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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 32 Recap

After experiencing this series of bad things, Zeng Zhiting finally realized that she valued her career too much and neglected her family, so she only wanted to find what she was about to lose, so as not to regret it for life. With the help of a psychological counselor, Zeng Zhidong gradually eliminated his fear of love, so he wanted to ask Teacher Zheng whether he should participate in the company team building. Teacher Zheng believes that the unfamiliar environment is beneficial to Zeng Zhidong, and it would be better if he could communicate deeply.

The children of the Zeng family once again held a meeting with Zeng Jianguo. This time everyone was well prepared. The theme of the meeting was to discuss Zeng Jianguo’s feelings. Zeng Zhidong and Zeng Zhixiang served as meeting inspectors, focusing on the supervision of the meeting. Zeng Zhiting helped her father select more than a dozen old ladies who matched the conditions. Unexpectedly, Zeng Jianguo would use Wang Yi as a shield. In the end, Zeng Jianguo was irritated by his children and said on the spot that Wang Yi would not marry, and this scene had already been broadcasted to Wang Yi by Zeng Zhiling.

When the hotel staff went to the event location, Xiaoxin sat next to Zeng Zhidong, but leaned on his shoulder when he was asleep. The gossip colleague sent the photos to Pang Wenjing, and Pang Wenjing, who was originally happier, instantly lost his emotions. At the dance party to expand the base, Zeng Zhidong and Xiao Xin sang a song together, and Pang Wenjing made a strong smile in the audience.

Afterwards, Zeng Zhidong talked to Pang Wenjing alone, and the two each recalled bit by bit from the college days, but they were always interrupted by Xiao Xin during the period. Pang Wenjing hid in the tent. Zeng Zhidong passed by the open hood and rushed over and hugged her tightly in his arms. Although Pang Wenjing struggled with all his strength, he finally fell on his shoulders weakly and sobbed softly. This scene happened to be seen by David and Xiaoxin. They couldn’t believe the scene in front of them. Pang Wenjing turned and ran away, driving back alone on the way, silently crying.

Zeng Jianguo rode a motorcycle to find Wang Yi. After a while, Wang Yi walked out of the luxury car and then sat behind him to chat in the park. Zeng Jianguo didn’t know how to speak because he was nervous, but Wang Yi took the conversation and said frankly that Zeng Jianguo had a bad temper and was a bad temper. The only thing was that the two of them could talk together, but there is no shortage of such people around him, so Think about it carefully, the reason why I have worked hard for so many years is nothing more than to have a good time every day. It happens that Zeng Jianguo belongs to this kind of person.

Accompanied by Xing Yaoping, Zeng Zhiting personally came to the cemetery to pay homage to Professor Mao and told her about the suspension. On the way back, Zeng Zhiting and Xing Yaoping both had smiles on their faces. Unexpectedly, an out-of-control truck rushed towards him. Xing Yaoping slammed the steering wheel when his life was at stake. He let Zhiting avoid the frontal impact, but he and the big truck The truck smashed into each other.

Even though Xing Yaoping was sent to the hospital for emergency treatment, his life was intact, but because of his severe injuries, he might face amputation and be disabled for life. Everyone in the Zeng family rushed to hear the news, and the three Zeng Zhidong brothers and sisters were heartbroken and emotional. According to common sense, if the driver had an accident, they would give up the position of the co-pilot, but it is not until today that they truly understand the affection of the older sister. .

In the ward, Xing Yaoping was lying on the hospital bed. The whole person was still under anesthesia. He was deeply asleep. His left leg was truncated below the knee, and his right leg was hanging high. Zeng Zhiting had only minor bruises, so she just wanted to stay by her side and accompany Xing Yaoping. Zeng Jianguo was pleased with this and discussed with everyone on shifts to take care of her.

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