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Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 Episode 24 Recap

The murderer shot at the top of the Broadway Daxia Building. Hearing what Jiang Yuelou said, Chen Yuzhi suddenly remembered that on the way he rushed to Jingan Hotel that day, he bumped into a man carrying a cello downstairs on Broadway. He He walked in a hurry, hitting someone as if he didn’t hit him, and left in a hurry. Now that I think about it, that person is really suspicious. Chen Yuzhi took the clue he remembered to be about 175 to 180 centimeters in height, and looked thin in his twenties. Jiang Yuelou asked Song Rong to follow this clue. survey.

Cheng Qing told Chu Ran that someone was looking outside, and Chu Ran had gone out. Cheng Qing looked at the hanging photos, but no one showed his face, so he took the unimaged photo and went out. Unexpectedly, Jiang Yuelou and others were waiting for him at the door, and he was arrested right after he went out. Cheng Qing refused to admit it, and wanted to resist, and was taken to prison. On the way to the prison, Cheng Qing shot himself with the gun of the person next to him.

Zhan Junbai called Madam Jiang and told her about this time, so that she won’t miss it again next time. Yutangchun came to deliver medicated tea to Zhan Junbai. He happened to hear him call again, and turned around to leave. When Zhan Junbai saw him and stopped him, Yutangchun said that he hadn’t heard anything clearly. Zhan Junbai was not at ease, and looked for his subordinates to investigate again.

After Director Bai returned home, Mrs. Bai secretly opened his briefcase and read his official documents. The next day, Mrs. Bai told Mrs. Jiang about the matter. Director Bai handed over the construction of the arms depot to Jiang Yuelou, and asked him to put the arms in the depot as soon as he saw the arms. Yutangchun came to Yu Zhitang to find Chen Yuzhi, and asked him about Yutangchun’s current situation, so he got his pulse.

If Chen Yuzhi dared to say that he was sure before, but Yutangchun really dragged on for too long, and it would not last the longest this winter. Yutangchun said plainly that he didn’t like the cold in winter, and he had to work hard until spring, so that Chen Yuzhi would bury him in the apricot forest in the east of the city. Yutangchun asked Chen Yuzhi for a painless death that could make people silent, but Chen Yuzhi did not have this kind of medicine.

Jiang Yuelou brought people to the Dahua Warehouse to check, and Mrs. Jiang sent someone to ambush in the warehouse. Jiang Yuelou was injured in a sneak attack. Fortunately, Song Rong shot and killed the man in time, but Song Rong was shot to death by Mrs. Jiang behind him. Jiang Yuelou hit his head and was almost unconscious. Seeing Madam Jiang walking towards him as if seeing his mother, Madam Jiang raised the gun at him and he passed out. Madam Jiang saw the birthmark behind Jiang Yuelou. It turned out that she was really his mother, so she put down the gun in her hand.

Director Bai arrived with someone, shot and wounded Madam Jiang, took her back to the police station, and Jiang Yuelou was sent to Yu Zhitang for treatment. The hand came down to report this to Zhan Junbai. Zhan Junbai said that it was a good show for mother and child to fight each other. This was designed by Zhan Junbai to let them kill each other. Zhan Junbai asked his subordinates to find out the life and death of Jiang Shengnan as soon as possible. He felt that if she died, she would be a hundred, and it would be a trouble to live. Madam Jiang came to Jingcheng to assassinate another son for her son who was in Peking Prison.

Director Bai went to the interrogation room to ask Mrs. Jiang’s behind-the-scenes chief agent. Mrs. Jiang said that she was herself, but Director Bai found out that her foundation in Jingcheng was not deep, and she did not have the strength to arrange the rape to the police station. The police came to report Jiang Yuelou’s situation, and Mrs. Jiang blurted out the old name of Jiang Yuelou when she was a child. When Director Bai saw that Madam Jiang knew Kang Shengan, he told her about the first acquaintance with Jiang Yuelou.

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