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Word of Honor 山河令 Episode 26 Recap

Wen Kexing was awakened by the nightmare and saw Zhang Chengling practicing in the courtyard. Zhang Chengling wanted to practice as soon as he was as powerful as Zhou Zishu, so he could go to Ghost Valley to take revenge. Wen Kexing calmly taught him the secrets of martial arts, Zhou Zishu saw He was pleased to teach Zhang Chengling martial arts. At this moment, a guy from Pingan Yinzhuang came to deliver Zhou Zishu a letter, and Zhou Zishu took Wen Kexing and Zhang Chengling to Pingan Yinzhuang.

Since Zhao Jing made the list of the Lord of the Valley of Guigu and the Top Ten Evil Ghosts public, they were hunted down by various sects on the rivers and lakes. The impermanent ghosts and the happy ghosts were unable to move a single step. They came together to find the theory of the Scorpion King. They left without looking back.

When Zhou Zishu saw the treasurer of Ping An Yinzhuang, Ping An, did he know the whole story. It turned out that Ye Baiyi traveled far and wide in southern Xinjiang to ask Qi Ye and Da Wu to heal Zhou Zishu. Qi Ye and Da Wu came with medicinal herbs. Ye Baiyi couldn’t wait. , He came back early to report to Zhou Zishu. Zhou Zishu, Qi Ye and Da Wu were once under King Jin’s subordinates.

They were dissatisfied with King Jin and left one after another for Southern Xinjiang. Ye Baiyi took a lot of hard work to find these two people. They did not expect that they were Zhou Zishu’s old. Knowing each other, Ye Baiyi left a letter cursing Zhou Zishu and asked Zhou Zishu to prepare dumplings for him.

Wen Kexing accidentally saw Yun Zai, so he found an excuse to follow Guigu disciples, and learned that Zhao Jing had issued a group of ghost books, and Guigu became a rat crossing the street. Disciple asked Wen Kexing to bring his disciples to reunite with Guigu. , Fight to the death with Zhao Jing. Liu Qianqiao came to the Scorpion King to intercede, begging him to release Yu Qiufeng and Luo Fu Meng, and promised him to look forward to his head.

The Scorpion King thanked her for finding the formula of Meng Po soup, and added a few medicines to the formula to make a drunk life and dream incense. , The King Scorpion put Luofumeng in the Xiangfang for seven days, and wanted her to wake up to clear the suspicion for Zhao Jing.

Cao Weining took Gu Xiang all the way and quickly came to the foot of the Qingfeng Sword School. It was New Year’s Eve. Cao Weining was even more homely. He wrote back very early. The elder Fan Huaikong took Mo Weixu and others. The mountain greeted them, and because the helper issued the order to seal the mountain, they packed up a room for Gu Xiang to live in the middle of the mountain, and Gu Xiang didn’t ask much.

Fan Huaikong and Mo Weixu brought Gu Xiang to the residence and asked Gu Xiang’s life experience hard. Gu Xiang found an excuse to cover up the past. Fan Huaikong promised to let her and Cao Weining be married as soon as possible. Cao Weining was curious about the reason for the helper to seal the mountain, and Fan Huaikong hurriedly changed the topic.

King Scorpion lied that he learned of the emotional entanglement between Zhao Jing and Luo Fumeng from Yu Qiufeng, and he came to Zhao Jing for theory. Zhao Jing explained that on the day of his marriage to Luo Fu Meng, Li Yao threatened him with the theft of the arsenal and forced him to stop his wife and marry another. Zhao Jing repeatedly claimed that it was for his brothers to endure the humiliation and enter the family’s family.

He did not expect Luo Fu Meng to be bloody that night Guanggong was seriously injured. Zhao Jing ignored the previous suspicions and took her to heal her injuries. As a result, she was wounded by Luo Fumeng’s unique martial arts. Zhao Jing’s martial arts was ruined from then on. He killed his wife Li Yao in a fit of anger. The king scorpion expresses his heart, and the king scorpion believes it.

In fact, Luo Fu Meng was already sober. She remembered the past, and explained to King Scorpion one by one. Unexpectedly, Zhao Jing turned black and white and beat him upside down. Back then, Zhao Jing colluded with the officials and washed the Niguang Palace with blood, Luo Fu Meng. Fortunately she did not marry Zhao Jing, otherwise she would have the same fate as Li Yao. King Scorpion was dubious. He didn’t know who to believe. Luo Fu Meng exposed Zhao Jing’s insidious and cunning and calculating skills. He collected a lot of trophies and guessed it. Zhao Jing also gave King Scorpion a piece to show his sincerity.

Tomorrow is the winter solstice. Zhou Zishu decided that Ye Baiyi would come back to eat dumplings, so he asked Wen Kexing to prepare and buy some good wine and food by the way. Wen Kexing knew Ye Baiyi’s appetite well, and he complained constantly, Zhang Chengling wanted to meet Wen Ke Together, Zhou Zishu asked him to stay at home and practice the exercises with peace of mind.

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