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Hidden Love (2021) หอซ่อนรัก

Hidden Love (2021)
Other Title: หอซ่อนรัก

Genres: drama, Gay Relationship
Inthanon Ratanakan
Release Date: 
Mar 14, 2021
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  • Thawachanin Darain (Boss): Ta or Thaphat
  • Chonpacharajipet (Peter): Kim or Khimhant
  • Thanatcha Phaosang (Net): Pee Win
  • Chiwanon Rabelbaver ( Sun): P ‘Wit

It’s the story of a group of university students who are quarantined in a dorm together for 14 days during the COVID-19 breakout. As they get close to each other, they get involved in the mystery of a love tragedy that took place 10 years ago. The closer they get to the root, the more their love blooms, but the danger is also lurking everywhere.

Nobody wants to be detained for 14 days because of COVID-19. In a closed dormitory But it was the luck of Kim or Kimhant (Peter-Chonpachara) a bright-faced young boy First year study in the Faculty of Business Administration A cheerful person Overbearing and overbearing See love as a beautiful thing For the first time, he will be close to the person he admires for 14 days, that is, the architecture. (Boss – Thawachanin) a handsome, dark man from the Faculty of Architecture Net idol Madser who likes to do activities If he is a person who is confident in himself, high, still, looks like arrogant.

But if anyone really knows him, he will know that he is a nuisance. His hobbies love playing guitar and singing live music via youtube, until fans nicknamed him as the husband of the nation, both Kim and Khai as opponents of each other. And Ki Maha knows that this dorm has kept the dark secrets of a love tragedy ten years ago that made this place a darn cursed dormitory more than anyone else.

The dormitory manager is Aunt Ann (Aoi-Jirawadee) who is talkative and talkative about everything. Looks fun, cheerful, kind, is a refuge for the children in the dorm when times of need.

In addition to Kim and Ta, there are also people who will join the experience of this horror: Jay Aries (Thap Thip-Pharanaya), a haunted beauty blogger with millions of followers. Which is Kim’s own code line senior She accepts reviews of all kinds of cosmetics. May I have enough money Has a hilarious style, like no other, good mouth, income is more important than friendship. Her gang is also accompanied by two other staff members, the Joker (Ken Hasegawa), a young Madzer from the Faculty of Communication Arts.

As a review filming team of April A hilarious person Is a very satirist Good at photography Dreaming of becoming a famous director But I do not know that he is a person with six senses that is more haunted than anyone and the other person is Pao Pao (L-Nat Phat), Joker’s partner She’s filming crew as well. Good at technology.

As a well-rounded person like google mobile Sticking to social media, look at the mobile screen until wearing thick glasses Be nervous when speaking, not confident, but smart when thinking strategies. The nemesis of the three revisited Because of greed and longing for likes So I was busy with the live stream, calling the ratings from the massive evacuation event of the dormitory people until they could not escape in time. Makes you need to be stuck here.

And later came to know that Kim Nong Suh could actually escape from the beginning but didn’t do it because of intentionally being detained in order to get close to Mr Thapat, who had been on the live the night before the incident. Yan Sawang Make him fall asleep for a long time He realized it again and found that the tower had been abandoned.

Jae Aries, the planner, wants to help Nong Sua get close to people who are grateful With cooperation from Joker And Pao Pao in creating a deceitful situation To bring both people close to each other based on the tragedy of love tragedy. Win (Net-Thanatcha), a former senior of the Faculty of Engineering and is the chairman of the white high-ranking university basketball player.

Good mood And flows smoothly, adapting to the situation But with seriousness and honesty with love Is a person who does not keep symptoms Express your feelings honestly When he died, he became a wandering spirit in the dormitory.

Who died in an accident ten years ago, Wis (Sun-Chivanon), captain of the university basketball team Dark handsome Serious about life And rarely show feelings of sensitivity for anyone to see Confused feelings And not expressing feelings to anyone directly Therefore became suppressed Died in the third year of study And is best friends with Win and Kaew (Darun-Sretthinit), a close friend of Wit and Win Even though she looks like a beautiful woman, confident, courageous, speaks and expresses reasonably and honestly, she is the one who collects the tragedies in the past that made the spirits of Wit and Win unable to reach their happiness. Until this dormitory has to become a legend told to this day

While the gang of Jay Aries is on a mission to conquer the heart By creating a deceitful situation in order to get them closer The ghost of Brother Win actually appeared. Play took the people of the gang scared the tower until caught a baldness fever. But this incident made the relationship with Kim even more intimate. But there is still a secret and a reason why you entered this dorm that everyone did not know.

In the legend of the tragedy of the love triangle that is rumored Until it became a mystery of the haunted spirit In the end, they worked together to find the truth. Solve the mystery In order to release the spirit to the bliss And unlock riddles that need answers Until it became a bond Friendship of the dormitory group To see that in bad situations there is still a story And good friendship is always hidden …

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