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Love Is Science? (2021) 戀愛是科學

Love Is Science? (2021)
Other Title: 戀愛是科學, Lian Ai Shi Ke Xue, Lian Ai Shi Kexue

Genres: Romance, Drama


Release Date:
Mar 21, 2021 – Aug 1, 2021
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  • Christina Mok as Yan Fei
  • Wu Nien Hsuan as Wong Hin Yu
  • Anderson Cheng as Mark Lee
  • Chuan Chen Yeh as Zhuo Nai Hui
  • Huang Wei Ting as Joanna

Yan Fei, CEO of Love Science Marriage Agency , usually uses big data to help countless single men and women find their best lives Partner, but when Yan Fei accidentally reunited with her brother next door, who had been in love with her for many years, the handsome ex-husband returned to China to seek reconciliation. When Xingdong meets big data love, who is the right person? Will Yan Fei bravely choose the brother next door who makes her beloved, or will she reunite with her ex-husband who has a personality after running-in? A piece of the most romantic healing relationship is the beginning of redemption.

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