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Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 Episode 36 Recap

In a blink of an eye, when Li Jun pronounced the sentence, Cao Yu got up early in the morning to copy the construction law and brought it to Li Jun when he was about to visit the prison. Li Tianzhen was worried about his mother, and Meng Yan was worried about Li Tianzhen, so he asked Lu Yiming to accompany her. However, Lu Yiming refused decisively because he felt that Qiao Ke needed himself more at this time.

Even so, Lu Yiming couldn’t bear Meng Yan’s persuasion, and simply went home to visit Li Tianzhen first, holding the phone that kept the call at all times, so that Meng Yan could understand the situation. As a result, Lu Yiming just entered the door, and saw Li Tianzhen rushing over to talk to him about Cao Yu’s abnormality. As Meng Yan kept urging on the phone, Lu Yiming kept his troubles and turned off his mobile phone and tricked Li Tianzhen out of the house. Meet with Meng Yan.

After Li Tianzhen left, Lu Yiming stayed at home and talked to Cao Yu about Qiao Ke, and comforted her not to worry about Li Jun. Meng Yan knew that Li Tianzhen was in a bad mood, so he regarded herself as her entourage, silently following behind and letting him dispatch, but Li Tianzhen didn’t have a good face.

When passers-by saw Meng Yan’s considerate look towards Li Tianzhen, they cast envy eyes, making Li Tianzhen quite uncomfortable. Regardless of whether Li Tianzhen was willing or not, Meng Yan kept his eyes on Li Tianzhen and talked to her exactly what he wanted, even though Li Tianzhen still treated himself as an enemy.

When the two returned home, they happened to see Lu Yiming coming downstairs. Li Tianzhen threw the bread he had just bought to him and Meng Yan. Just as Meng Yan was happily preparing to taste, Lu Yiming directly grabbed the bread bag and threatened him to visit Qiao Ke on his behalf. He kept on the phone at any time and could hear him talking with Qiao Ke.

Meng Yan took the initiative to come to the door, but Qiao didn’t want him to come in. Lu Yiming ate the bread while instructing Meng Yan how to do it. Hearing the threatening words from the earphones, Meng Yan had to agree to stay and help him enlighten Qiao Ke. Who knew Qiao could see that Meng Yan was instigated by Lu Yiming and asked him to take off the earphones.

Qiao Ke thinks that he and Meng Yan are not of the same kind, but Meng Yan sings the opposite, and even compares his own experience with her, hoping that Qiao Ke understands Lu Yiming’s love and at the same time understands Lu Yiming’s pain. After leaving Qiao’s house, Meng Yan went to comfort Lu Yiming again, letting him know that Qiao Ke is very good now, but it takes time and space.

Meng Yan felt that Qiao Ke had regarded Hansen as a family member, so she had such a reaction. After all, she had to face the injury between her family and her family and needed more time to alleviate it, because it took her ten years to let go. Fortunately Qiao Ke met Li Tianzhen and Lu Yiming too early, so he could walk out of the shadows in a faster time.

Wen Li informed Li Tianzhen of Li Jun’s results and at the same time spoke for Meng Yan, hoping that Li Tianzhen would understand Meng Yan’s painstaking efforts and forgive him for what he had done before. At the same time, Lu Yiming followed Meng Yan back to the old house, staring at the award certificate on the wall, and because Meng Yan didn’t cook for himself, he ate all the bread he cherished.

Li Tianzhen signed a contract with Jin Jiayao. As a result, as soon as the contract was signed, he received Kuandi’s list of layoffs in an instant, so he asked Jin Jiayao to help take in those employees. At first, Jin Jiayao did not agree, but after some negotiations with Li Tianzhen, he simply agreed to take the employees away and pay the same wages, provided that when the Yunxia Village project started, Kuandi would rebate the wages to Jinyu Real Estate.

On the day of the visit, Cao Yu went to see Li Jun alone, and was also gratified that he knew how to reflect on his mistakes in prison, so I hope she can use this opportunity to reform, and strive to reunite the family after she comes out. Li Jun felt the pain of loneliness and could better understand Meng Yan’s experience, so he promised Cao Yu.

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