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Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 Episode 23 Recap

It takes half an hour to get from the police station to the station, and tomorrow’s train from Qingcheng will arrive at the station at 8.50. At this time there are many people at the station. Mrs. Jiang finds it inconvenient to start, and they will definitely be in Jiangyue Tower. Receiving the target in the shortest time and leaving the station as quickly as possible, so the place where the hand is going is still in the Jing’an Hotel. That is to say, a few steps from the target to the gate of the Jing’an Hotel is the time to shoot.

Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi were drinking in the small restaurant, and Chu Ran came to send them photos. Several people drank together. From Jingcheng to Hong Kong, this was the first time the three of them drank together. The three asked each other about the current situation, and Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi had the same tacit answers, and Chu Ran felt that they were a little out of place. After the three of them drank a few cups, it was enough. Jiang Yuelou still had a task the next day.

Mrs. Jiang’s hand came down to the third floor of the coffee shop to wait for the opportunity, and took a sniper rifle to aim. The two cars of the police station stopped, Jiang Yuelou and Song Rong got off first, and looked around and nodded to the person who got out of the other car. Minister Zhou was shot headshot as soon as he got out of the car and died on the spot. Jiang Yuelou asked Song Rong to chase after him, while he went to check Minister Zhou’s injuries. Jiang Yuelou shouted at Chen Yuzhi, but Chen Yuzhi hadn’t come yet. Chen Yuzhi hurriedly ran into the sniper’s gun. He turned around and apologized, and ran to the scene.

Mayor Cai called for Director Bai, and Mayor Cai was furious that this was the so-called top secret mission they completed. Mayor Cai smashed a large stack of newspapers at Director Bai. Mayor Qingcheng sent thirteen telegrams in succession, and Shanghai also learned the news. Mayor Cai just wanted to know the result, and Director Bai promised to find out and give him an explanation as soon as possible. Mayor Cai asked the person responsible for security enforcement this time and their respective parts. Mayor Cai asked Director Bai to focus the investigation on Jiang Yuelou and Jin Dacheng. The assassination of Minister Zhou has caused a sensation. After the murderer is caught, a public trial must be arranged.

Jiang Yuelou and Jin Dacheng were placed under house arrest at the police station. Jiang Yuelou carefully looked at the environmental schematic study near the Jingan Hotel, while Jin Dacheng was lethargic. The building chosen by the killer was not directly connected to the hotel and was not within the scope of the police station, but it was within the range of the sniper rifle. This shows that the killer not only knows the driving route and destination of the visitor, but also knows the investigation scope and plan of the police station.

Now all the evidence points to Jiang Yuelou, but he has no way to prove his innocence. He guessed that this time was the mysterious person from last time. Jiang Yuelou decided to do everything they wanted. What they wanted was to use all kinds of seemingly impossible evidence to put Jiang Yuelou to death. Then he might as well admit that such a major case as usual requires public trial. He guessed The person behind the scenes will also appear at the public trial. When the meticulous hunters get overwhelmed, they will show their feet. At that time, it was the best time for Jiang Yuelou and the others to counterattack.

Before the public trial, Jiang Yuelou asked Director Bai to observe the subtle expressions of the people in the gallery, hoping to find the person behind the scenes. When the presiding judge announced the result of the trial, Madam Jiang showed a contemptuous expression and was arrested by Director Bai. After leaving the court, Madam Jiang was about to leave. Director Bai pointed to Madam Jiang and yelled to catch her. The police chased her out one after another, and Mrs. Jiang quickly walked towards her car, and her men met her on the side of the road. The gunfire outside caused a riot, and Chen Yuzhi also followed out. He took a picture of the two and they fled.

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