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Really Meet Love That Day 当天真遇见爱情 Episode 35 Recap

Since then, the contradiction between the two has not been completely resolved, but because of the existence of Li Tianzhen, it has become more serious. Lu Yiming was not sure whether he could go back to the past, so in the following days, he was still cautious, and he did not get the desired result in his efforts.

Meng Yan was selfish and suggested that Lu Yiming stay at his home so that Li Tianzhen could come and visit at any time. Considering Qiao Ke’s sake, Lu Yiming agreed to live in the Meng’s house, and then sent a message to Li Tianzhen to prove that he was broken in love. However, at this time Li Tianzhen was still anxiously waiting for Jin Jiayao’s call. Meng Yan actually called and claimed that he was going to Kuandi to help her negotiate with Jin Jiayao. Wen Li hurriedly notified the security guard to let him go upstairs.

It is precisely because Meng Yan predicted Jin Jiayao’s thoughts and behaviors in advance, when he waited for him to receive the call from the other party, he deliberately forced Jin Mengyao to submit to the law, and even took the opportunity to raise the conditions and ask him to increase the purchase price by 5% or more. Acquired several projects. Jin Mengyao refused to miss the opportunity and quickly agreed, which made Li Tianzhen feel incredible.

After discussing the cooperation with Jin Jiayao, Meng Yan arranged for Wen Li to wait for Jinyu Real Estate to send someone to contact him at any time, but Li Tianzhen was dissatisfied that Wen Li completely obeyed Meng Yan’s command, so he quarreled with Meng Yan. After Meng Yan asked Li Tianzhen to lift his access control card to no avail, he simply discussed with her to see Lu Yiming, and added more jealousy to describe the miserable picture of Lu Yiming.

Li Tianzhen couldn’t bear it. He was about to visit the Meng’s house, but received news from Lu Yiming. After repeated consideration, Lu Yiming decided to move out of the rental house, and couldn’t help feeling that he had listened to Qiao Ke since childhood, even this time. Li Tianzhen went to pick up Lu Yiming. She wanted to express her comfort, but she didn’t know how to express it, so in the end she used a hug to relieve Lu Yiming’s sad mood.

Meng Yan took the initiative to help Li Tianzhen drive and parked his car in the same place so that Li Tianzhen could pick it up. Li Tianzhen entrusted Lu Yiming to Meng Yan, and repeatedly told him to take good care of him. When he came to Meng Yan’s house, Li Tianzhen didn’t want to change his shoes, but under Meng Yan’s strong insistence, he had to change it.

After all the problems were completely resolved, Meng Yan personally prepared the daily necessities for Lu Yiming and said something uncomfortable. He wanted to trick Li Tianzhen into staying. As a result, Li Tianzhen only talked to Lu Yiming throughout the whole process and did not let him. Meng Yan interrupted. That night, in this room without women, the two men danced frantically under the influence of music, until Li Tianzhen arrived and Lu Yiming somewhat restrained, but Meng Yan didn’t notice it.

In the room, Qiao Ke saw a note left by Lu Yiming before he left, saying that she could live in peace of mind and promised that she would never bother again, unless Qiao Ke took the initiative to call when something happened. Because of this, Joe can relax a lot for himself, but he does not know that the following days will be even more sad, as if there is something missing in his heart, he will always unconsciously hum Lu Yiming’s favorite songs.

When the night comes, Qiao can inevitably turn around. She records her feelings after separation on her mobile phone. Whether it is the first day or countless days, the long night appears to be longer than before. As long as you turn off the TV, you can feel the terrible silence. , But more terrifying than quiet is to try to find the pleasure of doing housework alone.

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