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Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 Episode 21 Recap

Zi Ning is dead. Boss Yu is very sad, thinking of the time they spent together. Director Zhan returned the gun to Boss Yu and told him to put it away. Boss Jade asked Director Zhan to follow Commander Zhan for so many years, and also experienced wind and rain, if his hands were covered with blood, he said that the person who was afraid of being assassinated one day would be replaced by Zhan Junbai. Zhan Junbai reassures him that there won’t be such a day.

Song Rong asked Jiang Yuelou if one day Jingcheng really realized his dream of being smoke-free and asked what he planned to do. Jiang Yuelou said that if there was such a day, he might go back to the countryside with one person to watch the sunset quietly.

Two people broke into Yu Zhitang to grab Liuli. The man was Liuli’s brother. They wanted to grab Liuli again to sell money and smoke a lot of cigarettes. Chen Yuzhi stopped, Liuli’s brother sold Liuli to Chen Yuzhi for 100 yuan. After they left, Chen Yuzhi secretly followed them and asked Liuli to find Jiang Yuelou. Chen Yuzhi followed the two people to a house and saw them go in. He thought it was an opium house, but he didn’t expect that this was designed for them.

Jiang Yuelou came with Song Rong, Sun Yongren and others. He asked Chen Yuzhi to wait outside and they went in. When they went upstairs, they found that there was no one at all. They looked around, Jiang Yuelou suddenly realized that there was a fraud and asked everyone to run away, but the door was locked and could not be opened at all, and poison gas was inside. Jiang Yuelou and the others wet their neckties and handkerchiefs, covering their noses and mouths, desperately trying to open the door.

Chen Yuzhi heard the noise inside and ran up and found that Jiang Yuelou was trapped inside, but he could not help it. Jin Dacheng brought people to support, and the people inside fell one after another due to long-term inhalation of poison gas. When Chen Yuzhi found the switch, everyone inside fell to the ground. Sun Yongren died in this mission, Jiang Yuelou and others were very sad.

Liuli turned out to belong to Mrs. Jiang, and Mrs. Jiang gave her a gun and she shot herself to death. As soon as Liuli died, Mrs. Jiang called people to prepare for employment. Madam Jiang sent an oral message to Zhan Junbai and told him that this was just a small test, and asked him to wait for the big show. If it wasn’t for Mrs. Jiang to kill everyone in the Inspection Section, Liuli could have assassinated Jiang Yuelou in another way.

Even if Madam Jiang is too self-confident, it can be said to be too arrogant, but Zhan Junbai thinks that is good, let her know that Jiang Yuelou is not so easy to deal with. Zhan Junbai’s subordinates feel that according to the relationship between Zhan Junbai and Jiang Yuelou, Jiang Yuelou trusts Zhan Junbai and will not be fortified.

If Zhan Junbai moves his hands and feet while drinking tea, then Jiangyuelou will Life is not enough to die. If it were not for the antagonistic relationship, Zhan Junbai felt that Jiangyuelou was a good friend. He admired Jiangyuelou very much, so he didn’t want his hands to be stained with the blood of Jiangyuelou. Besides, the relationship between Jiang Yuelou and Jiang Shengnan is interesting for Zhan Junbai. When one party is defeated and the climax of the big show comes, Zhan Junbai and the others can sit back and reap the profits.

Jiang Yuelou found out that the owner of the cigarette shop was a Frenchman. He had hired a few laborers abroad all year round to run it for him. On the surface, he had nothing to do with Golden Horse Hall, nor did he have any contact with Zhao Jingming. Director Bai feels that there is no reason, those people will not be such a cruel hand, there should be other reasons.

Jiang Yuelou suspected that Zhao Jingming was not the third master, and that the third master was someone else. Director Bai thought this possibility was unlikely. If Zhao Jingming was not the third master, he would not be so clear about the details of the entire crime. Director Bai asked Jiang Yuelou to go to the terminal station to see if there were any suspicious people. He suspected that there were new opium dealers from outside the city.

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