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Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 Episode 22 Recap

Song Rong held flowers to propose to Zhong Yiren, and explained to her clearly that anyone who had a wife and a child had cheated her. Zhong Yiren thought it was because they and Sun Yongren were tricking her. She looked around to find the one who made her happy. However, Sun Yongren never appeared, and Zhong Yiren guessed that something bad had happened by looking at their expressions. Song Rong told Zhong Yiren that Sun Yongren would never come back. She suddenly had tears in her eyes and was going to see Sun Yongren. She went to incense to Sun Yongren.

Jiang Yuelou came to Chen Yuzhi, and Jiang Yuelou felt that the person who set up the trap was by their side, or at least familiar with Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi. He knew the relationship between Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi, and calculated Chu Min’s temperament, Chu Min would bring Liuli to Yu Zhitang, and even Chen Yuzhi would take Liuli. Jiang Yuelou said that the matter is far from over, and there will be many things like this in the future, so that Chen Yuzhi will protect himself before he saves others when he encounters dangerous things. If Jiang Yuelou were to take risks, how could Chen Yuzhi stay out of the matter.

Madam Jiang sent her subordinates to seduce Mrs. Bai and took photos so that she could compile information to Director Bai. Mrs. Bai told Madam Jiang about her old relationship with Bai Jinbo. Madam Jiang told her that if you want to live a happy life, you must rely on yourself and don’t believe anyone. The two reached an agreement and worked together.

Director Bai asked Jiang Yuelou, Jin Dacheng and the others for a meeting. Three Qingcheng high-level officials came to Jingcheng for a meeting. The content of the discussion was the ownership of Qingcheng County and the expansion of the railway between the two cities. The meeting was of very high standard, and Mayor Cai attached great importance to it, and appointed their police station to be responsible for this security. Director Bai selected three of them to be responsible.

Jiang Yuelou asked Song Rong to take a dozen or so skilled workers to follow him to the station tomorrow, and meet at the police station gate at 8 o’clock in the morning. Jiang Yuelou asked Song Rong to call Cheng Qing over. Jiang Yuelou asked him some things and asked him to find Lao Zhao to deal with the wound. The owner of Tianyun Garden asked Yu Tangchun to cede the courtyard to Boss Su, and asked him to leave all the opera outfits to Boss Su. Yu Tangchun refused to agree. These outfits were given to him by the guests, and they were given to him. Zhan Junbai just heard it, and when he walked over, the class leader immediately greeted the audience with a smile. Zhanjunbai booked the theater to listen to the play, and took Yutangchun to the play.

Zhan Junbai went to Tianyun Garden and gave Chu Min a long time off. Chu Min came to Chen Yuzhi’s clinic and took pictures with his sister Chu Ran’s camera. Jiang Yuelou came to Yu Zhitang to look for Chen Yuzhi. He asked Chen Yuzhi to do him a favor tomorrow and help him stare at the kitchen of Jingan Hotel. There will be a special meal at noon tomorrow, and Chen Yuzhi needs to help him screen whether it is poisonous. Chen Yuzhi agreed, saying that he would bring the tools there.

Chu Min took advantage of Chen Yuzhi and Jiang Yuelou to take a picture of them, and Jiang Yuelou took the camera gun in Chu Min’s hand to delete the picture. Chen Yuzhi took the photos in Jiangyuelou’s hands and said that they were all his own, and the photos would not be shared. Jiang Yuelou worried that Chen Yuzhi would be very dangerous if he was seen by someone with a heart. Chen Yuzhi chuckled. Both the Golden Horse Hall and the mysterious person knew their identities. Chen Yuzhi proposed to keep this photo as a memorial.

Boss Su sang the show for a long time, but Zhan Junbai still didn’t stop, he couldn’t stand it anymore. Yutangchun felt that he had sang too long, but Zhan Junbai said that he would teach him a lesson, otherwise he would not have a long memory. Yutangchun persuaded Zhanjunbai to stop him, and asked Yutangchun if he had considered whether to stay in Tianyunyuan or return to the exhibition mansion. Yutangchun agreed to follow Zhanjunbai to the exhibition mansion.

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