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Ping Pong Life 荣耀乒乓 Episode 16 Recap

Since receiving Yu Kenan’s chocolate, the love letter attached to it has been difficult for Zhang Caiwei to let go. Once the love starts, it’s like an ant crawling all over her body, and she will itchy all over her body without a result. Encouraged and instigated by her roommate Xiao Jun, Zhang Caiwei looked at herself in the mirror and kept cheering, finally plucking up the courage to take the initiative to find Yu Kenan.

When the two met, Zhang Caiwei, as a girl, was always embarrassed to speak too clearly. Yu Kenan didn’t know the key, but he was slow to respond to Zhang Caiwei’s attitude. Seeing that Yu Kenan didn’t mean to like it at all, Zhang Caiwei left angrily, believing that Yu Kenan was playing with herself.

The feelings have been released, but it is extremely difficult to regain it. Zhang Caiwei once again borrowed from Xiao Jun’s boyfriend under the advice of Xiao Jun, and deliberately crossed his shoulders and passed by Yu Kenan. This retreat-to-advance approach finally attracted Yu Kenan’s attention and successfully made him sulking all night in the dormitory.

On the second day, Yu Kenan couldn’t help being impulsive and took the initiative to come downstairs to the women’s team dormitory. After learning that Yu Kenan was here, Zhang Caiwei was so excited that she couldn’t control herself, looking forward to the other party’s active confession. The misunderstanding of the love letter was also solved at this time. Yu Kenan didn’t care about the cause of this misunderstanding. He just wanted to hug Zhang Caiwei tightly, the person he liked for the first time.

Lei Lei’s college entrance examination is coming soon, and the science results are not satisfactory, so he can only consider the art exam curve to save the country. Lei Lei wanted to ask Lei Cheng for his opinion, but Lei Cheng was in the meeting, so she didn’t receive a call. When Lei Cheng ended the meeting, Lei Lei’s phone could not be reached, so Xu Tan could only go to his home to check the situation.

Xu Tan waited at the door of Lei Lei’s house for a long time, and finally waited for her to return home before she knew what had happened to Lei Lei. Before leaving, Xu Tan wanted to ask Lei Lei what he thought of chocolate, but they didn’t know the same thing. Lei Lei did not respond, and Xu Tan did not follow up. It seemed that as long as Lei Lei did not refuse, it was good news.

With Xu Tan’s adjustment, Lei Cheng finally agreed to let Lei Lei transfer to liberal arts. During the call, Lei Lei relied heavily on Xu Tan to reconcile her father and daughter, and she was very confident that Xu Tan would enter the national first team. The game is just around the corner, and Xu Tan is not too concerned about the love of his children, and the misunderstanding of chocolate is hidden.

In this internal trial, some people think that Yu Kenan and Fu Jingchun are most likely to enter the first team, and some believe that Xu Tan will be the biggest dark horse, but it is not so easy to enter the national first team. In previous years, there were often cases where the second national team lost all. Although the first team had the worst performance, compared with the second team, the nature of the difference was not the same.

Fu Jingchun has been in a tense preparation for the match. He has been training repeatedly regardless of his foot injury, even if he is not completely sure that he can enter the first team. Zheng Hao still didn’t confess the truth. He just sprayed Fu Jingchun himself. No matter what the outcome this time, Fu Jingchun will always be the number one in Zheng Hao’s heart.

After Yu Kenan confessed, he and Zhang Caiwei formally confirmed their relationship, but Xiao Jun, who had been matching them all the time, fell into a difference. The training intensity and pressure of the national team is far from comparable to that of the provincial team. Xiao Jun, who has been underperforming, can’t bear such pressure. She chooses to return to the provincial team and will undoubtedly be separated from her boyfriend.

The night before the relegation match, Yu Kenan and Zhang Caiwei, who had just fallen in love, sent a text message overnight, which led to poor spirits on the day of the match. In the first game, Yu Kenan lost to an opponent who was impossible to lose in the past. This anomaly also attracted Teng Biao’s attention.

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