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Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 Episode 38 Recap

Through the chat with Cao Yu, Li Tianzhen suddenly realized that he had committed a major mistake, that is, since taking office, he has never done a major thing to appease employees and stabilize the military. In the end, Li Tianzhen, with the support of Cao Yu and the assistance of Wen Li, decided to convene a staff meeting. When everyone heard the news, they mistakenly believed that it was due to layoffs, and they felt uneasy.

Qiao Ke ate takeaway at home alone. He accidentally saw Lu Yiming posting food photos in his circle of friends, so he couldn’t help calling him. At first, Lu Yiming saw Qiao Ke’s phone call, and his heart was very nervous, so he prepared something specially before answering the call, but as soon as he picked up the phone, Qiao Ke hung up the call again. Lu Yiming called back, but he didn’t expect that Joe lied about the call, which made him very disappointed.

Lu Yiming waited for Qiao Ke to finish hanging up the phone, and realized that Qiao Ke hadn’t eaten his own meal for so long, so he asked Cao Yu to ask Qiao Ke out for help, and he took advantage of this time to go home and cook. Cao Yu didn’t have any reason to ask Qiao Ke, so he had to chat casually. Qiao Ke was a little surprised, until he heard her talk about Lu Yiming’s thing about him, his tense nerves finally relaxed.

As the staff meeting was approaching, Meng Yan saw that Li Tianzhen was nervous, so he personally stepped forward to comfort him, and by the way joked with her to ease the pressure. Because of Meng Yan, Li Tianzhen was in a much more stable mood. As the conference was held, he walked into the auditorium with a confident attitude and tore up the list of layoffs in front of all the employees. In this way, he proved that he refused to lay off.

After Li Tianzhen expressed his determination, he would inform everyone of his previous decision, claiming to reduce the salary of all employees by 20%. As soon as the voice fell, there was an uproar in the auditorium. Li Tianzhen adjusted his tone in time and promised to make corresponding compensation. The plan is that employees who intend to buy a house can reduce the purchase price by 20%, while employees who do not intend to After receiving the corresponding principal and interest.

Although Li Tianzhen knew that his approach would not satisfy everyone, he allowed everyone to have other ideas. After the staff meeting was over, Meng Yan chatted with Wen Li. He was worried that Li Tianzhen would be pressured by the group shareholders, so he forced him to send information privately, but he did not expect that Li Tianzhen would rise to the challenge.

When Qiao Ke came home and saw Lu Yiming’s cooked food, he was very happy, so he took the tools to find Lu Yiming and took the initiative to dig out his ears in return. Lu Yiming didn’t want Joe to do this, but he had no other choice but to lie down and let it go, only to fall asleep accidentally.

It just so happened that Meng Yan came back from outside, and Qiao asked Meng Yan for the lock code so that he could come and see Lu Yiming at any time. However, Meng Yan refused to disclose and asked her to ask Li Tianzhen, in fact, he wanted to help the sisters repair their relationship. Early the next morning, Meng Yan went to Li Tianzhen personally and took the initiative to invite her to investigate another rural reconstruction project. However, Lu Yiming did not know that he was caught in Meng Yan’s trap.

When Lu Yiming woke up slowly, he first saw a note of surprise on his body, and followed the arrow posted by Meng Yan to go forward. Only when he reached the end did he see his suitcase. The password on it had been changed by Meng Yan. Yan replaced. No matter how Lu Yiming fiddled with him, he couldn’t open it, so he called and scolded Meng Yan. Standing next to him, Li Tianzhen heard Lu Yiming’s voice and worried that something would happen to him.

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