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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 28 Recap

Han Ying was carried back to return to King Jin. He lied that the assassin with the skylight went to find Liuli Jia and was ambushed by the scorpion assassin. Han Ying desperately broke through a bloody road and was severely injured. All the others were killed. , Han Ying suspected that there was a ghost in the skylight. King Jin calmly thanked him for sending back a piece of glazed armor, and stated that he had sent Duan Pengju to continue looking for glazed armor, so that Han Ying could return home to rest in peace.

Duan Pengju directly came to Zhao Jing to negotiate and persuaded him to work for King Jin. After he promised to elect him as the leader of the martial arts, the two hit it off, and King Scorpion heard clearly outside the door. Zhao Jing was in a good mood. He drank a lot of wine in one breath, and soon became unconscious. King Scorpion sent him hot tea to sober up.

Zhao Jing showed off his cooperation with King Jin. King Scorpion was also happy for him. Zhao Jing decided to wait and see what happened. Good things are coming, and he doesn’t want to bet all on King Jin. If King Jin can gain power, it will not be too late for him to take refuge in King Jin. King Scorpion takes the initiative to ask Ying to take refuge in King Jin on his behalf. Opposed.

Duan Pengju soon sent someone to report to King Jin and revealed that Zhou Zishu and Han Ying secretly contacted Han Ying. King Jin had long suspected Han Ying. He did not expect that Zhou Zishu had been away for so long. Someone was still working for him. King Jin pretended to be right. Without knowing this, I want to lure Hanying into the bait.

Han Ying took advantage of the darkness to sneak to the Jin Palace, looking for the whereabouts of Liulijia. The Poison Bodhisattva learned that Duan Pengju had come to Yueyang, and took the initiative to give him a hug. The two were fooling around. The King Scorpion came to Duan Pengju and promised to give him the glazed armor.

Today is New Year’s Eve. Wen Kexing bought a lot of window grilles. Zhang Chengling started to post it early in the morning. Wen Kexing was still instructing. Zhou Zishu couldn’t help making fun of Wen Kexing and teasing him to please the little girl who sells window grilles. Wen Kexing forced Zhang Chengling to kill the chicken and stew the soup.

Zhang Chengling carried a kitchen knife. The chicken ran away in fright, and Zhang Chengling screamed in fright. The grand opening of the Heroes’ Conference, all sects from all over the world came to participate, and Zhao Jing was happy.

Gu Xiang stayed alone to watch the year. She felt very lonely. She didn’t expect Cao Weining, Fan Huaigu and Mo Weixu to accompany her for the New Year. The quiet courtyard was immediately full of laughter and Gu Xiang was very happy. Zhao Jing came to the ancestral hall by Jiu Jin. He scolded Li Yao loudly and showed off his current life and status to those who had died. He threatened to come here next year as the leader of the martial arts to see them.

King Scorpion came to give Zhao Jing a sober soup. He witnessed Zhao Jing’s hideous face and saw the relics of the dead that Luo Fumeng said. Zhao Jing was immediately angry and drove the King Scorpion away forcibly. Wen Kexing quickly prepared a table of wine and food. Zhou Zishu, Wen Kexing and Zhang Chengling happily talked about the wine. Firecrackers were blasted outside, and the fireworks were brilliant. Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu made fisting orders.

When Zhang Chengling went out to watch the fireworks, he suddenly saw Han Ying coming to Four Seasons Villa covered in blood, and he hurried to report to Zhou Zishu. Han Ying struggled to take out a piece of glazed armor from his body and handed it to Zhou Zishu. He wanted him to gather the glazed armor to open the arsenal and take out the Yin and Yang book to treat his injuries. Han Ying explained the whole process in detail. He found that Zhou Zishu’s identity was exposed. Killed all the people in the skylight, and then blamed the poisonous scorpions.

Han Ying knew that King Jin would find out the truth soon, and wanted to find something useful to Zhou Zishu before escaping. He sneaked into King Jin’s study, and paid It took all twists and turns to find a piece of glazed armor, and it was discovered by the killer of the skylight. Thanks to Xingming’s help, he escaped from Jinzhou.

Han Ying found a secret letter in King Jin’s study, which stated that Zhou Zishu’s father was planted and framed to death by the old King Jin. Zhou Zishu did not believe it. Han Ying was seriously injured, I am afraid that time is short, Zhou Zishu immediately went down the mountain to find safety, and wanted the great witch to treat Han Ying.

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