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Good Life 生活万岁 Episode 28 Recap

Zeng Zhidong took Xiaoxin to congratulate him, and at David’s request, he drank several glasses of wine one after another. Later, Xiaoxin took this opportunity to confess to Zeng Zhidong, hoping that he would not hide from herself anymore. As a result, Zeng Zhidong’s illness broke out again, while he was embarrassed and secretly taking medicine.

David mistakenly thought that Zeng Zhidong was dating Xiaoxin, so he talked about their feelings fermented under the influence of alcohol. Pang Wenjing was upset when he heard that, so he got up and left the meeting early. On the way back, Pang Wenjing couldn’t restrain her emotions because of her sadness, so she hurriedly took medicine to stabilize the cause of the disease.

The next day, Zeng Zhidong took the time to go to the psychotherapy room, and in the curiosity of the consultant, admitted that he saw Pang Wenjing in contact with the opposite sex, and he was very mindful, even thinking that the other party did it on purpose. The psychological counseling room found that Zeng Zhidong was getting more emotional, so he suggested that he should relax before talking.

As the family’s life gradually returned to calm, Fei Yajuan, who had been divorced for many years and had gone away from home, suddenly returned to China and even appeared in the hospital where Zeng Zhiting was located. When Zeng Zhiting saw Fei Yajuan by chance at first, she was shocked. She hurriedly checked the records of the patients who were diagnosed and treated. However, she did not find her name, so she thought that she was dazzling. She did not know that Fei Yajuan had noticed Zeng Zhiting in advance and hid next to her.

In the past few days, Dong Chunxiang had frequent nightmares. Every time he ran away with luggage in his dreams, he was caught. Taking into account the shadow that had been brought to her, Dong Chunxiang planned to go back to her hometown to go to the grave for her parents. Zeng Zhixiang wanted to go together but was refused. Living in a hotel in the county, Dong Chunxiang once again dreamed of the escape scene.

Zeng Jianguo was worried about Dong Chunxiang’s safety, so he asked Zeng Zhixiang to pick her up at her hometown in person, while he arranged for the mechanics of the car repair shop to wait at the door to welcome her. Just as everyone was talking and laughing, I didn’t expect a man named Zhao Debang to come in, followed by a few big guys, Dong Chunxiang’s face suddenly changed.

Zhao Debang claimed to be Dong Chunxiang’s husband, and even took out a marriage certificate to prove his identity. Knowing that Dong Chunxiang wanted a divorce, he asked her to use shares in the car dealership in exchange for freedom of marriage, otherwise he would go back with him. After Zhao Debang left, Dong Chunxiang took the initiative to confess the truth to everyone, admitting that he owed a debt because of his parents’ illness, and married Zhao Debang from the same village.

Unexpectedly, Zhao Debang wanted to take advantage of the danger and force Dong Chunxiang to round up the house with him. Therefore, that night, Dong Chunxiang sneaked out of the house and eloped with his childhood sweetheart Zhang Ge. The two moved to the local area and drove this car. Row. Although Zhao Debang’s debts have been paid off, Zhao Debang was unable to get a divorce in jail, so Dong Chunxiang and Zhang Ge were only married, and they were not married until Zeng Zhixiang went to the car dealership to learn crafts from Zhang Ge.

Not long ago, Zhao Debang was released after serving his sentence, and he put forward a high-priced divorce condition, otherwise he would have to take Sister Xiang to court for bigamy, so Dong Chunxiang lied that he went back to his hometown to go to the grave, but actually talked to Zhao Debang about divorce. Even though Zeng Zhixiang didn’t care about Dong Chunxiang’s past, Zeng Jianguo still had some worries.

He held a family meeting to discuss, and Lao Ni also participated. Zeng Zhiting believed that the matter involved emotional and property issues, so she took the initiative to contact a lawyer and asked Zeng Zhiling to take the time to accompany him. Dong Chunxiang, try to keep the dealership.

With the help of Zeng Zhiting, Zeng Zhixiang accompanied Dong Chunxiang to see lawyer Zhu, and learned that Dong Chunxiang had committed bigamy. If you want to solve the problem, you must understand his demands. At the same time, Zeng Zhiting saw the medical report of her stepmother Fei Yajuan from Director Ma, and learned that she fainted on the road and was taken to the hospital by a kind person. When she woke up, she was gone.

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