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Killer And Healer 恨君不似江楼月 Episode 19 Recap

Director Bai exchanged Jiang Yuelou, and if he were to go to the gas field, he had to charge a little. Don’t wear it. Director Bai took a great risk to replace him. If he fails, he will go to jail. of. Jiang Yuelou assured Director Bai that he would never let him in. The charity fundraising began. Many people were invited. The children sang on stage, and Song Rong and Sun Yongren also came and dressed up as waiters.

After Zhao Jingming came to the stage and finished speaking, Jiang Yuelou appeared and asked him who Cheng Tianba was. Jiang Yuelou went up to the stage and said that Cheng Tianba was the one who led the trouble and was killed the day before yesterday. Jiang Yuelou revealed Cheng Tianba’s case and identity. There is also a third master on the Golden Horse Hall. It was Zhao Jingming who exposed this third master on stage. Zhao Jingming retorted to ask Jiang Yuelou for evidence, and at this time Wang Meng appeared as a witness to prove that he was the third master. Suddenly a person rushed out and killed Wang Meng on the spot, and that person was shot to death by Jiang Yuelou. Zhao Jingming was taken back to prison by Song Rong and Sun Yongren.

Zhao Moqing heard the news that his brother Zhao Jingming was arrested, and hurriedly hurried to find Director Zhan. Zhao Moqing asked Director Zhan to help rescue Zhao Jingming. Director Zhan took her to the police station to find Jiang Yuelou, who was the key figure in this matter. Zhao Jingming refused to confess and was bruised by Song Rong. Zhao Jingming ridiculed Song Rong and the other gentlemen, and they still did not use this kind of indiscriminate means, and insisted that he was not the third master.

Zhao Moqing talked to Jiang Yuelou alone, and she said that as long as Jiang Yuelou let Zhao Jingming go, she could promise her anything, but how could Jiang Yuelou promise her and let her leave, she slammed out the door crying. Director Zhan and Jiang Yuelou went to find Zhao Jingming, and Director Zhan persuaded Zhao Jingming to confess earlier and suffer less. Zhao Jingming admitted that he did have a deal with Golden Horse Hall, but only sold opium. Those Li Chaoqian’s deaths that celebrated Wu Shuwei’s death had nothing to do with him.

Zhao Moqing went home and brought a gun to see Jiang Yuelou with death threats. Jiang Yuelou had to go out to see him, leaving Director Zhan and Zhao Jingming in prison. Director Zhan knew that Zhao Jingming was not the third master, but he said that Zhao Jingming would be the third master in the future. Zhao Jingming reacted and remembered the previous San Ye’s phone call. It turned out that Director Zhan was the real San Ye, and his eyes widened in shock. Zhao Jingming is just a surrogate designed and launched by Director Zhan, and he now understands that it is too late.

The death of Wu Shuwei was personally made by Director Zhan, and even the death of Chen Keying was designed by Director Zhan. Zhan Junbai promised that as long as Zhao Jingming bears all the charges, Zhan Junbai will let go of the Zhao family and Zhao Moqing. After Jiang Yuelou came back, Zhao Jingming confessed that he was the third master, and Director Bai praised Jiang Yuelou’s case for doing well.

Zhao Moqing went to Commander Zhan, and she begged Commander Zhan to help her save Zhao Jingming. Only when Zhao Jingming was saved, she was willing to agree to anything. Commander Zhan was very emotional and confirmed to her again. Commander Zhan agreed to her request. Zhao Moqing was in a madness. After eating closed doors at Jiangyuelou, he turned around to ask for help from Commander Zhan, volunteering to be his concubine and only asking Commander Zhan to persuade the committee to release people. Jiang Yuelou went home and passed Chen Yuzhi’s door.

After walking a few steps, he met Chen Yuzhi who was going home. The two ate a bowl of wontons together. Jiang Yuelou praised Chen Yuzhi for his cooperation this time, and Jiang Yuelou suddenly asked if there was still time for treatment. Chen Yuzhi and Jiang Yuelou said it was too late to look at each other, and there was no one to treat except him.

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