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Brilliant Girls 爱的理想生活 Episode 22 Recap

Dai Xixi’s elaborate confession was ruthlessly rejected by Duan Xu. Wen Ruxue believed that Duan Xu did not dislike her. Ding Huiqiao encouraged Dai Xixi to focus on her work. Recently, I took turns and took out the small portrait Wen Xiaoyang drew for her. Wen Xiaoyang didn’t expect the three of them to use the three small portraits as amulets. They had to admit that this portrait was not a good thing, so they all threw it away. He gave Wen Xiaoyang a severe lesson, and Wen Xiaoyang suggested a casual PARTY.

The one-month deadline was about to come. Luo Shang didn’t want to give up Ding Huiqiao. He wanted to go on a last date with her. Ding Huiqiao refused under the pretext of inconvenience. Since the Kuyi conference went wrong, the performance of Ding Huiqiao’s department has not been able to improve. Zhu Li and Ye Zi and others have discussed that they want to recommend Cheng Tianye and Cheng Tianye’s program, so as to improve the influence and performance of the department.

Ding Huiqiao brought Cheng Tianye and Lily to taste the western food made by Bai Xiangwen, and strongly recommended his taste and elegance in cooking. Cheng Tianye praised Bai Xiangwen’s cooking skills and promised to let him participate in the show to introduce the food. Without buying it, he refused to show up in public.

Ding Huiqiao had to call Wen Ruxue for help. Wen Ruxue promised to persuade Bai Xiangwen. She invited Bai Xiangwen to the crossdressing party. Bai Xiangwen flatly refused. Wen Ruxue persuaded him with the law, and Bai Xiangwen reluctantly agreed. . Wen Xiaoyang and Du Jiamu started dating officially. Du Jiamu gave her the four cartoons she drew as a model as a gift. Wen Xiaoyang invited him to participate in a casual carnival. Du Jiamu politely declined under the excuse of something.

Today is the day when Qi Yue is released. Du Jiamu came to the prison gate early and waited until the prisoners were taken away by his family. No figure of Qi Yue was seen. Du Jiamu asked the prison guards about the situation. He did not know the whole story. Qi Yue was released early because of her good performance. She came back according to the date of her release, and she saw Du Jiamu come to pick her up.

Li Wensen suddenly rushed back from Chengdu to accompany Ding Huiqiao during the festival. Ding Huiqiao took him to the party. Wen Ruxue, Dai Xixi, Bai Xiangwen, Nan Nan and Wen Xiaoyang had already changed their clothes and came to the bar. Ding Huiqiao jokes, Li Wensen is happy to be Ding Huiqiao’s boyfriend. Dai Xixi envied Ding Huiqiao’s boyfriend, drank a lot of alcohol, and sent a WeChat account to scold Duan Xu for being a scumbag.

Li Wensen appeared in front of everyone, Wen Ruxue greeted him quietly, Dai Xixi went back to the private room, and at a glance recognized Li Wensen as Wen Ruxue’s boyfriend in Sanya, although Wen Ruxue repeatedly explained that Ding Huiqiao didn’t believe it at all. Wen Ruxue had to show her the picture and repeatedly explained that the two of them were innocent. They only talked all night. Ding Huiqiao decided that they had a one-night stand and forced to ask them about the content of the chat. Ruxue wants to keep it secret, let him ask Li Wensen.

Ding Huiqiao was angry about leaving. Li Wensen hurriedly stopped her and made it clear that he and Wen Ruxue had a chat all night. Ding Huiqiao saw that they had different opinions and slammed the door and left. A good party just ended up unhappy. Dai Xixi regretted her failure to say something, but Wen Xiaoyang was kind to her, but Bai Xiangwen had to pay the bill and leave.

When Bai Xiangwen saw Wen Ruxue sitting on the ground drinking boring wine, he offered to drink with her. Wen Ruxue didn’t appreciate it. Bai Xiangwen couldn’t tell that he would pull her away. Ding Huiqiao bought drunk alone in a bar. The more she thought about it, the more sad she became. She was the best girlfriend on the one hand and her boyfriend who had known her for seven years on the other.

Bai Xiangwen sent Wen Ruxue home. He found Wen Ruxue more and more interesting, but the way he played was a little too deliberate. It suddenly snowed in the sky. Bai Xiangwen and Wen Ruxue wandered through the snow, feeling a lot of emotion in their hearts. Ding Huiqiao drank a lot of alcohol in one breath. She was so drunk that she knocked on Luo Shang’s door overnight. She confided her distress to Luo Shang. Luo Shangqing couldn’t help but kiss her affectionately.

Qi Yue thanked Du Jiamu for coming to the prison on time to pick her up. She had been released early because of her good performance. She went to Japan to look for Du Jiamu, but she was not found. Qi Yue and Du Jiamu faced each other again, and couldn’t help but remember what happened two years ago. Qi Yue worked part-time in Du Jiamu’s comics. After her colleagues got off work, she waited for Du Jiamu and bought gifts for him. Du Jiamu made it clear that she didn’t love her at all and advised her to receive treatment from a psychologist.

Qi Yue vowed again. He would not steal, but only begged Du Jiamu to accept her feelings. Du Jiamu admitted that he had a bad relationship with his wife Haruko and that he would not be with Qi Yue even if he was divorced. Qi Yue left the comics hall in despair and was deeply attracted by the necklace in the jewelry shop window. She came to the shop, trying to steal the sapphire ring before she was ready, but was caught by the boss on the spot.

It turned out that Qi Yue was accustomed to stealing things, and Du Jiamu used money to help her solve the problem every time. After Qi Yue was arrested, Du Jiamu came to the police station for bail procedures. The police advised him not to condone Qi Yue. In the long run, it would only hurt her more and more. The deeper, and the larger the amount of theft this time, could not be solved by compensation, Du Jiamu had to give up, and Qi Yue was sentenced to two years in prison for this.

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