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Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 Episode 20 Recap

Boss Yu was going to Tianyun Garden after packing up things this morning, saying that he didn’t want to affect the feelings of his uncle and nephew between Director Zhan and Commander Zhan. When Director Zhan learned about this, he sent a few flower baskets to let the boss who saw the money know whether Boss Yu had settled down. Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi leaned at the door to watch the snow falling from the sky.

In Chen Yuzhi’s impression, this was the first time Jiang Yuelou took the initiative to receive treatment and asked if Jiang Yuelou was related to the worker incident. If Jiang Yuelou could control her emotions, the resolution of the matter would be much better than it is now.

Jiang Yuelou hates the two types of people who live completely in the past and stand in the shadows, but in fact, he blindly avoids the past, precisely because he lived in the past and did not really come out of the shadows, just like being locked in a secret room. There are no doors or windows in the airtight room. Tomorrow’s holiday, Jiang Yuelou proposed to go horseback riding together, and the two agreed to go horseback riding rain or shine the next day.

Zhong Yiren and Sun Yongren both went on a date, and they both wanted the second table, and they quarreled with each other. Song Rong introduced Zhong Yiren to Sun Yongren, and the two clamored there, knowing each other’s identities, and then quarreled. Chu Ran came and knocked at the door of Jiang Yuelou’s house, trying to find him, but Jiang Yuelou was not at home. As soon as Commander Zhan came back, Zhao Moqing asked about Zhao Jingming’s situation. Zhao Jingming has admitted that he is the third master and has been shot.

Jiang Yuelou and Chen Yuzhi returned after riding their horses and saw Chu Ran. Chu Ran was hesitant, and neither of them understood what she meant. Commander Zhan asked how Zhan Junbai had been operating in Jingcheng over the past few years. Zhan Junbai assured Commander Zhan that he was his own no matter whether he was in the political, business or military circles. The recent personnel transfers have been a bit frequent, and the commander Zhan Junbai asked Zhan Junbai to be more cautious. In the Ministry of Urban Defense and Industry, the Military Department and the Education Department all have people who show off their loyalty.

He feels that educating and educating people is a waste of time and working hard on education to cultivate their own people. In the long run, they will save worry and trouble. Commander Zhan asked Zhan Junbai to predict when they could launch a coup and take down Jingcheng. Zhan Junbai felt that the time was not yet ripe and suggested to slow down. Commander Zhan asked Zhan Junbai to seize the time to build the arsenal. He was at ease with soldiers and guns in his hands.

Jiang Yuelou asked Song Rong and Sun Yongren what they wanted to eat at noon and he treated him. Sun Yongren suggested to open the side stove. Song Rong also thought it was good. He asked Song Rong and Sun Yongren to buy groceries, and he went to Chen Yuzhi to come and eat together. Jiang Yuelou came over and called Chen Yuzhi to eat hot pot at his house. Chen Yuzhi put the bicycle at the door into the house and asked Jiang Yuelou how he thought Chu Ran felt about her, and asked him whether he liked her or not. Jiang Yuelou said how it was possible, he just regarded her as a friend.

A few people played the side furnace together, and Sun Yongren said that when there was no opium in Jingcheng, he would play the side furnace every day. Song Rong asked Chen Yuzhi about his future plans, and Chen Yuzhi said that he could save one person. Chen Yuzhi’s thoughts were almost the same as those of Jiangyue Tower. Jiangyue Tower wanted Jingcheng to be smoke-free, and Chen Yuzhi wanted to save the world.

Director Zhan and Madam Jiang sat on the sofa to discuss cooperation. Madam Jiang helped Director Zhan solve Jiang Yuelou, and Zhan Junbai helped Madam Jiang rescue her son in Beiping prison. Liuli was chased on the street. Chu Min injured her by riding a bicycle and took her to Chen Yuzhi’s clinic for a bandage. Liuli had nowhere to go, and it was not convenient for Chu Min to take it home. Chen Yuzhi kindly left her in the clinic, asked her to help catch the medicine, and paid her salary.

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