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Awakening Age 觉醒年代 Episode 35 Recap

Yannian came to ask Chen Duxiu seriously if he would distribute the flyers. Chen Duxiu replied that he had arranged everything and told him not to do anything. Zhang Fengzai saw Chen Duxiu’s handwriting in the leaflet, and he asked Wu Bingxiang to immediately send police to arrest the person who distributed the leaflet. The target was directly targeted at Chen Duxiu.

Li Dazhao prepared the flyers to be distributed and the clothes to wear, watching his pocket watch sitting silently and waiting for the time to come. Yi Qunxian is about to leave Beijing and bid farewell to Chen Duxiu before leaving. Chen Duxiu gave Yi Qunxian his poems written in Hangzhou. He intended to express that as a revolutionary, he must not be afraid of failure and always maintain an indomitable will. Yi Qun First accept the poems and thank you for your encouragement.

In Tianqiao New World Recreation Center, Chen Duxiu and Gao Yihan were drinking coffee and waiting for Li Dazhao and others to spread the flyers. According to the plan, they would meet at the Red Mansion Library after spreading the flyers. Li Dazhao, Deng Zhongxia, Zhao Shiyan and others walked into the theater in the amusement park, arranged their positions and started to act.

Chen Duxiu and Gao Yihan stood on the second floor preparing to spread leaflets, and Gao Yihan urged Chen Duxiu not to spread leaflets on the second floor. This goal was too obviously unsafe. Chen Duxiu understood, so she asked Gao Yihan to go downstairs first, and then he would arrive.

Li Dazhao also boarded the second floor of the theater. Chen Duxiu slowly opened the package containing the flyers. The drumbeat of the opera rushed to the climax. The hero was short of breath, but he had to do what he should do. Chen Duxiu and Li Dazhao raised the flyers and shouted that they would boycott the signing of the Paris Peace Treaty and resolutely expel the traitors from Beijing.

The students staring at the periphery watched the police rushing in to report the letter, and pulled Li Dazhao away and hid in the backstage of the performance. Chen Duxiu calmly watched the policeman brought by Zhang Fengzai come upstairs, and had no idea of ​​fleeing. At this point, Chen Duxiu was arrested and imprisoned.

Yannian, Liu Mei Bailan and others searched Peking University but failed to find Chen Duxiu, but they waited for Chen Duxiu’s arrest warrant for disrupting public order. Faced with the police’s arrogance, Junman did not flinch at all. She guarded the children behind her and calmly faced the police’s search. Yannian ran to report to Li Dazhao that Chen Duxiu was arrested and Li Dazhao was the next target of arrest.

Gao Yihan urged him to return to his hometown to avoid the limelight. Chen Duxiu is a celebrity and the government cannot do anything about him, but Li Dazhao is in a special situation. Under the persuasion and drag of everyone, Li Dazhao finally left Beijing.

Chen Duxiu was dragged to Wu Bingxiang’s handcuffs and fetters by the police. Wu Bingxiang pretended to be angry and furious about how they could treat celebrities and new culture leaders in this way, and personally squatted on the ground to untie Chen Duxiu’s fetters. Chen Duxiu was arrested because of his patriotism.

His arrest has become the headlines of newspapers and magazines. Wu Bingxiang claimed that he had made all preparations. Since he could invite Chen Duxiu here, he would not give up halfway. Chen Duxiu suggested that he should read and write in prison, even if he did not publish. Wu Bingxiang said that there is no name in this prison, so he can only be called No. 178 in the future.

Deng Zhongxia conveyed to the students what Sun Yat-sen said during the meeting with Xu Shichang and Duan Qirui’s representatives. Sun Yat-sen was very angry at Xu Shichang and Duan Qirui’s shameless behavior. The students also protested the government’s unprovoked arrest of people and immediately released Chen Duxiu’s Claim.

When Li Dazhao came home, he was very concerned about Chen Duxiu’s situation. He read the newspapers every day and followed Beijing’s developments. Grinding the ink and pen, Li Dazhao wrote to Deng Zhongxia to thank the students for rescuing Chen Duxiu, and once again emphasized the ultimate goal of forcing the government to refuse to sign the Paris Peace Treaty.

Hu Shi called his colleagues in the editorial department to discuss countermeasures. He proposed that he should temporarily assume the editor-in-chief of “New Youth” and “Weekly Review”, but Qian Xuantong, Lu Xun and others believed that “New Youth” could only be led by Chen Duxiu. First suspend publication. As for the “Weekly Review”, Hu Shi can temporarily serve as the editor in chief and continue.

The campaign to rescue Chen Duxiu is being actively carried out all over the country. Shanghai has become the center of the national sports. Li Dazhao’s letter proposed that the All-China Student Federation be established in Shanghai to increase the influence of the student movement. Students from all over the world are gathering in Beijing.

The signing time for the Paris Peace Conference is approaching. The Beiyang government has already telegraphed Paris to sign the contract if the protest is invalid. Beijing and Paris will conduct joint operations, and petition representatives from various provinces will then go to the Presidential Palace to petition. In Paris, there will also be 30,000 Chinese surrounding the residence of the Chinese delegation and the residence of Lu Zhengxiang. They will never stop until the goal is reached.

Qian Nengxun can no longer bear the fact that Chen Duxiu was arrested. The student movement has become a scourge. This is no longer what they can stop. Xu Shichang lamented that this world is about to change drastically, and if the talents rebelled, it would be upset. Qian Nengxun told him that Chen Duxiu and the others were using foreign theories to transform China. He didn’t know what theories were, but he knew he had already.

Outdated, if you can retreat bravely, you can still have a trace of face, but if you die to the end, you will only be stinking for thousands of years. Qian Nengxun cried and took out his resignation letter. He begged Xu Shichang to spare himself. Xu Shichang accepted his resignation and told him to leave to protect his face, and then Yang Tianchang sighed that it was difficult for him to get out and he could only be stinking for thousands of years.

On June 27, 1919, many petition representatives in Beijing demanded that the Beiyang government refuse to sign the contract. They talked about a two-day and one-night struggle. On the evening of the 28th, Xu Shichang was forced to meet the real-name representative. The representative of Shaanxi Qu Wu hit the ground with his head and died. The resistance was called “Blood Splattered the Presidential Palace” in history. Xu Shichang was forced to accept the students’ request.

Zhou Enlai and others led the Tianjin academic community to Beijing for a petition. They were happy to return to the resting place when they got their wish, but at the same time, there was no unified organization in the Tianjin academic community, and the Women’s Association was notified that it was too late to catch up with the rally.

Zhou Wenlai proposed to bring together outstanding students from the Chinese Students’ Federation and the Women’s Association to set up a more rigorous organization and publish a publication to become the leading ideological leader of Tianjin’s academic circles, and he named this organization “Kue Wushe”.

In Paris, the delegation listened to the roar of the Chinese downstairs. The French were so stunned that the Chinese were so bloody. The Chinese even prevented the death squad from claiming that they would exchange the lives of three people for the lives of an ambassador. The representatives upstairs all wanted to rush downstairs and tell their own true thoughts.

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