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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 27 Recap

Ye Baiyi rushed back to the Four Seasons Villa. Zhou Zishu had been waiting for a long time. As soon as Ye Baiyi saw Zhou Zishu, he gave him a lesson. If Ye Baiyi knew that Zhou Zishu and Dawu were close friends, he would not travel thousands of miles. When he rushed to Nanjiang, he felt humiliated by Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu repeatedly explained to him that Ye Baiyi told him that Wen Kexing was the master of the Valley of Guigu. He did not expect Zhou Zishu to know the truth of Wen Kexing. Identity.

Ye Baiyi was furious. He walked the rivers and lakes for many years. He did not expect to be deceived by two little ghosts, Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu admitted that when he was in Longyuan Pavilion, he knew Wen Kexing was Zhen Yan, and Zhen Yan was his junior. Later, he became the master of Guigu Valley.

Zhou Zishu thought of brotherhood, and Wen Kexing hadn’t wiped out humanity. Ye Baiyi insisted on eradicating all the evil spirits of Wen Kexing and Guigu. Zhou Zishu kept warm. A guest, willing to bear half of the guilt for him, Ye Baiyi shot him angrily, Zhou Zishu blocked him to death, forbid him to step into the Four Seasons Villa, Ye Baiyi angered and drew his sword and stabbed him.

Wen Kexing came to the rescue in time. He and Ye Baiyi were fighting with each other. Ye Baiyi pressed on him every step of the way and the tricks were fatal. Wen Kexing was assassinated and fell to the ground. Zhou Zishu desperately protected Wen Kexing. , Ye Baiyi forced Wen Kexing to stop by himself, and Wen Ke Qu was willing to fight against the monsters of this world even if he died. Ye Baiyi drew his sword to kill Wen Kexing.

Zhou Zishu condemned Ye Baiyi for not being qualified to kill Wen Kexing. In order to protect his apprentice, Rong Xuan, Wen Kexing’s parents were killed. Zhou Zishu spoke harshly to Ye Baiyi and preferred to live and die with Wen Kexing. Ye Baiyi had no choice but to give up. Wen Kexing stayed in Four Seasons Villa obediently, and would kill him once he came out.

Wen Kexing wanted to wait for Ye Baiyi halfway, worried that Ye Baiyi would reveal his identity to Zhou Zishu. He didn’t expect Zhou Zishu to know that he was the owner of the Valley of Guigu, and guessed that Zhou Zishu deliberately moved him to buy. Waiting for Ye Baiyi halfway, Wen Kexing was very grateful for his painstaking efforts.

Cao Weining stayed with Gu Xiang all day long, and the two people grew stronger and stronger. Mo Weixu sent a letter to Cao Weining. Gu Xiang learned that it was from Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu, and hurriedly snatched the letter. Excuses to cover up. Mo Weixu found another evil spirit in Gu Xiang and quietly reminded Cao Weining to be more careful. Cao Weining tried his best to defend Gu Xiang. Mo Weixu revealed that Gao Chong entrusted the glazed armor to the head of Mo Huaiyang. Cao Weining had already guessed this. The reason for the closure of the mountain, he even promised Gu Xiang, Mo Weixu couldn’t talk more.

Regardless of his own pain, Zhou Zishu and Zhang Chengling took good care of Wen Kexing and lied that they were injured by robbers. Zhang Chengling did not ask much. Wen Kexing confessed what he had done to Zhou Zishu. He deliberately fabricated the second half of the ballad to make people in the rivers and lakes mistakenly believe that Liulijia is in the hands of the Five Lakes League. He did not expect the brothers of the Five Lakes League. We flew separately before the disaster.

Although Wen Kexing did not personally kill Zhang Chengling’s father and brother, he was also an indirect killer. He didn’t know how to face Zhang Chengling, and Zhou Zishu didn’t know what to do. Zhou Zishu even wanted to know who had planted and framed Gao Chong, and Wen Kexing suspected that a traitor had emerged from Guigu, and wanted to find out the truth after he recovered.

King Scorpion found out that Gu Xiang and Cao Yuning had gone to the Qingfeng Sword Sect, and Mo Huaiyang was closed after the Heroes’ Meeting, and no one has come out so far. The Scorpion King found something strange and wanted to send someone to the Qingfeng Sword Sect to find out, Zhao Jing He didn’t want to be extravagant and prepared him to restart the hero meeting. Zhao Jing knew that Mo Huaiyang and Gao Chong had a deep relationship. Gao Chong must have given him the three pieces of glazed armor for safekeeping, and Mo Huaiyang left without attending the hero meeting. The mountain was closed immediately after returning.

King Scorpion wanted to send Medicine Man to turn the Qingfeng Sword Sect into a dead zone. Zhao Jing was furious. He had ordered King Scorpion to purge all Medicine Man. He didn’t expect that he was obsessed with it. Zhao Jing didn’t want to be charged with colluding with poisonous scorpion. He couldn’t be the leader of the martial arts. Zhao Jing warned King Scorpion not to act arbitrarily, so as not to destroy all his years of management. Zhao Jing forcibly drove King Scorpion away. King Scorpion finally saw Zhao Jing’s chaos and abandonment. By nature, he completely gave up.

Cao Weining wanted to read the letter from Wen Kexing and Zhou Zishu. Gu Xiang hurriedly found an excuse to cover up the past, but worried that Mo Weixu, Fan Huaikong and others would misunderstand her, Cao Weining urged her to feel relieved. Ping An reported the great witch’s itinerary to Zhou Zishu. The great witch wanted to make a miraculous medicine for Zhou Zishu, so he had to delay a few days on the road.

Ping An handed Ye Baiyi’s letter to Zhou Zishu. It was a letter covering the mountain and river. Zhanshu called on all sects of the rivers and lakes to unite and eradicate the ghost valley. Zhang Chengling naturally couldn’t ask for it. He wanted to avenge his father and brother soon.

Knowing that Wen Kexing could not sleep well, Zhou Zishu personally made Zuishengmengsi herbal medicine for him. Wen Kexing came to help him. He felt very guilty and didn’t know how to explain this to Zhang Chengling. Zhou Zishu wanted to look for it when he recovered. The murderer who sent Jinghu to destroy the door and then explained the truth to Zhang Chengling together, and Wen Kexing had no choice but to give up. Wen Kexing saw Zhang Chengling stepping up his exercises day and night, and his heart was mixed.

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