dinner table, and each person would cook a meal for the next week. Lu Yiming was worried that Qiao could not cook, but Qiao Ke hoped that Lu Yiming would let him learn to grow, and held Lu Yiming’s hand so that he would not eat secretly. The two of them were completely relieved of their previous suspicions and established tacit understanding. The love in each other’s hearts.

Li Tianzhen did not leave Kuandi, and would rather give up being an architect to manage the company, so Meng Yan quarreled with her and broke up unhappy. That night, Li Tianzhen took the initiative to talk to Cao Yu about the old village. Cao Yu thought Meng Yan was very smart. He knew what his daughter liked, so he pursued Li Tianzhen in this way. Because only a common ideal can bring Meng Yan and Li Tianzhen together again. What the two people have is not only love, but also a soul union that is higher than love.

Meng Yan couldn’t understand Li Tianzhen, so he came to Lu Yiming and claimed that Li Tianzhen was not suitable to run the company. What she had to face should be creativity, not a group of shareholders who only consider interests. Li Tianzhen’s talent cannot be buried, so it’s time to return to the construction industry. Meng Yan informed Lu Yiming of his plan, and Qiao Ke lay at the door to eavesdrop on the conversation between the two, and couldn’t help but enlighten Meng Yan as a passing person.

Qiao Ke wanted to make Meng Yan understand that letting go is one thing, and forgiving others is another, just like the family relationship between her and Li Tianzhen, which can never be frank and frank. When Meng Yan heard Qiao Ke’s words, he suddenly understood something, and simply left alone. Lu Yiming worried that Meng Yan was not in good condition, so he chased him out and sent him home.

The next morning, Meng Yan figured out that he would no longer use his dream bridge to hold Li Tianzhen back to the studio, so he asked Lu Yiming to help him out Cao Yu, and even actively called his mother. At this time, because of what happened yesterday, Li Tianzhen planned to find a group of like-minded people to set up a special department in Kuandi Company, which would be responsible for the project of rural reconstruction or old urban reconstruction. Wen Li thinks that Li Tianzhen is unnecessary, suggesting that he directly cooperate with Meng Yan, after all, the two know the bottom line.

Qiao Ke came downstairs to Li’s house, but he dared not go in, but sat at the door and recalled the past, with a lot of emotion in his heart. Lu Yiming brought Cao Yu to Meng Yan’s studio, but Cao Yu was very dissatisfied with the layout of the studio. Meng Yan talked to Cao Yu about Li Tianzhen’s affairs and his previous harm to Li Tianzhen, but Cao Yu suddenly felt distressed about Meng Yan and liked this infatuated boy even more.

Meng Yan handed over the recent work project to Cao Yu, and asked Cao Yu to transfer it to Li Tianzhen on his behalf, because he didn’t want to bother for the time being, hoping to give the other party enough space to think. Afterwards, Wen Li approached Meng Yan to talk about the cooperation between Kuandi and the studio, but Meng Yan refused. The main reason is that the two concepts are different. For him, keeping the studio independent is the best freedom for design. .

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