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Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 Episode 37 Recap

Regarding the previously signed contract, Li Tianzhen only proceeded from the perspective of employees’ interests, so he promised to pay the company for two years. He did not realize that he was raising a tiger. Because Li Tianzhen didn’t follow Wen Li’s advice, Kuandi fell into a passive situation. After she reacted, she regretted it, knowing that Kuandi could not catch up with Jinyu Real Estate. Meng Yan took the initiative to excuse Li Tianzhen and stayed in Kuandi to help think of a solution.

At the same time, Qiao Ke received a bunch of fast-delivered flowers. Although she didn’t know who the other party was, she immediately thought of Lu Yiming, so she called and asked. However, Lu Yiming didn’t know this. Instead of admitting it, he became suspicious and misunderstood that Joe could be pursued. Just as Qiao Ke seriously considered the identity of the person who gave the flowers, he did not expect the doorbell to suddenly remember that the corridor was empty, leaving a bunch of snacks tied with balloons.

Seeing that Li Tianzhen received the call, Meng Yan was in a good mood. He couldn’t help but curious to inquire. He picked up the potted plant on her table by the way, and wanted to ask Li Tianzhen how to handle his engagement ring. Seeing the potted plant, Li Tianzhen was quite nervous, and complained that he hadn’t hidden it further. In order to prevent him from discovering the ring in time, he pretended not to care and lied that the ring had been lost, and then took him to the cafeteria for dinner. Meng Yan wanted Li Tianzhen to understand what he wanted, but Li Tianzhen just didn’t cooperate, thinking that the relationship between the two was broken.

Kuandi Company held a shareholder meeting, and shareholders expressed their dissatisfaction. Although Li Tianzhen has sold 18 projects and returned more than 7 billion yuan in funds, the loss of Kuandi’s stock price limit of more than 10 billion still caused them to bite. Not letting go, even questioning the supplementary agreement signed between Li Tianzhen and Jinyu Real Estate.

Faced with the complaints of the shareholders, Li Tianzhen did not know how to answer. Wen Li took the initiative to help. Everyone had nothing to say, so he tried his best to target Li Tianzhen’s mistakes. In the end, Li Tianzhen reluctantly issued a military order, and Wen Li raised his hand to support Li Tianzhen’s decision. Seeing that Li Tianzhen was in a bad mood, Meng Yan asked her to play the piano for herself, and wanted to slowly enter her life in this way. However, Li Tianzhen thought that he would like Meng Yan when he was young and ignorant.

It was Qiao Ke’s birthday in a blink of an eye. Li Tianzhen, accompanied by Meng Yan, bought a cake and went to Qiao Ke and asked her to blow out the candles indulgently. Qiao Ke learned that the flowers and gifts were sent by Li Tianzhen, and couldn’t help but ask. Li Tianzhen wanted to let Qiao Ke know that everyone loved her, so he was willing to wait for her to figure it out and go home. Before leaving, Li Tianzhen sent the video recorded by Lu Yiming to Qiao Ke. Seeing the voices of Cao Yu and Lu Yiming in the video, Qiao Ke was eating the cake while crying silently.

Because of Qiao Ke, Li Tianzhen went home to show off to Lu Yiming. Cao Yu told him about seeing Li Jun and hoped that Li Tianzhen would cherish Meng Yan. Lu Yiming took the opportunity to find Meng Yan, wanting to know whether his grievance with Li Jun is over, after all, this matter is related to Li Tianzhen. Meng Yan clearly told Lu Yiming that he was willing to let go of the past. Although there is no guarantee that he can handle the relationship with Li Jun, he will at least not give up Li Tianzhen and even propose to her again. When Lu Yiming learned of Meng Yan’s thoughts, especially when he saw the diamond ring box in his hand, he immediately expressed his support and was willing to witness the happy love between the two.

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